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2016-17 Tuition:

Initial Teacher Licensure only (27 credits)$11,750
Initial Principal Licensure only (25 credits)$11,750
MA in Education + Teacher Licensure (43 credits)$17,910
MA in Education + Principal Licensure (40 credits)$17,525.02
MA in Education, Educator Effectiveness (30 credits)$11,950
Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist Added Endorsement (24 credits)$9,240
CLD Added Endorsement (24 credits)$9,240


Donald P. Timm Scholarship

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Loan Forgiveness Programs

Candidates taking 5 or more credits may apply for federal loans and may be eligible for repayment or loan forgiveness programs:

IBR Info (Income-Based Repayment)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

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