Academic Policies Committee - 01 Apr 10

Attended by: Ashwin Patel, Chair; Debra Clark; Scott Cohn Bob Cohen; Anthony Miccoli; Jason Mullins; Kevin Nelson; Martha Violett

Excused: Harry Heil; Scott Newman; Reid Edwards; Jessica Schocker

Absent: Julie Luekenga; Gary Pierson

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 3:37pm

Approval: The minutes from the March 4th meeting were approved.  The April 1st agenda was approved.

Old Business

Discussion regarding committee’s attention:

The Academic Policies committee chair was still waiting to meet with the senate chair to discuss the parameters of a shift in advising versus a First Year Experience program.  A possible ad hoc committee to plan an FYE program would have to be formed early enough so that any recommendations could be implemented in the Fall of 2011.  The Academic Policies committee chair offered to oversee the formation of such a committee, and said he would discuss it with the senate chair, however it was possible that an ad hoc committee might not be necessary if some outcomes could be set at their meeting.   The committee asked for clarification of the goals of an FYE program.  It was stated that the focus of an FYE program would be on increasing retention.   It was suggested that students would be interested in such a program, as long as it was voluntary and not mandatory.   One of the committee members pointed out that volunteering seemed to come naturally to students later in their college experience,  and suggested that Western assess what proportion of students were already volunteering. 

New Business:

Kevin Nelson, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, stated that there will be a winter commencement in December 2010, but that it would be the last Winter commencement given the current state budgetary issues.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:58 pm.