PALs (Peer Academic Leaders)

The Peer Academic Leaders (PALs), are upper-class students who work in the Exploratory Center. This is part of the Academic Resource Center and the PALs host workshops, events, and other academic activities for students. Meet our 2017-2018 PALs below!

Exploratory Center

Located in Library 115

Hours: Mon-Thur 2pm- 8pm

Call us at 970-943-2153 or email us.

McKenna Griffin

I am a Colorado native from Montrose. I am studying Biology with an emphasis in Pre-med/Cellular and Molecular, and a minor in Psychology. I love to ski and be outdoors, but I also love yoga and dancing. I chose Western for the small campus community, personalized classroom experience with professors, and for the endless opportunities on campus. After graduation, I plan on attending a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) Medical School where I aspire to become a pediatrician. I believe in being a livelong learner and I want to be remembered as a pillar in my community.



Patrick Cunnion

I was raised in Durango, Colorado. I am an Environment and Sustainability major, with a minor in Economics. I like the sense of community at Western and everything it has to offer from the academics to the outdoors. My hobbies include working out, being outdoors, and traveling. Once I graduate, I hope to get my master's in ENVS, or do some more international traveling. I would like to be remembered as the guy who was friendly to everyone and worked hard but knew how to have a good time too.




Alicja Konieczek

I am an international student from Poland. I am majoring in Exercise and Sport Science and I love Western because of the unique community where everyone knows each other, small class sizes, great history in athletics, amazing intellectual and technical resources in the ESS department, and of course, the elevation makes it all even more special. I am a three time National Champion in Track and Field. My post-graduation plans are big; I would like to become a pro-runner for a club somewhere in the USA; after my running career I want to work with athletes or people interested in physical activities for a health-related purpose. I want to be remembered as an optimistic person with high goals, a hard worker, as well as a committed and desired athlete breaking all the limits. 


Corinne Reid- Senior PAL Coordinator

I grew up in Fraser, Colorado and found Western while searching for a different mountain town oasis! I love how Western encourages all students to be involved regardless of their major. I am a Biology major who wants to go in to the world of politics after graduation. My interests and hobbies include long walks at the water park, singing in choir, and doing tech for different theatrical productions. I want to leave a legacy of involvement, hard work, and dedication no matter what my future holds.




Kodi Enkler

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am currently majoring in Spanish and Psychology with an emphasis in counseling, school and clinical. My interests include kayaking, hiking, learning, exploring, off-roading and travelling. I want to travel to all 50 states and as many countries as possible (I am at 23 states and 11 countries as of now). After graduation I hope to attend graduate school for counseling, continue travelling and learning Spanish! I want to be remembered as a kind, wholehearted, and helpful person.


Karlye Enkler

2017-2018 PALs

Top (left to right): Patrick, Alicja, Talitha, Dawid
Bottom (left to right): Corinne, McKenna, Karlye, Kodi

Ice Skating 2017 

Former PALs

2016-2017 PALs

From left to right: Talitha, Brian, Rob, Dawid

2015-2016 PALs

From left to right: Taylor, Ben, Rob, Amelia, Tyler

2014 PALs

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