Study in Italy

Summer Study in Italy 

May 21 - June 21, 2018

Course Description for Pictorial Composition with Dr. Don Seastrum 

Pictorial Composition is a course designed to teach participants the application of two-dimensional composition elements and principles as they relate to representational imagery in narrative painting. By means of definition, within this consideration, narrative art can be work(s) expressive of concepts, ideas, philosophies or any number of content-texts. It uses the power of visual images to provoke thoughts, rouse feelings and stimulate the intellect. The work may call into question commonly held beliefs, relate stories, or challenge preconceived ideas. That which distinguishes Narrative art from other genres is its dedication to content-text expressed through visual form. Narrative art visually communicates content, through pictorial compositions, across time and circumstance, challenging the present as well as the future. In addition the course well addressing the nature and essence of those works of art including the aspects of process, product and response.

The courses will encourage each student to investigate her or his own vision of the world while gaining experience with the development of the narrative in the visual arts.

Credit: ART 397, 3 credits or ART 397, 6 credits.  HNRS 397, 1 credit available.

Course Description for From the Street to the Gallery with Professor Jennifer Wells 

Course description coming soon. 

Credit: ART 397, 3 credits or ART 397, 6 credits.  HNRS 397, 1 credit available.

Course Description for Performing Northern Italy with Dr. Paul Edwards 

Course description coming soon. 

COM 397, 3 credits or COM 397, 6 credits.  HNRS 397, 1 credit available.

Cost and Payment Information

The cost of the is course is $4,360 ($4,110 + $250 non refundable housing deposit) plus the cost of credit.  The cost of credit is as follows: 3 credits $375, 6 credits 600, 1 credit (HNRS) $125. The price includes lodging, travel insurance, designated excursions, and activities.  Program cost does not include airfare, textbooks, personal needs, individual travel or other activities outside he established program schedule. 

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due October 27, 1017.

A $2,000 payment is due by or on January 15, 2018.

Final payment of remaining balance is due by or on March 9, 2018. 

Students:  You must be 18 years of age, with a 2.5GPA prior to departure to participate in this course, and completed 24 university credits.  Students who earned probationary academic status at the end of the spring term will forfeit the course fee and will not be allowed to participate.  Students must register for at least 3 credits.   Participants must remain on-site 5/21 - 6/21,2018. 

Applications are available in the Extended Studies Department located at Taylor 303 and can be requested by emailing the Extended Studies Department.

For information regarding the trip, contact the course professor, contact information below. 
 Pictorial Composition with Dr. Don Seastrum  
Performing Northern Italy with Dr. Paul Edwards 
From the Street to the Gallery with Professor Jennifer Wells