Annual Report

The Year in Review: Elevating Value.
Western's 2015 Annual Report

Elevating Value. 

2015 Annual Report - the YEAR IN REVIEW - Elevating Value.
Another successful year has passed for Western, despite the fact that higher education in this country is in a crisis. There is some debate about how much the actual cost of college has increased in the last few decades, but what is not disputed is that it has in fact risen significantly and at a much faster rate than the income and wealth of the middle class. Student loan debt has surpassed $1.3 trillion, and just in the time it takes to read this letter it will have increased another $6 million-plus.

As the recent Great Recession continues to ravage the savings and retirements of middle-income Americans, students and their families are becoming more sensitive to the cost and quality of the universities they choose to attend. They are beginning to re-examine very closely exactly what they are getting for the higher education dollar.

This added scrutiny bodes well for Western — one of the very few true values remaining in higher education.  READ MORE >>



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