MEM Alumni

Cassidy Tawse-Garcia


Cassidy Tawse-Garcia is the Southwest Organizer for the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC). She is based in Gunnison, but travels quite a bit, as she covers New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and  the greater West. Her job is to elevate the voice of young and beginning farmers in the statehouse and in DC. She does this through engaging with existing chapters, cultivating new ones, and offering  workshops and trainings on land access, water conservation, land affordability and equity.

Chelsah Sigurds


Chelsah Sigurdson's Sol Invisctus Solar is focused on making helping Central Albertan's take advantage of solar easily, more affordable, and in touch with leading solar technologies. They serve both rural and urban clients in identifying energy use challenges and developing a solar strategy to fulfill client's needs.  

Tyler Grimes - MEM student


  Tyler Grime's Nduru Sustainable Development Program is working to fund the construction of a dormitory for The New Creations Children's Home in the Nduru village in Busia County, Western Province, Kenya. The secondary goal is to fund the capital for the expansion of Eco2librium's Stoves for Life to Nduru.  This video by MyClimate further explains Stoves for Life.  The partnership between New Creations Ministries and Eco2librium will provide long-term financial stability for the Children's Home along with job opportunities and business training for the Nduru community.

Student standing next to a tree

I am the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program Coordinator for the City of Lakewood, which entails overseeing and administering the Sustainable Neighborhoods program; it is an effort to promote sustainability initiatives at a smaller, neighborhood level. It is a really fun and fulfilling job! I spend most of my time helping people who are really passionate about making a difference in their community. The MEM program equipped me with the skills to communicate complex sustainability issues to any audience and the ability to provide adaptive management when solving these issues. In addition to this, the program greatly enhanced my ability to be a leader, which is very important in my role as a Sustainability Planner.