Study Abroad- Checklist

DO YOU HAVE A PASSPORT?  If not, apply for one NOW.

Meeting With Your Study Abroad Advisor

  • Set up a meeting with your study abroad advisor to understand the process of how studying abroad works with Western.
  • You can contact Kris Gayer, the Study Abroad advisor at 970.943.7056.

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

  • When is the best time to participate in a study abroad program?
  • What courses have you taken to fulfill your major/minor requirements and what courses do you still need to take?
  • Can you take major/minor requirement courses at your host university?

Apply to Your Program of Choice

  • When is the application deadline? Submit everything before the deadline!
  • Make copies of all paperwork before you send in anything! Things get lost in the mail/on desks all the time.
  • Utilize campus resources: Writing Center, Academic Resource Center, professors.

Transfer of Credit

  • Meet with your Advisor again and decide what courses you will take.
  • Complete the Transfer Pre-Approval Request form and turn in to Carrie Reinecke in the Office of the Registrar. Important: is the school semester or quarter?
  • All credit taken will transfer back as Western credit.


  • Meet with Financial Aid after you have been accepted to discuss aid, loans, scholarships that will help finance your study abroad program.
  • Bring a document from your provider listing all projected expenses for your study abroad program.
  • Student is responsible for paying for their program.

Before You Go

  • Keep your study abroad advisor in the know of everything you are planning to do for study abroad.
  • Make sure everything is in order with Western before you go.


  • Once you have registered for courses at your host university send a copy of your course schedule to the Office of the Registrar. This will keep you registered and an active status student here at Western while you are abroad. You will retain access to University Services and your Western email, making registering for classes upon your return easier.

Western Contacts

Financial Aid

Tanner Stillwell
Taylor Hall 314                                                

Office of the Registrar

Carrie Reinecke
Taylor Hall 300C

Study Abroad in the Academic Resource Center

Kris Gayer
Taylor Hall 302D