What is Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization?

Western's M.A. in Gallery Management and Exhibits Specialization (MGES) program is a fully-accredited, professional terminal degree specifically focused on the content understanding, methods and skills necessary for professions in arts management; art gallery, art museum, and art collections management, directorship and sales; and exhibits specialization (design, preparatorship, installation, curatorship).

What is Gallery Management?

Gallery Management explores the various aspects of running a museum or gallery from meeting customer needs, collection handling, restoration and business administration.  Usually studied at a postgraduate level, students expand their broader professional experience in the industry by acquiring practical expertise in their chosen field and management skills.

What does Exhibits Specialization cover? 

  • Design

  • Preparatorship

  • Installation

  • Curatorship

What will I study?

Western's MGES program emphasizes the development of practical, managerial and entrepreneurial approaches to increasingly complex demands in the professional sector of exhibiting, collecting, and selling art objects. The MGES offers a “hybrid” low-residency learning environment of online courses, combined with residencies in both the program practicum on the Western campus and an arranged internship at an art gallery or museum.
Sample modules:

  • The Business of Museums

  • Care and Management of Collections

  • Heritage Resource Management

  • Presentation Management

  • Curatorship Topics


Why study Museum and Gallery Management?

  • Museum and gallery management offers a clear pathway into the heritage sector.
  • As the course involves management and business components, graduates may achieve better career progression and a salary increase.
  • Students usually develop a high level of practical expertise, strong communication skills, and a keen eye for detail.

Potential career routes

  • Conservation
  • Arts education
  • Exhibition planning and design
  • Museum and gallery management

Similar areas of interest

  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Cultural studies
  • Art/design
  • Art history

How can I apply to the Master in Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization? 

Apply to MGES