Academic Departments

Art Department:

The Art Department includes both the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Art at Western Colorado University prepares graduates to pursue advanced studies leading to a variety of careers. Art majors include Art Education Licensure, Art History, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and more. This department also encompasses our Masters of Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization.

Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSS) Department:

Studies in Behavioral & Social Sciences examine and quantify the essence of what it is to be human and how we organize our lives, alone, together and with our environments. The Behavioral & Social Sciences Department includes History, Politics & Government, Psychology and Sociology, as well as programs in Criminal Justice and Geology.

School of Business:

Business, Accounting & Economics programs at Western immerse students in the management and theory of transactions that characterize trade and finance in America and the world. Emphases in the School of Business include Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship (ICE), Management, Finance, Marketing, Energy Management and Resort Management.

Communication, Arts, Language & Literature (CALL) Department:

Western's Communication Arts, Language & Literature department encompasses studies in the disciplines that define what is to be human. The CALL Department includes Communication, English, Philosophy and Spanish programs. The CALL Department also includes our Masters of Arts and Masters of Fine Arts Creative Writing programs.

Music Department:

Housed in the newly renovated Quigley Hall, the Music Department leads students on a journey to more deeply understand how melody, harmony and rhythm combine. On-campus groups collaborate and perform everything from symphonies and chamber music to jazz and roots music.

Natural & Environmental Sciences (NES) Department:

Natural & Environmental Sciences help us understand the wonderful logic that is us – and our world. They decode and tell the story of the universe and life itself. The NES Department includes Environmental Biology & Ecology, Wildlife Biology & Preservation, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Medicine/Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology with an emphasis available in Petroleum Geology.

Education Department:

Western has deep roots as a teacher's college and continues – after more than 100 years – to graduate well-rounded educators. The Education Department includes both the undergraduate Education major and Western’s Masters of Arts in Education program.

Math & Computer Science (MCS) Department:

Opportunities abound for graduates who understand the algorithms that underpin our world, and who master the technical skills for managing vast amounts of information. The MCS Department includes majors and minors in Mathematics and Computer Science with emphases in Actuarial Science and Data Analytics.

Exercise & Sport Science & Recreation & Outdoor Education (ESS/ROE) Department:

Western's scientific approach to optimizing human physical achievement – in our renowned High-Altitude Performance Lab, in our awesome recreation and fitness facilities, on high-country trails and on the slopes – benefits from our location on one of the world's highest altitude college campuses. This department includes ESS, with emphases in Exercise Science, Sport & Fitness Management and K-12 Phys. Ed. and a minor in Sport Psychology, and ROE, with emphases in Outdoor Environmental Education, Outdoor Leadership and Standard Recreation. This department also encompasses our MS in Exercise & Sport Science: High Altitude Exercise Physiology (HAEP).

Environment & Sustainability Department:

Students in Western's Environment & Sustainability Department examine the natural systems on which we depend and how we can conserve our place in the world – for now and our future. This department includes the Environment & Sustainability major as well as our intensive Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program.