Academic Success

Academics is the most important part of your college experience. If you are struggling in classes and feel like additional assistance would be helpful, please reach out to our Academic Success Advisor, Alyssa Atzenbeck. Alyssa can help with a variety of different skills such as time management, test taking tips, study skills, reading skills, accountability and much more. She is located in the Academic Resource Center in Taylor Hall 302.

Turning Point Program Overview:Probation

The Turning Point Program is designed for students on academic probation. In order to plan for academic success, you will need to take action during the very first part of the semester. The program must be completed in the first ten business days of each semester you are on probation or a hold will be placed on your account. Steps on how to complete this program are below.

  1. Complete the online self assessment
  2. Take the Clifton Strengths Assessment. Email Alyssa Atzenbeck at to obtain instructions and access code.
  3. Schedule a meeting with Alyssa Atzenbeck, Academic Success Advisor: 970.943.7056, Taylor Hall 302.

If you have questions regarding probation status please go here.

Academic Referral

Are you in need of academic assistance or do you know someone who is struggling academically? Please fill out the form below. The Academic Resource Center will be reaching out to connect you to resources that will help you succeed.


The Academic Resource Center wants to see you succeed. The following resources may be of benefit to you.

Caitlin BernsEcon 201 1pm: BOR 122 7:30pm: BOR 1226pm: LIB 317
Charli EarleACC 2025pm: BOR 122 7pm: BOR 1226pm: BOR 122 
Madison NorthenECON 216 7pm: BOR 203 7pm: BOR 2037pm: Lib 317
William MarrBUAD 3605pm: BOR 104 5pm: BOR 104  
Morgan CalerichACC 2016pm: BOR 122 7pm: BOR 1157pm: BOR 115 
Garrett LumelyECON 202 8pm: BOR 203 8pm: BOR 2038pm: LIB 320
Rya BerriganCHEM 1118pm: HUR 230  7pm: HUR 2327pm: LIB 320
Ryan BarnhouseCHEM 113 8pm: HUR 2328pm: HUR 232 6pm: LIB 318
Garrett EggersGEOL 101 8pm: HUR 20 6pm: HUR 207pm: LIB 101
Maria LopezMATH 151 4:30pm: HUR 1037pm: HUR 103 8pm: LIB 317
River Van IwaardenMATH 251 7pm: HUR 101 8pm: HUR 1016pm: LIB 316
Ande LloydMATH 141 7pm: HUR 113 8pm: HUR 1138pm: LIB 317
Travis OlmsteadCS 1907pm: HUR 107 6pm: HUR 1076pm: HUR 107 
Paige StapleyBIO 1507pm: HUR 1307pm: HUR 130 8pm: HUR 130 
Jeshurun SmallCHEM 3317pm: HUR 2308pm HUR 230 7pm: HUR 230 
William KleinMATH 2138pm: HUR 103 6pm: HUR 1037pm: HUR 103 
Sophia GonzalesCHEM 111 5pm: HUR 113  Noon: HUR 113