Give to the GPCW

Western's Graduate Program in Creative Writing is a cash-funded program, which means it receives no public funding of any kind. Instead, our program relies on tuition, fees, and philanthropic giving, like an independent non-profit, although we do operate within the university's Department of Communication, Languages & Literature as an academic unit. We actually pay the university an annual fee for our overhead.

What this means is that our program must have a robust development program if we are to attract, retain, support and graduate the strongest students. Our long-term strategy is to make that happen by building a substantial endowment that will go almost entirely to student scholarships, the ultimate goal being to enable any admitted student to attend without paying tuition or fees.

We have created that endowment, the GPCW Endowment, which is currently small but growing (approaching $20,000 as of summer 2018). We welcome each and every donation that will help us to meet our long-term goal. The next major step is to reach $100,000, at which point we will begin to have enough capital to being using interest revenue to fund small annual scholarships. Until the endowment reaches that threshold, we will not withdraw any funds from it, including any interest.

In the meantime, we have also created a range of non-endowment funds for other more immediate needs and initiatives, including scholarships. These liquid funds and the endowment are all housed at the Western State Colorado University Foundation, an independent 501c3 that handles all development funds for the University.

Our current non-endowed funds are more specifically targeted than the endowment and can be drawn down as needed. They include (in alphabetical order):

The GPCW General Fund. To support general operating costs of the program as needed, including emergency scholarships to meet unexpected financial needs of current students, new marketing opportunities, unexpected expenses to support students, faculty and staff, and more.

The GPCW Genre Fiction Fund. To support scholarships for MA and MFA students in the Genre Fiction concentration.

The GPCW Libretto Fund. To support Western's annual New Opera Workshop at Writing the Rockies, which grows out of Ernest Hilbert's class on for third-year poetry students on the writing of libretti.

The GPCW Poetry Marketing Fund. To support marketing in this highly dispersed market.

The GPCW Poetry Scholarship Fund. To support scholarships for MA and MFA students in the Poetry concentration.

The GPCW Poetry Symposium Fund. To support travel and other costs associated with bringing presenters and speakers to the Poetry Symposium at Writing the Rockies

The GPCW Publishing Fund. To support scholarships for students in the Publishing Certificate.

The GPCW Screenwriting Fund. To support scholarships MA and MFA students in the Screenwriting concentration.

The GPCW THINK Fund. To support the publication of the GPCW's national, biannual journal of poetry, criticism and reviews.

The GPCW Travel Fund. To support travel for GPCW faculty and staff, along with visiting speakers and teachers.

The GPCW Writing the Rockies Fund. To support bringing speakers, presenters and students to our annual summer conference each July.

We are tremendously grateful to all the supporters who are helping our program achieve the financial security it requires to fulfill its educational mission. Please consider making a gift to our endowment or one or more of these funds. There are a number of ways to give described on the Foundation site. The most direct is to give online, at the Foundation's online giving portal.

You can also send a check to:

David J. Rothman, Director of the Graduate Program in Creative Writing

Taylor Hall 222B

Western State Colorado University

600 N. Adams St.

Gunnison, CO  81231

All checks should be made out to "The Western State Foundation," with clear indication on the memo line about which fund should book the gift.

For questions, please contact David J. Rothman directly, at or 970-943-2058 (office) or 970-443-3394 (cell).

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Program in Creative Writing.