Added Endorsements

Add an endorsement to your teaching license.  All coursework is online and will apply toward a master's degree in Education.  


  • *New Offering! Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education​ - 24 credits - see degree plan
  • Reading Teacher Endorsement - 24 credits - degree plan
  • Reading Specialist Endorsement - 24 credits - degree plan
  • K-12 Endorsements: Art, Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education - 27 credits - degree plan
  • Secondary Endorsements (Grades 7-12): English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Business - 27 credits  - degree plan
  • Elementary Education - 27 credits - degree plan
  • Special Education Generalist (Ages 5-21) - 27 credits - degree plan

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In addition to completing 24-27 credits of coursework online, candidates will work with a mentor teacher 8 hours per semester and will be required to spend 135 hours per semester with students in their desired endorsement area.  While all courses are online, candidates are required to attend a 5 day program orientation on campus in the summer.  Release from summer session attendance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Teacher licensure requirements vary from state-to-state. This program is approved based on the State of Colorado standards. Students are solely responsible for checking what the specific requirements are from their state’s Department of Education.