Western State Colorado University Sabbaticals

Sabbatical Year 2012-2013

FacultyDepartmentSabbatical TopicSabbatical Year
Al CaniffARTResearch in smoke fired art2012-2013
John HausdoerfferENVSComplete two chapters of a new book, tentatively entitled "Land Justice: Aldo Leopold and 21st Century Struggles for Livelihood"2012-2013
John PetersonCISParticipate in research on programming languages and medical robotics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland2012-2013
Karin WaidleyCOMMresearch and write a publishable article for Education in Drama Education on the praxis (theory and practice) of devising original ensemble theatre on social issues2012-2013

Sabbatical Year 2011-2012

FacultyDepartmentSabbatical TopicSabbatical Year
Scott DrumESSResearch in cancer prevention through a postdoctoral fellowship program at Wake Forest University, Baptist Medical Center in NC2011-2012
Sally HaysECONResearch the economic impacts of carbon intensive energies and renewables in Fulbright Scholar Award at Bifröst University in Iceland2011-2012
Mark StigerANTHResearch on Western's Mountaineer site2011-2012
Allen StorkGEOLPrepare a journal article addressing the volcanic and tectonic history of the Gunnison Basin2011-2012

Sabbatical Year 2010-2011

FacultyDepartmentSabbatical TopicSabbatical Year
Dale OrthCHEMAmerican Chemical Society Congressional Fellow2010-2011
David PlanteECONAmerican Political and Economic Development2010-2011


Sabbatical Year 2009-2010

FacultyDepartmentSabbatical TopicSabbatical Year
Daniel SchusterMCISJava Language and the ACM Java Library2009-2010
Kevin AlexanderBIOLEnvironmental Assessment, Aquatic Biology and Biodiversity Studies2009-2010
Mark GibsonOLRMField Opportunities for Western Students in Costa Rica2009-2010
Helynne HansenLANGNorth African Francophone Women Writers2009-2010
Philip CrossleyGEOGIndigenous Wetland Farmers in the Valley Of Mexico2009-2010


Sabbatical Year 2008-2009

FacultyDepartmentSabbatical TopicSabbatical Year
Christine JespersenENGEnvironmental, Native American, and Globalization Literature2008-2009
Wallace LewisHISTResearch on Early Highway Development2008-2009
Robin BinghamBIOLEcological Genetics of Herbivore-Interactions2008-2009