Program Prerequisites

MEM Program Prerequisites

  • All three tracks (Global Sustainability, Integrative and Public Land Management and Sustainable and Resilient Communities) requires a B.A. or B.S. degree and the following prerequisites which must be completed no later than the end of the first Fall term:
    • College-level statistics course.
    • Two, college-level, natural or environmental science courses (Biol, Geol, Envs, Phys, Chem, Sci), at least one of which included a lab or field component.
    • Two, college-level, social science courses.
  • Additional Integrative and Public Land Management track recommended prerequisites:
    • One upper-level Ecology course.
    • One GIS course.
  • Additional Sustainable Resilient Communities track recommended prerequisites:
    • One course in Economics (Micro or Macro preferred).
    • Financial Accounting.

*Please note that strong applicants missing prerequisites may be provisionally admitted with some prerequisites, such as statistics, being able to be completed for free online prior to beginning the program or by the end of the first fall term. Please also note the 3+2 pathways available to Western undergrads.