Peer Academic Leaders (PALs)

The PALs are a diverse group of high-achieving upperclassmen who can help you navigate your academic career. They can assist you in learning about all the programs of study offered at Western, help you make a course schedule, offer academic support and connect you to all the resources and opportunities on Western's campus.

Visit us in the Exploratory Center, Library 121 (bottom floor)
Open Monday-Thursday 3-7 p.m.
Contact us at 970.943.2153 or


Can I just drop by?

Yes, walk-ins are encouraged. The Exploratory Center is open 3-7 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

How will the PALs help me declare a major?

PALs have a broad knowledge of Western’s programs and will help you to discover your interests, values and strengths to find a major that fits your career and life goals.

Should I talk to the PALs or my faculty advisor?

Both. Talking to the PALs is a great first step in the registration process because they can prep you to make the most of your faculty advisor meeting. They are fluent with the course catalog, building schedules and readying you to graduate on time. First you need to meet with your faculty advisor to get a registration code.

What kind of academic help do the PALs provide?

PALs can help you with skills such as time management, using a planner, note- and test-taking strategies, goal-setting and how to connect with resources on campus. They work on a case-by-case basis, so don’t worry about being subjected to cookie-cutter academic support.

Can I set up regular meetings?

Yes! Set up a recurring meeting at

I want to study abroad. Who should I visit first?

Go to the Exploratory Center when you’re just starting to browse Study Abroad or National Student Exchange (NSE) programs. They will dial you in on basic requirements and details of each program. Once you’re confident about what you want or have narrowed the choices to a short list, set up an appointment with Study Abroad Coordinator Kris Gayer (