Sending a Fax

Please note: The e-mail you are using must be set up prior to using it for faxes through IT Services.

1)  Login to Outlook or Exchange (www.western.edu/exchange).  Please note if you are using a generic account you must login to Exchange. 
2)  Create a new e-mail
3)  In the To… section type in 1(area code)phonenumber@wscfax.edu for example 19709437069@wscfax.edu
4)  Add a Subject (if you add anything to the body of the e-mail it will show up in the cover sheet)
5)  Attach a PDF file (this will not work with a Word file, it must be a PDF)
6)  Click Send
7)  You will receive a confirmation e-mail if it has sent or not

*There is also an e-mail client that will allow you to send faxes through Microsoft Word, if you are interested in this please put in a work order saying that you would like the Fax Client installed on your computer.

Sending a Fax through Fax Software (previously set up by IT Services)

*Please put a work order in if you would like this option set up on your computer

1)  Open the file that you wish to fax in its native application (ex. Word, Excel, Image Viewer, etc.)
2)  Print the Document
3)  In the print options window, locate the printer dropdown list
4)  From the printer dropdown list select “faxmaker”
5)  Click “Print” – This will open a Email client window
6)  In the To… section type in 1(area code)phonenumber

  • Note: This is different than when sending a fax from Outlook or Exchange, you will not add "@wscfax.edu"

7)  Add a subject
8)  The file will automatically be added as a fax file
9)  Add whatever you would like on the coversheet to the body portion of the email
10) Click Send
11) You will receive a confirmation if it has sent or not in the e-mail that is set up to send/recieve faxes for your department

Receiving a Fax

You will receive all faxes through an e-mail address that the department has designated. IT Services must set this up, please contact IT Services at (970) 943-3123 for assistance.