Graduate Programs in Education Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the advantages of enrolling in Western's Program?

  • You complete your coursework online without sacrificing in-person, personalized support.
  • All your licensure courses apply towards a master's degree.
  • As a licensure student, you will earn 27 graduate credits that will be recorded on an official college transcript by the end of the first year. Some districts will increase teacher pay for college credits past a bachelor's degree).
  • Planning for your career success. You build professional relationships within your district. Our students often find jobs in the schools in which they complete their Residency.
  • At Western, coursework is continuously aligned around state and national quality standards, ensuring the relevance of your skills in the field.
  • You will have access to the latest online technologies to enhance your learning (e.g., model teaching streaming videos, voice interaction capabilities with peers and instructors, recorded instructor explanations with visuals, etc.).
  • Innovative (i.e., districts from around the state have adopted our mentoring structure to support their new teachers)

Q. What if I work as a para/assistant?

 If you plan to complete your student teaching in addition to working as a paraprofessional/school assistant, you must complete a para guideline form as well as provide a schedule outlining how you will meet our residency requirements of 24 hours/week while meeting the demands of your job. Both the para form and schedule must be approved by the Education Department, your mentor, your principal and an HR School District professional prior to submitting your application. All forms must be completed and approved before your application will be reviewed. Please download and complete the form here: .

Q. How many hours should I plan to spend on my coursework each week?

We suggest that Residents reserve one day per week to focus on their coursework.

Q. Can I participate in the program if I have not completed my undergraduate degree?

No. You must have an undergraduate degree before entering the program.

Q. Do I have to be teaching in the field that I am seeking endorsement?

Yes. In addition, current teachers seeking to add an endorsement must log 135 hours/semester with that student population.

Q. Can my Residency be out-of-state?

Yes. We can assist you in finding an out-of-state placement and many of our students have earned their licenses in states other than Colorado. Teacher licensure requirements vary from state-to-state. This program is approved based on the State of Colorado standards. Students are solely responsible for checking what the specific requirements are from their state’s Department of Education. 

Q. Will Western place me in a job after I finish the program?

No. Western does not arrange job placements.  There are many great resources available that may help you in your job search.

Q. What accreditation does Western hold?

Western has been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1915. This regional accrediting agency is responsible for accrediting degree-granting post-secondary institutions in a 19-state region.