Extended Studies Instructor Information

Would you like to teach a course through Extended Studies at Western State Colorado University?

Digate photoshop class

Extended Studies offers a wide variety of courses throughout the year, ranging from writing, to Yoga, to computers, to business and professional classes. Fall courses begin in late September and spring courses begin in February. In the summer, courses are part of the Summer Teacher Institute.

For information about how to set up an Extended Studies course, refer to "Extended Studies How Tos," which will answer many of your questions.

If you would like to teach a non-credit course in the fall or the spring, please submit your course proposal using the "New Course Proposal" form. Return this form to Dana Miller, assistant director of Extended Studies (dmmiller@western.edu). Please contact Dana Miller to discuss new course idea. In addition to the form, be sure to include your resume and transcript.

Instructors who have already had a course approved and would like to offer it again can use the "Repeat Course Form."

If you would like to teach a 500-level non-degree seeking graduate level course or offer an off-campus undergraduate course for credit, please contact Erica Boucher, director of Extended Studies to discuss your course and for more information. Erica Boucher can be reached at eboucher@western.edu. You may also submit your course proposal using the "New Course Proposal" form from above.

If you would like to discuss your course ideas, give us a call!