Index to "online fill-in" Board of Trustees' Personnel Reporting Forms

Index to "online fill-in"
Board of Trustees' Personnel Reporting Forms

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Frequently Asked Questions for Trustee Form Completion

Fillable forms for Faculty OR Administrators:

Recommendation #4 - Emeritus Status Recommendation
Information #3 - Leave Without Pay Information
Information #4 - Resignation Information
Information #8 - Transitional Retirement Information
Information #9 - Administrative Leave Information

Conditiions Addendum - attached to Sabbatical Leave requests or Leave Without Pay Information

Fillable forms for Administrators only:

Recommendation #2 - Initial Administrative Appointment: President's Recommendation
Information #1 - Temporary Administrative Appointment Information
Information #6 - Termination Information: Administrator
Information #11 - Administrative Position Promotion, Transfer, Title Change

Fillable forms for Faculty only (**must be completed by Academic Affairs office**):

Recommendation #1 - Initial Faculty Appointment: President's Recommendation
Recommendation #3 - Faculty Tenure: President's Recommendation
Recommendation #5 - Honorary Degree Recommendation
Recommendation #6 - Faculty Sabbatical Leave Request
Information #2 - Faculty Promotion Information
Information #5 - Nonrenewal Information: Probationary Faculty Member
Information #7 - Denial of Early Tenure / Terminal 6th Year Contract Information
Information #10 - Final Sabbatical Leave Report to the Board of Trustees