Student Voices

...I can't wait to get into my own classroom next fall and put into practice everything that I have been taught this past year. I strongly believe that the year long internship program offered by [Western] is a big reason why I was offered the job at Lewis-Arriola Elementary and I think it is a huge benefit for the Western program.” 

- Alison Robinson,  M.A. Education

"Even though the classes are online I feel very supported in this program. Everyone is amazing at communicating!"

- Kylie Collins, '13

"The compassion my instructors have shown me over these past two years has been a huge inspiration to me as to the kind of teacher I hope to be to my own students. You are all very much appreciated and I have recommended this program to more people than I can even count.”

- Cortney Berry, Vientiane, Laos

"I am going to be a 5th grade teacher at Connections Academy next year! I am so grateful to have had your help and support with the online teaching courses, the job search, the reference, and so much more..."

- Alisa Krakel, '14

"These first two weeks of 5th grade and online courses have been a bit of a whirlwind ... My mentor teacher asked me to attend a meeting about one of our students  .... The meeting focused on how to help this student get tested for a reading disability ... I felt comfortable being there after just recently learning about RTI (EDUC 605), student health plans and 504s (EDUC 604) and the foundations of literacy/dyslexia/shame around reading (EDUC 600).  Thanks for helping me feel ready for this meeting on my 6th day as an intern."

- Brynn O'Connel, '14

"I just received my teaching eCertificate!  The CDE only took 17 days to process my documentation!! Also, I had great success applying for jobs in Germany and I've decided to accept a position teaching at the Erasmus Schule in Frankfurt starting the 1st of September...Thanks for everything!"

-Elly Krueger, '14