Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

Western's Education Department offers various programs with a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) emphasis. These programs are being offered in response to the growing demand for educators trained to work with culturally and linguistically diverse groups of students.

 The number of English language learners (also known as ELL) in American schools has more than doubled in the past 20 years, and Colorado schools have seen an increase of 35.5 percent in the number of English language learners served since 2006. 

Education Department Chair Gaye Jenkins is enthusiastic about the Department's CLD offerings, “Our culturally and linguistically diverse offerings are relevant, exciting, and cultivate leadership skills for mainstream educators in this area of expertise. Every educator needs these strategies and understandings. Empowering yourself to effectively serve English language learners enriches the learning experience for every student, and improves achievement across all curricula.” 

The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a CLD emphasis is for undergraduates majoring in Elementary Education and Teaching. Undergraduates who finish their senior licensure year and earn their teaching license will be eligible to add the CLD endorsement.

The standalone CLD endorsement is an online program offered to currently-licensed teachers who seek to advance their career and work more effectively with diverse groups of students and their families. The CLD endorsement program consists of 24 course credits, completed in one year. 

The Master of Arts in Education, Educator Effectiveness Emphasis, with added CLD endorsement is an online program for currently-licensed teachers who seek a personalized degree program to help meet their professional performance goals. The degree requires 30 credits of coursework which include 24 credits towards the CLD endorsement. The program may be completed in one to five years. 

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