Information for Admitted Students

Welcome to Western's MA in Education!

Now that you've been admitted, here are your next steps.

1. Submit Intent to Enroll

Submit the form included in your acceptance by April 15th or within two weeks of your acceptance date. Contact Deanna Banker if you have questions.

2. Activate MyWestern Account

To do so, you will need your student ID number. To set-up your account, go Western's Current Students page.

3. Apply for Financial Aid

Visit Western's Financial Aid pages for instructions on how to apply for financial aid.

4. Register for Classes

You will be emailed course information and a registration code in the spring, which you will use to register for courses.

5. Purchase Textbooks

See Western's Bookstore for a list of required texts. Textbooks for EDUC 680 and EDUC 678 must be purchased new.

6. Pay Tuition Bill

  • You will receive one paper billing statement by mail a month before classes begin. 
    • Adding/dropping classes may affect your account balance. Check your current account balance through your MyWestern Account one business day after making any changes.
    • NOTE: The Refund of Charges information refers to drop and withdrawal dates based on a 16-week semester. If your graduate program operates 12-week or 8-week courses, contact the School of Graduate Studies for information regarding a refund. 
  • Payment is due in full on or before Aug. 27 unless you set up a W-Pay Payment Plan.
    • A $50 late fee be placed on any graduate student's tuition account who doesn't pay their bill on time or who hasn't set up a W-Pay Plan by the time tuition is due. 
  • Pay your bill and enroll in e-Refund through your MyWestern account. 

If you'll be earning an Initial Teacher or Principal Licensure program, please also:

1. Plan Trip to Gunnison for Summer Licensure Orientation

Visit our Summer Licensure Orientation page for details and reservation forms.

2. Finalize Residency Placement (Teacher/Principal Licensure Students Only)

Work with Barbara Woerner to find a teacher or principal to serve as your mentor. Your mentor and principal will need sign and return mentor paperwork.