Folsom Tools

Numerous stone tools were recovered from in and around the structure. Several bifaces that may be early stage preforms were found. An overshot biface was recovered. Several retouched edges and utilized flakes round out the tool assemblage. 

Preliminary counts of debitage show concentrations of flakes inside the structure and next to the outside hearth. Most of the debitage is small, caught in the c-inch screen and weighing 0.1gram or less.

The majority of the large pieces of debitage are spatially distributed near the perimeter of the structure. This distribution appears to be the product of spatial maintenance. Large pieces of debris may have been placed against the wall of the structure to keep the space free of intrusive materials.

Refitted set of flakes

Large refitted set of flakes from inside the house.


Biface from inside house.


Graver from inside house.