SGA Minutes: 2011-2012

August 31, 2011

I.             Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Ceria Glenn- Enrollment counselor working on social media

Facebook group-goal: to get all current students to a main access page. Enter Western email address and can sign up for face book app, then you can sign up for what you are interested in, meeting times, minutes and other things for clubs can be posted and shared. Each member can see what is posted, but it is mostly for students, no adults can see, only specific groups and students can see. Resident halls can be groups. This is a great way for students to stay active, and a great opportunity for students to connect. Engage the student population, great to post. Future students will be invited once accepted into Western.

V.        Senator Reports

·      Erika: No

·      Allen: No

·      D'Andre: Football has first home game Saturday at 1:00. Rare Air is closing for that time, for a tailgate to get a meal on Saturday.

·      Kayla: No

·      Nicole: No

·      Chase: No

VI.      Action Items

VII.      Discussion Items

o   Homecoming

§  Held on October 1st, SGA runs homecoming, hosts the parade, lighting of W, bond-fire, Alumni, publicity-contacting media, order supplies for float, W-cotton, royalty ordering crowns getting people nominated, parade (getting permits), organizations, marshall, check sheet, bonfire talking to sports teams to attend, bowl decorations (happen day of)

§  Sarah: Western’s 100th year. October 1st football game, September 31st dance

§  Club team games? All games happening that week to advertise.

o   Office Hours

§  2/senators

§  Make sure we have a face in SGA office to be available if needed, SGA related activities, keep office clean, be PRODUCTIVE

§  6/Exec

§  4/Advisory committee

o   Committee Sign-Up

§  Club fair sign-up sheet, 30 minute slots, wear “We R Western” T’s

§  Mark has his own committee (Nicole D’Andre & Chase)

o   Sustainability Conference Bill

Maddy, Emily V., and Emily L.: Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Pittsburgh 8-12th of October for annual conference student represented at conference, not as many students attending since it is not in Colorado. Lenny, Virzi, and Maddy want to see what other student are doing across different campuses to bring it back to Western. A one-hour slot for presenting at the conference to promote education and awareness on campus, A program/mixer distributing power strips to students. Getting new information from other students can further Westerns strategic plan. As positions develop, a good way to outreach to administration and faculty. Lucky to have this opportunity to show that other students at other campuses have similar opportunities. A portion for round trip tickets $963, $672 for hotel, $1600 total requesting $1500 from SGA. Thing learned at the conference will be eventually filled by newcomers, widen knowledge and keep knowledge among students. At lease one representative from every state.

Kayla: How long have you been a club on campus? How are you continuously using your knowledge to further W?

Emily: Not a club, paperless advertising, power pledge, power strips going to freshman for dorms, free cycle going (recycling all things not recyclable for free), Reduce reuse recycle committee, creating education and awareness for students.

Maddy: this summer in the residents hall 100 recycling bins were once there, now 450 recycling bins, informational pamphlet Western recycling guidelines. To see what other students have done will help expand sustainability initiatives at Western.

Sarah: Oversee and explain what is going on campus

IF not all donated, what?

Maddy: Sustainability commission, or own pockets.

 VIII.    Advisor Report

·      Total bill money $9,252 for the year, after safe ride.

·      Shelley Jansen introduction, opening weekend was amazing and kind of crazy at the same time WOW, pro cycling etc. energy was great student were engaging in and off campus, seems like a good class with good energy, wellness workshops to talk about how tot transition from HS to Western. Good neighbor program tomorrow night 6 or 7 years, staff members go out in community, how to be appropriate neighbors, talk about party quietness and politeness, 1000 fine for off campus parties hosting students that are drinking under age, an educational program, how to be a good neighbor. 5:30pm tomorrow at community center, pizza! Open house from 4-6 community member and students. Looking for two students to participate in Sodexho food committee to give feedback after lunch as to why/why not to include certain food items. They meet every month Sept 14th @ 12:30 at Rare Air Café, off-campus no current meal plan. Sign up & pull names from hats. Labor day this weekend and no classes on Monday! Tail gate at mountaineer bowl, next Wednesday last day to drop classes without a W. implicate for financial aid if student goes under 12 cr. Preliminary enrollment numbers, looking like 60 full time student below last year. Why are we turning students away from Western? Office in SE corner of Taylor hall.

·      ADHOC: this upcoming month marks the anniversary of Sept. 11th, even though we are not really effected here at Western, we have an obligation to remember the people that lost their lives that day. Open for suggestions and ideas

·      D’Andre: hand out shirts, it’s a cool deal

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Recreation Center Field House, met every Tues. this summer to see student apartments, to add what students really wanted (hot tub, foam pit, ice-climbing wall coming through alt. funding). Gold certification for res. Halls with the student apartments (pinnacle) furniture committee picks supplier and mocks rooms to pick what furniture is most suitable and functioning for students.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Erika: No

·      Sarah: We had our first step up certification on Monday, thanks lacrosse for all members showing up, coach Dave has been there from the start. Step Up intervention and alcohol awareness training, hazing, eating disorders, Sept. 6th for female athletes in Taylor 228 7pm, peer educating. Politics club looking for new member Kelley 201, September 16th first board of Trustees meeting on Campus

·      Nick: First city council meeting, fun. Mayor is 41 years old, Western grad, has been here for 20 years. Freshman will know ditches will be emptied last day of Sept. 10,000 for baseball fields on Teller, new scoreboard, infield, etc. Use it a lot in summer and for club team. Gunny rising, annexation, renovation of hiking/biking trails 3-4 years outdated, changes are mind-blowing. HS recently put lights on football stadium, first game this Friday night, it will be cool. Amped about pro challenge, no exact numbers but will know pretty soon. Typed up 2 letters for returners, welcome back, for freshman a different letter, with some other stuff (sentimental).

·      Haleigh: Float Committee Bond-fire sign-up

·      Grace: Sex Plus Club on campus that promotes healthy relationships on campus, Sept. 14th 4pm in LEED office, at club fair tomorrow. PPT, intramurals birthday. Rundown of budget and rundown of budget to get other students not in SGA to allocate money. Student fees $337,545, money has approved to spend $35,000 mostly salaries, and bill-fund: safe ride, everyone else gets budget from SGA, wilderness pursuits etc. Questions about safe ride cost allocation, do bars contribute to fund?  Based on figures that was approved last year, but may change with low enrollment.  Clubs have their own fundraising abilities. How to write a bill for senators. Get every bill to each member, and revisions for executive members to sign. Person who writes bill needs to be present.

·      Access reserve: some years we do not spend all money allocated, we guarantee that there will always be 20K in reserve, but currently about 40K. The money we have was assuming there was full enrollment, but we can use reserve to supplement SGA fund. We need to decide whether or not to draw from reserve. Senators vote, when budget is not 100%. Kept growth rate the exact same as last year. Talk about the issue at budget committee meeting, Wednesday 8am.

·      Meg: No

·      Blake: Volleyball game at Angelo state starts on Friday, wish the ladies luck.

·      Mark: No

·      Travis: New intramural website, cool social networks with sports, specialize for teams, communicate, flag football starts Tuesday softball starts Wednesday, 93 users, 7 teams for football 10 for softball. Spread the word.

·      Hayden: Anyone not in athletics please encourages them to come out for club sports. If they have questions fin Hayden in fitness center or during office hours.

·      Elijah: Program Council few members short from last year, people are reapplying for positions, an event coming up a group like STOMP performing (percussion) known as the fastest drummer in the world, sponsored by music department, We have been trying to get these performers here for 2 years. Comedian for end of year. Looking gravy.

·      Aurora: No

·       Noah: Check out the paddleboards. Some Universities are recording lectures in case it is missed see if some professors would be willing to do that (stream or podcast).

·      Middy: No

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Shelley: Travis made other messages for intramurals, disc golf course complete, and down-hill biking, quite the upgrade, disc-golf tournament

·      Mountaineer Monday? Powder Puff game-spread hype. Tournament with smaller teams, round robin, up for any suggestions.

·      Sarah: Excellent turn out for ice cream social. Reinforce no cell phones, be alert, no food, business casual.

·      Erika: Grace had a tour this week of a prospective student, she had an accident when she was younger and now she is in a wheel chair, visited adaptive sports and WP for students that are handicapped. Is coordination between WP and adaptive sports possible?

·      Haleigh: Senators who signed up for committees.

·      Sarah: App’s due at 5pm, tomorrow, elections next week.

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

September 7, 2011

I.             Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

·      Approved!

III.      Approval of Agenda

·      Approved!

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Jerry Martinez Director of Financial Aid: an update of what has changed, changes in last year and how they impact us a students and why they were made them. Two new F.A. (Financial Aid) counselors, alphabetized for splitting counselors. No counselor’s on staff previously. Helps to effectively communicate to have a better relationship between FA office and students. Why the split between FA and cashier? Designed a plan to separate two functions, we don’t want one office to have all the power to do both. FA is now on the ground level of Taylor. FA is now housed with admissions to help create enrollment management, so these needed to be together (FA & Admissions). Moved everything for prospective and continuing students to an online format. Allowed service to be quicker, and access form all homes, ability to accept FA package online.

o   Q: Getting a hold of refund check? Why not send a generic email before, for less traffic to FA office?

o   A: We did actual send out emails, a big campaign last march. This fall we implemented entire online access. With fall semester bill, explained how refunds would be distributed email is the best way for us to communicate with students. Check your email! That’s how we notify, and no longer notify parents. Email campaign hopes to get students acclimated before the fall, and spring hopefully will be better. It will only take 24 hrs to distribute checks in spring. Bill pay system allows access away from Gunny, set up payment plan, set up third party pin access. Imperative to communicate with parents about what’s going on.  Take’s at least a year to get used to a new system. It is more efficient for FA office.

·      Work-study was a big one this fall, award less. Last 3-4 years Western has been overspent on work-study. Decided to reduce award ($1450 avg. student), average this year was ($1500). Awarding money that was not being used, and tied up too much money when money was spent. Satisfactory academic progress, required to make this measurement, rules have become stricter to monitor on a per semester basis and to be stricter on these guidelines. The economy is not good, with a high budget deficit the Pell Grant is approximately 32 Billion a year. 75% of all courses need to be completed each semester with a passing grade. If in bad standing, one semester to get in good standing, if not possible and a student has two back-to-back semesters on bad standing then a student goes on probation. Also, cumulative GPA must be above a 2.0 as of July 1st. Awards that went out this year more quickly and more often, to award up front and then if the fed’s needed documents then students will know prior to paying. Notification of additional information comes in May. The more communication the better for everyone.

o   Q: is there an offer to get a paper check?

o   A: one time this fall there will be a possibility to get paper checks. This is an option for students to help get settled under various circumstances.

V.      Action Items

·      Sustainability Conference Bill-

o   Senator questions: what will each students role be? How much of a part do all three students have?

§  Initially four roles created, student oriented, where the other 2 work with recycling and facilities, things began to morph, roles are working with res. life, waste production, product consumption. Presenting same information it is a team effort to do this. Similar roles together, and still forming, sustainability coordinator is usually a paid position. It shows the ability of teamwork, divide and conquer and then reevaluate. All bring various sources of knowledge to the group.

o   Q: justify hotel cost of $672, type of hotel, location, price

§  A: one room, 3 coordinators as well as boss. Doubletree Hilton hotel in Pittsburgh walking distance to conference, don’t have to deal with cab fares. The one further away was also more expensive.

o   Q: How much do you think you have saved at Western State College of Colorado

§  A: I don’t think you can actual quantify our work at Western State College of Colorado since most of it is communication and outreach.

o   Q: Have you moved any closer to other resources?

§  A: Spoke with boss about other possible sponsorships. She may be willing to make a donation. Also, will speak to SAC, and reevaluate funds from sustainability coalition.

o   Q: What is the return on the conference?

§  A: A couple of initiatives to make on campus, unknown of what it will look like, maybe a communication system to better work on the campus as a whole across disciplines. A bigger and better brainstorm of what is happening on campus.

o   Q: Address the importance of being allocated an hour?

§  A: This is very prestigious; many students only get 20 min. rather than an hour. Being acknowledged for doing a great job at Western State College of Colorado, where other students are not doing the same things is an honor.

o   Q: What will you be presenting?

§  A: Address why positions came into play, why faculty and administration came together to created this image on campus.

o   Q: How was the power pledge?

§  A: At orientation gave power strips to any students interested in participating, figuring out how to quantify change per floor, or per building. Perhaps these questions can be answered through surveys.

·      Motion to pay for plane tickets and to re-discuss after some time to see if alternate funding is available ($960)

o   Allocating $960 now, to revisit next week on the following expenses.

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Allocation of internal $4,000 and $6,000 from bill ($3,000 is from PC co-sponsorship)

o   Grace: In the spring we allocated a full budget making the assumption that full enrollment would exist. We are short 17K. What to do now? We thought we would have 337K but we actually have 319K. We now get to decide what to do. Options: nothing, 1% budget cuts, and giving all money with access reserve, or a combination. 45K in reserve, required to have 20K in reserve unless extreme emergency, then 18K in reserve that we could spend to cover. 2K would be left in reserve if we covered everything. Club sports when in without a budget, so they cannot even make copies of conduct. We assumed 10K would go to clubs, but now they have nothing and so do we. We could reduce 4K from internal (left with 3K for yr.), bill fund would be cut by 6K (6K left/yr.) What to do with the shortfall? Open to discussion.

§  Club sports are important to enrollment and retention. 17K shortfall, reserves are there for emergency, next year we can figure something else out. If we don’t grant club sports money it will discredit whole campaign. SGA surplus goes into reserve. Retention at Western 60%, for students in clubs at Western State College of Colorado it is closer to 75%. Club sports starting to fundraise and create incentives, donate X$ and have an incentives for fundraising. This is their basic operating budget.

o   Q: Money for emergency-what is considered a bigger emergency?  

§  A: This would be considered an emergency, mandatory reserve. We have never faced if we go below our reserve. Last year we overspent by 5K but interest covered it.

o   Q: How can we be more frugal in future years, in case enrollment continues to decrease?

§  A: We can make ways to cut money. We won’t be able to see as many bills and cut on luxury items like name-brand candy.

o   10K we want to pull from current spending cash for entire year, to keep the afloat. It is a large enrollment tool, which is necessary for sustaining Western State College of Colorado.

o   Vote on club sports today

o   1% cuts would decrease by 3K.

o   Motion to give 4K from internal for sports (Everyone) Passed

o   Motion for senators to cut 6K from bill for sports (7/7) Passed

§  Club sports have money

o   Motion to move budget discussion to next week.

·      Homecoming

o   Type up committees tonight, and will email out. Check lists will also be emailed.

VII.    Advisor Report

·      No report, no Shelley

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Nurturing Parent Program class for volunteer, looking for volunteers 5pm-8pm for 16 week course, babysitting and infant care, positive communication, contact LeAnn.

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Haleigh: elections and 7 applicants and 6 openings.  Voting issues, speak with IT department, voting ends at Friday 4pm. VOTE (this is a democracy)! Student activities>SGA>Vote Here Link

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah: Field house, show pictures of different designs, décor etc coming soon based on voting, Dot=like No dot=no like. Board of Trustee’s meeting in North conference room, oversee all of Western State College of Colorado functioning. Step Up certification training on sept. 12th 7pm

·      Nick: Van Tuyl ranch as part of annexation, a big deal. A library project in the same area, mixed feelings from community members. Get informed go to a city council meeting, perhaps “Adams State University”? Pro cycle-exposure for Gunny that one cannot pay for. Maybe 3 million of free advertising

·      Retreat sept. 17th-18th, meet SGA office at 4pm on Saturday. Please contact Haleigh if you cannot attend. Bundles of fun.

·      Grace: emailing PPT and EXCEL docs. Everyone on budget committee, please come it is mandatory and bring your advisor, and tardiness is not accepted. Senators are not required to come. If anyone on advisory committee that has class please email Grace and give her the details. Sex positive club Weds. 4pm in LEED office--please come!

·      Meg: Wordhorde at 7pm at Mocha’s on Sept. 8th.

·      Blake: XC goes to Alamosa (ASU?) football team takes of at am to play pocatella University (sp?), there is a live feed online. Volleyball goes to Grand Junction tomorrow, to play three games.

·      Elijah: recycled percussion tomorrow at 7pm in Taylor auditorium. Be there or be square!

·      Noah: intro to mountaineering this weekend.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Start a dancing group here at Western State College of Colorado. Show up as a dance team to promote Western would be nice, to dance at various Western events. Created a contract. Spoke with cheerleading coach about dance team and cheerleaders. The cheerlead coach believes that the cheerleading team is not progressing as much as their potential, perhaps more students would be interested in dancing than cheerleading, which is the largest concern.

o   Motion to starting dance team (8/8, approved!)


o   Eating imaginary cake. Yum yum.

·      NO PHONES

·      Guest speakers can be added earlier to Agenda if you email Erika by 2pm on Tuesday before the meeting

·      Nick: Perhaps first and third week of every month ask everyone of SGA to go to classes dressed up.

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

September 14, 2011


I.              Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.      Guest Speaker

·      Rob Whiting from SafeRide: Budget made for city of Gunnison. It has been operating around 16 years. SGA Western State College of Colorado members requested to have a safe ride type of program in response to two Western State College of Colorado students who passed. It was originally a Friday and Saturday service to help prevent incidents of drinking and driving. The budget hasn’t changed substantially for 17 years. The county always donates 2-2.5K each year. 5 years ago, voted that each students pay 4$, which makes WSC the largest sponsor. How to bring an extra 4K in each year? No longer get money from Due’s in the Gunnison county. 5K received from surcharges from court. Each driver get’s $60 a night for pay. Roughly 24K are what are spent, and the revenue generated is about $1,300. Need extra community support. The bars have a tight budget and do not donate. The drivers want to do anything they can to prevent DUI’s or fatalities due to accidents. SR brings people home, gets them home safely, a decrease in mischievous conduct.  

o   Q: SR caters for people that call from bars. If WSC SGA is the greatest donation, coming to student fee’s.

§  A: Over the course of the year, we count the number of students 25,000 rides (18-24 year olds) last year, most between September and October and changes the dynamic of house SR operates, going from call to call. It is a challenge to balance, one priority is that someone who may drove to the bars wont wait for SR for a ride, they are afraid they will choose to drive. A private residence is a bit different. They do bar runs, and will be more focused on them; some drivers are better than others.

o   SR goes to bars more because often it is hard for drivers to find houses sometimes. It is a challenge for drivers when people call and don’t come out of the house.

o   Thank you! You all do an outstanding job. Rodney was a student advocate for SR, to send a monthly budget and get active.

o   It is a big amount of money but the service is invaluable, and you cannot put a price on the lives saved.  

o   An opportunity for SGA students has a role for somebody who may want to write grants. Giving rides is proven to reduce accidents and problems. Gladly except any help.

o   Q: When will you know when you get the money through the county?

§  It is unknown now, but will get information soon. There is good support for SR in the county, we are hopeful.

o   Abuse rides: four block rides, liquor store run, try not to take a lot of people to one party, prevent taking people to parties, always get rides there but no one calls for rides home at night. No bikes, no dogs on SR.

o   Q: Do you know the group on campus CLUE (Caring Leaders who Understand and Educate)? Interested to learn more about drunk driving prevention.

§  A: That sounds great.

o   A balance between getting people home and helping students.

V.       Action Items

·      Inductions

·      PC Assistant Pay

o   Outline in constitution if pay descrepencies need to be address they need to be voted on. Senators: if they would vote an approval of cutting $75 for the PC assistant.

§  Speaking with an assistant, and they were not informed, it might be better to bring her in first.

o   Q: What is her general role? She doesn’t regularly attend meetings or do office hours

§  She does a lot, she keeps the office going, oversee council makes sure it runs smoothly, under the constitution of bylaws. Yes, no direct contact with SGA but she has been written in the bylaws.

o   Does she get a separate pay?

§  Yes

o   How long have we pay the assistant?

§  The last 5 or 6 years.

o   Could we incorporate her in what we do, like come to meetings serve office hours.  It may be troubling for her position.

o   Motion to bring PC assistant in to discuss pay next week

§  13/13 passed!

o   Draw attention to the double pay bylaws? Article 8 Section 8 #2.

§  If we cut her pay will it be covered? Yes.

§  She is interested in taking PC place after Elijah leaves.

§  Other members may be paid twice. This could be an issue.

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Budget:

o   Last week we discussed the budget shortfall due to less student enrollment. We have a recommendation: 1% to all committees except Clubs. They would cover the cut, and with the reserve we would cover the shortfall. Certain committees have a rollover. All have some money except a few.

§  Will all 1K be covered by the shortfall?

·      No we are not covering that

§    Roll through options

·      1% cut, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% no backfill from reserve.

§  Budget committee makes recommendations with all advisors for the senators.

§  Proposal take 10K from reserve, barely over a 2% cut, absorbing a cost for ICC.

·      Why 10K ?

o   Didn’t want to take too much reserve away, buy hot chocolate for rescue team, we want some wiggle room for SGA.

o   Keep some reserve just in case spring semester has fewer students-future issues.

o   Some groups have a reserve of their own.

·      Some numbers are accurate, some are not so accurate. Only can speak for WP: reserve has been gained for 10 years, for more trips with students. Make a minimum cut now and later investigate what people have and what they need.

o   2% cut then speak with sub committees to see what is possible to cover, so we don’t drain reserve.

o   Senate consensus thought some would be comfortable with a larger budget cut.

o   We should not micromanage accounts.  

o   Some are sitting on money, but some groups have a lot less resources and are hurting.

o   We cannot keep pushing this off, we need to come to a decision tonight.

·      Concerns are fiscal responsible, not spending money on things we don’t need (like hot chocolate)

·      Entire reserve is 45K, 25K needs to remain.

·      Motion 2% budget cut excluding ICCE.

o   All in favor (12/13) Passes

o   Decision has been made!

VII.    Advisor Report

o   This Monday the 19th is the last day to be refunded 50%, go see student affairs.

VIII.   Senator Reports

o   Erika: On Friday Mexican independence day Amigo’s 4-6 by the fire making sopapillas

o   Chase: Football has a home game this Saturday at 1pm.

o   Walker: This weekend is Headwaters! Lots of great guest speakers are coming!

IX.      Committee Reports

o   Homecoming emails are coming soon!

o   Grace has contracts for everyone. People who get paid see Grace after the meeting

o   Float committee meet after meeting would be nice.

o   Lighting of W

X.        Advisory Reports

o   Sarah: Friday 8-1 first board meeting in North Ballroom. Monday Step Up was canceled to Tuesday at 7pm. Open to whole student body. Feedback on Celebration of scholarship

o   Nick: On Friday at the airport there is an emergency crash landing 4-8pm. The world is not ending…this is a requirement. They are looking for actors to pretend they are hurt, for community service or for acting practice. Pro Cycling have sent out preliminary dates for next year, they will not change the format, keep at 7 days, but maybe start in one community and end in another.

o   Haleigh: The retreat is this Sunday 8a-3p. Please eat breakfast, changed the plans to make more conscious decisions with spending. This is a mandatory meeting. This is a good year.

o   Grace: exciting news, move money from internal to help club sports, and we found out there budget is not as dire as it once was. We may not have to move all the money. Ideas of things to purchase to make sure we can pay for it.

o   Meg: Wordhorde Guest Speaker at Mochas 7:00/30pm.

o   Blake: Home opener for Volleyball, three nights in a row, Regis, Colorado Christian, & Mines.   

o   Travis: Intramurals started last week flag football, participation is down, perhaps new website is to blame? The weather could also be to blame… Ultimate Frisbee kickoff start first week of October. Disc golf tournament was last week and went well, a lot of community support, many people utilizing.

o   Hayden: Club sports Baseball UNC, Soccer @ Mines, Women’s rugby 11am home game, men's UNC’s coming down, games @ 1

o   Elijah: Recycled percussion went very well, and they were here 10 years ago. 200-250 people attended.

o   Noah: WP second week of sold out trips, last week they didn’t have any gear. Intro to rock climbing, and on the 20th free bike repair workshop class. Shout out to men's biking team who got first at a RedBull competition in WinterPark.

o   Maddy: next Tuesday second event for sustainability ‘do it yourself workshop’, grade social responsibility and conscious consumption. They will hand out books, and give tips on gardening.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.     Remarks for the Good of the Order

Order is in order!

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

September 21, 2011

I.             Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

·      Raleigh approves minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

·      D’Andre motion to add senate chair

·      Nick: Motion to add spirit week

IV.     Guest Speaker

V.      Action Items

·      Senate chair

o   Adam: Give me the ability to expand leadership skills communication abilities.

o   Alan: Value position, and would like to do more, avid to push things and a good communicator, always around, progress in school and future

o   Erika: Been in SGA 3 years, respond quickly, organized get stuff done!

o   Walker: Returning SGAer, enjoy opportunity to be helpful.

o   D’Andre: The reason I’d like to be senate chair would be a good opportunity to expand my leadership and SGA is a great opportunity

·      Vote via paper

o   Adam is the new senate chair

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Pay for PC assistant director

o   Stephanie is the assistant director of PC, teamed up and gained structure from PC, role being on student council through bylaws, assistant goes to meeting when Elijah cannot make it.

§  Haleigh: would you be willing to add office hours?

§  Elijah: any questions about position, ask now, she has done good things for Western.

§  Stephanie: for less involved director’s, the assistant has an important role.

§  Nick: This is no attack, just want to see who the 75$ stipend is going to and their role.

§  Alan: what specifically have you done to promote growth within the PC.

§  Stephanie: this is my 2.5 year, and there was no structure and nobody was held accountable, once I stepped up I proposed we have more structure and have office hours. I redid the handbook from 2005, regular member who don’t pay have office hours. We distribute a lot of work, where everyone in PC has a role. If Elijah can’t get something done, he can contact me. I took on WinterFest, and that was my idea, where Elijah was my assistant.

§  Sarah: Would you be comfortable performing 3 SGA hours a week.

§  Stephanie: I would be more comfortable with 2 but I would be willing to do 3 but it will be hard with schedule.

§  Adam: Could she be more visible for SGA and only do a few in PC and a few in the SGA office.

·      Retreat Debrief

o   Haleigh: Thought the retreat was huge success as building as a team. Things to discuss: attendance, for those who missed, who aren’t the newly elected senators, this is considered an unexcused absent. Talk to Haleigh later if you had valid schedule conflict.

o   Nick: Changing meeting structure, instead of every week having both discussion and action items, we would separate these to do one every other meeting, ie. Discuss one meeting, the following meeting we would have an action meeting, and so on, unless something needs to be voted on urgently. Allowing senators two weeks to speak with constituents. This isn’t anything that’s set but it’s open for discussion.  

o   Alan: Senate discussed this and we feel comfortable with this new structure to get the right stuff done.

o   Adam: How would we put in an action item during an off-week.

o   Nick: We can just do a special session, special action session for 10 minutes at the end. That’s how we could do it, and mold it to make it ours. Trying to make senators to make smart, thoughtful decisions. In constitution we should bring it 2 weeks early.

o   Chase: Motion to make 1st and 3rd meeting each month action meeting.

o   D’Andre: second

o   Roll Call vote: If you’d like to change meeting say “yay” or “Nay”, or “abstain”

o   100% passes, new meeting structure, starting next week with a discussion week.

·      Spirit week

o   We are in charge of setting up sprit week for homecoming and picking themes. Panic for homecoming. One more day for sure, and develop new ideas.

§  Plant a tree day-sparkling cider, sustainability “Mother Earth Monday”

§  Maddie: Bring it up at coalition meeting to see what comes up at that.

§  Chase: How many trees are we planting?

·      Just one, 4 o’clock pm

§  Tuesday we have nothing! Perhaps “superhero day”

§  Adam: Monday, ride your bike to school too! A lot of campuses call it ‘one less car day’

§  Wednesday we are setting up a meeting with Greg White, We R Western Wednesday, highlighting club sports, “Club Sports Pep Rally” All clubs wearing jersey’s, put on an event where people can meet the athletes.

§  Thursday “Booty Bash” in Ute, “Academic” Club appreciation day, Tshirts to signify what club your  in, Give paper to clubs, and have them represent themselves to make a patchwork blanket. If clubs don’t want to do it, they don’t need to be involved.

·      What’s a booty bash?

·      It is pretty much just a dance, dance contest. 8pm next Thursday in Ute Lounge.

·      Where can clubs get paper?

·      In Sga office. When would you want it in? Next Wednesday, use SGA markers and supplies

§  Friday “Powder Puff Game” Vandenbusche wants to push it off several weeks to address campus, and make it a bigger deal. We know we can have fields, and work with intermurals to get flags. Lots of faculty help. If we have the makings let’s get it done by next Friday. Sign up on intermural website. Scheduled for 4pm, and bonfire 9pm later and rededication for alumni.

§  A lot of girls are excited so we should push for this next week.

§  When is the deadline?

·      Encourage to start practice Wednesday, might as well take sign-up’s till Thursday.

·      “(Talk) Nerd(y) (to me) Tuesday”?

VII.    Advisor Report

·      A couple of thing, Dr. Helman sent out conversations from board of trustees meetings last week. Every month board of trustee meeting, first on list recruitment and numbers, and general fund an another shortfall. Adam is looking to change state to University. Should Western change College to University? Invited faculty and staff to discuss a name change to be competitive, in college center ballroom next Tuesday. Alumni was upset when this first came up, they know they was (Western Colorado & University). Discussed cost of this, and may cost over .5 million. $20 for a new diploma, which is a lot.  Want to separate themselves from community college title. Vinotok this weekend, not all about a drunken party, there is a lot of history to this program and it is a pretty interesting event. Please do not drink and drive, lots of cops, and stopping people for drunk tests. There may be a bus or shuttle coming back to gunny later. Mt. CB unlimited chair rides and zip line for welcome to western $10 on Saturday around 11am. Cheerleaders car wash Saturday 10:30 at Gunnison Bank & Trust.

VIII.        Senator Reports

·      Erika: Tomorrow Amigs’ is having movie and a blanket on Taylor lawn, watching “RIO” Wear red to the booty bash!

·      D’Andre: two meetings next week to go into residence hall to speak with freshman and RA’s to talk about homecoming.

·      Kayla: Bingo at 7pm this Friday at Elks Lodge

·      Alan: CB Ski premier video

·      Brad: Spoke with mountaineer media, teach about film directing and editing for students in COTH major and beyond. They are working on an online television show and a film to submit to festivals. Christian group on campus and want to put meeting times on board (wed. 7pm)

o   Also a resource for clubs to make videos.

·      Katie: Ski Premier video, buy tickets online @ Freeskier and Powerstop.

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Homecoming

o   Parade-Parade Marshall, Dr. Vandenbusche. Maybe Cindy Drexel, or the Mayer or Dr. Hahn. We have tables and chairs ready they will be in truck Friday night. Help Haleigh unload truck. President Helman will be in the parade. Stress clubs to get involved.

§  What do we tell clubs, 2 sentences, info will need to get to Mark or Haleigh and coordinate lining them up and be at Taylor and Georgia at 9:30am.

o   Lighting the “W”-meet quickly after this meeting, looking good.

o   Bowl Decorations-We’ve been ordering supplies and talking about tailgate before game, set to have a car bash at same time.

o   Alumni-

o   Publicity & Royalty-Hopefully everyone has voted, had great success for voting with faculty and staff. Nobody said they absoloutly hated it. Moving forward, final nominations after this week. Order crowns! Meet with everyone from committee.

o   Bonfire- Waiting on music from music dept. Waiting on parade marshall as well. Everything else has been taken care of. Fire Dept. brought diesel last year and starts it. Play school fight song to start out fire. Go with PC to DJ for this year.

o   Float-Everbody has assigned duties, making actual float is difficult, small enough for royalty nominations to sit on float. One academic number and the other crimson and slate.

o   PR/ADHOC- Good to go on PSA’s and produce some news before everyshow with a schedule of events, waiting to hear from KBUT. Still wanting to get posters up, especially in CB for alumni and students living there. Go to Residents hall to chat. Open for suggestions.

§  Elijah: Flyer issue, graphic designer for PC and big printer, will cost but there can be a discount.

§  Nick: could we make a commercial for royalty? A commercial that has a few people acting like Vandenbusche talking about homecoming, audio only.

§  Blake: Maybe not just Vandenbusche, may sway votes.

§  D’Andre: If anyone would like to join brad and I going to res. Halls please join, club sports info and games send to DAndre and Brad with this info.

§  Adam: Link on Western website for SGA.

o   Academic Policies Committee: Student representative’s are there. Deal with a lot jargon. Changing the academic year, suggestion to make Thanksgiving a week-long break. New laws were put forth for accreditation cover bases so that we don’t get a warning to have a 3wk summer session with 2 5wk sessions, although runs very close to academic semester. Different ways to report student reports, maybe an online system so students don’t have to approach teachers each week. First year experience, and freshman year class ‘how to do well in college’ question whether or not to offer for credit, to keep student retention.

o   Constution committee just met, a few pages at once, 7pm October 23rd on Sunday.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah: Board of trustees, discussed name change. A new mountaineer in front of Taylor, 9ft high made by an alumni, at 5:30 next Friday, rededication and powerpuff at 4pm.

·      Nick: City council had a budget meeting only. Importance of homecoming is important. Check and respond to emails, so we don’t have to meet all the time. Good job team.

·      Grace: As you continue to spend for homecoming get Grace receipts. Program planning class for money, hopefully they come for next week, pay day Sunday.

·      Blake: Tomorrow football team taking of playing 1pm Saturday, 7pm home volleyball game, XC meet at Van Tuyl park by Middle school. Women ranked #1 in country, and men are ranked #2. Tuesday night volleyball game 7pm faculty appreciation game.

·      Travis: Kickball and ultimate Frisbee coming up, starting 3rd and 4th respectively. Sign up online.

·      Hayden: Bike team out of town this weekend. Only club sprt home is Rugby, playing fort lewis 1pm Saturday by McD’s.

·      Elijah: October 1st Taylor auditrium 7pm band playing. PC SGA co-sponser meet. SGA allocated a small part. Any one interested in joining committee? Go over applications and questions to help fine tune events.

·      Noah: Tuesday bike meet that was filled, this weekend intro to mountain biking in CB.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      D’Andre: Spoke with Rob Whiting about some things gunny PD will be implementing bike safety starting now, also has a group of HS kids looking for volunteer hours, so if we need any extra help let D’Andre know.

·      Nick: Starting a tradition of having an SGA picture in office and update web page. Take photo after next week’s meeting.

o   Business casual and We R Western shirt’s next week.

o   Kayla: Motion next Wednesday we r western shirts next week (Everyone passes) No denim with holes. 

·      SGA dinner after homecoming

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

September 28, 2011

I.             Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      President Helman-As many of you have heard during noon tomorrow we had 200 faculty and staff come into Western’s future into a potential name change. There has been no predetermined decision, but we want to know whether or not to put University into our name. CMC has just been authorized to allow 4-year degrees. Most community colleges have removed the ‘community’ in their name. There is an increasing confusion between ‘college’ and ‘university’, and perhaps some brand confusion. College does not translate internationally. We think there’s some brand confusion about who we are and what we do. We have proposed to the board of trustees to change the name, they gave a thumbs up. So we have begun a discussion about this decision to talk to the board of trustees in October. This is a whole lot more than a name change, what we used to be and how we fell by Tom Freedman, What is the world we live in? What should we do to thrive in this world? We should take a look back and build a spaceship (metaphorically).  While we hold off threats we need to think about how to keep this enterprise going, and keep Western State College of Colorado alive. 100-year anniversary, self-study for accreditation. Once Gunnison Normal School when it was a teacher’s college. The world is rapidly changing and Western State College of Colorado must adapt with these changes.

·      Gary Pierson-A handout to help organize the thoughts of a name change. Please educate yourself about this, and educate your constituents. Encourage speaking with faculty and staff, important to have a campus-wide discussion. Would we be open to hosting a forum for students? SWOT Analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats) and feedback from staff. Open to other ways to facilitate. Can speak to Janice Osborn, took around an hour to discuss and have a forum.  

o   Hosting forums may be the most effective ways to get students involved, especially in the evening.

o   We could take a discussion period, and turn it into a forum, many questions among students on campus. SWOT may not be best for students because they may not have the best knowledge to help this exercise.

o   Will we be sending this out to all students?

§  We haven’t thought about it. We can consider it.

o   This, in my opinion, is great.

o   I try to be cautious sending out emails to students, would students like this?

§  If it is coming from both Gary, and SGA it will probably be received well.

o   We have the same questions coming up all the time, and the same questions keep coming up. If we do these forums, we need somebody there that knows it better than us.

o   If we send this out in an email it should be condensed.

o   If we have many sources, then students will know where to get information.

o   If I got an email like that, I would never read it.

§  Maybe an attachment

o   I want to read it to participate in the name change, but need a cliff-notes version.

o   End of semester, survey to get anonymous feedback.

o   This is your opportunity for you input, what’s going to be the most effective way to educate them and understand it to get good feedback.

o   Write a Top O’ World article, and email for contact

o   SO important to educate students of these issues, so they can explain issues.

o   Some students have been pretty fired up about not changing it. There are probably many students who would read the whole article to understand the issues.

o   No student fee money would be used for a name change, all out of the general fund

o   What If all senators have 30 copies to give out to heir constituents, and attach a sheet for comments, and have a turn-in in the SGA office.

o   What if we could do a poll via email or FB, or in CC table, preliminary yes or no, give out info or places for info. What would the poll be before information was distributed, then after.

o   Social media could be huge for this discussion, to get a better more accurate response than a forum

o   We consistently have many students coming out for forums, but one forum will not work, more often the better. Noon forums were more attended than later night forums. We have had good input from forums in the past.

o   It is a fact it is easier for folks to summarize an email, touching on points would be key, this should be approached like the field house where we have poles and sheets out for comments, and forums, then see where we are. Whether or not people will attend, we can target students that are interested to see what they are saying, and hopefully the issue will gain momentum.

o   Sometimes facts are overshadowed by rumors, we can step-back and make a campaign, put out as much information in all outlets.

o   Jay: The college whether its staff or students, we do not make a decision like this, ultimately the state legislature makes the decision. The leadership will translate it to the board. This is not an internal decision, or a vote. It may be unwise to make a straw poll until they are educated on. The cost that we brought up, we know there will be a cost, Brad Baca are trying to estimate the cost, and this is a general fund issue. Understand the process. We do not want a vote. Do people generally think this is a good idea or a bad idea, to discuss with board to get their opinion on the matter? One myth I would like to dispel, this is no silver bullet issue to admissions or enrollment. Think of future of college, the issue is much larger, we need to plan. My goal is that 100 years from now another president can say the same things we say at this anniversary. We are trying to look at the bigger picture for the future.

o   We are about month out.

o   Who would choose the name?

§  It would ultimately be the board, take some choices, and the board would recommend

§  Western has to be in there, Colorado has to be in there, then, are we a University or a College.

o   Students want information, and want to know what’s going on.

o   What would the requirements be going from college to university

§  No operating definition between University or college

§  Many colleges are changing to university, small liberal arts colleges still hold the name ‘college’, and are becoming extinct, we are one of the only few public liberal arts college.

§  Rumors of Adams change status to University. Fort Lewis is thinking about it. Metro is trying to run campaigns.

§  We need to get our board briefed on Oct 28th. If we do this it needs to be at this next meeting, with a strong sponsor. The board needs to make a decision this fall.

§  We have four weeks to see what students think about this issue, to take back to the board. Perhaps more questions will follow October meeting,

§  There are a lot of great ideas, but no one is right. We should bombard social media, and all media outlets to speak to as many students as possible and educate them.

o   Do you think forums are the most efficient way to distribute information?

§  Yes, forums were great for debunking all rumors, and an expert could explain the issue in detail.

§  People got their questions answered.

§  If you want to do it over the next four weeks you need to start next week. Some people come to more than one meeting. It took a while to get the word to everyone. Dates and times set up for forums ahead of time.

§  When is next legislature session

·      Begins in January

·      Limited number of bills, so you have line it up early

·      Who was your prospective sponsor

·      Board meetings are open to all students, meet in the CC

§  Social media and forums are great ways to communicate with peers. We can have expertise at these forums.

§  We will let you know, discuss it tonight. Clap, clap, clap!

·      Larry Meredith & Bruce Bartleson-Library Referendum- Director of library district of Gunnison county, both former Westerner’s. Public relations director for a long time. I was in charge of the first 100 year celebration of college. Remind you all about the new public library in Gunnison and children’s library in CB and Mt. CB, and CB south. Only 15K people in the county, but over 30K visits over all of last year, 160K pieces of material. 2 ballot questions coming up: 1b-a bond issue to provide funds for facilities 2a-is a bill to get funds to operate library. Understand, most of you use the school library, but a good public library helps improve quality of life within a community, center for technology, gathering places, and meeting rooms. Most of college facilities are for students rather than community. The library will be a community tool. We will raise property taxes to fund library, for a 500K home taxes would be $66/yr. Speak with fellow students. Please vote for us. You have until Monday to register to vote, do it online (democracy-so vote)! You can register without a driver’s license. We would appreciate your support, and a boom for the community. 18,000 sq. ft. library.

o   Where will it be located?

§  North of public schools on 11th street  

o   Property was given to the county as long as a donation.

o   When would it be built?

§  If it passes, we would start in April of next year, and hope to be finished within a year.

V.      Action Items

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Wildlife Society Bill- (Presented by Erika) Presented bill and appropriate information. Where is the conference being held?

o   Hawaii, 6 nights

o   Any questions can be discussed next week.

·      Color Printer-Perhaps it would be a benefit to purchase a color printer. As SGA we don’t have access to a color printer on campus, unless we go through PC. IT suggested for us to buy a printer, the initial printer cost is $1,000, but that would be the highest quality. Allows us to print on bigger paper. It would benefit SGA, Intramurals CCE club sports, would all have access to the printer. We would have to pay for paper and ink. The big printer in the LEED office is moving to Taylor. How many students look at posters? How effective are posters? What about social media/electronic flyers.

o   Color printers in Taylor are often requested and note the color posters. When they did Taylor they did not map for a copy center. For homecoming we printed a lot of posters.

o   Perhaps PC is the best solution.

o   PC’s printer costs $1250, and a toner is $500. PC is more than happy to print, but you have to pay.

o   IT suggests that maybe we co-sponsor with PC and look into cheaper toners. That way we would all have access. Anyone who gets SGA funding could use printer.

o   Stay focused on green ways of doing things, on flat’s screens. Either paperless recycling or co-sponsorship.

·      Discussion of better ways to communicate paperless advertisement

·      Cory Vanderveen-City of Gunnison Parks & Recreation-With aquatics department looking for some things. We put on 2 college nights, to get students to come to pool, rope swing, diving board, and slides. During these nights, students can come and play and use facilities. Staff stays there as safety, rules are pretty relaxed to provide a fun aspect. We would like some help, getting more students into community center. We have different ways to solicate information to students’. First night 8pm-10pm, about 80 people came on college night. They wanted to do it every Wednesday, but we cannot. Try to make it as affordable as possible. Do students want more music? Help advertise, advertise, make it our own. Not try to make money, but just try to get college students in and have fun. Handing out fliers, 10-15. Charge $1 at front. About $50 to run a 2-hour event, would like to break even. What do constituents want more of?

o   How often are you looking to do it?

§  We were thinking every-other Wednesday. Drug and Alcohol free event, to keep event and safe.

o   One concern is that we have our own pool.

§  The community needs to coincide with the college, and give students other things to do on Wednesday’s nights. The Community center has many amenities, and the size to host a large fun event.

§  Resident Life will post fliers, send emails for next events. Speak with RA’s, for events.

o   Do you need to bring your ID?

§  No, we know you all!

o   Could you give us your email address

§  Yes

o   You could partner with WRAP. So, it’s free and students wouldn’t mind paying next time.

o   Let the thoughts roll…Leave fliers, smaller one’s are more effective.

o   Another event is a dodge-ball tournament. Working with intramurals for water polo, water basketball, and water polo. College students, organizations, and clubs in dodge-ball tournament to help fund college night, test to see if it is viable for next year. Several free memberships for winning teams and free giftcards from Mochas’s. October 22nd, sign up at rec-center, email or call number on flier. Open to whole community, trying to get police officer team.  

VII.    Advisor Report

·      Extra fliers for changing of the name. Looking for students to volunteer for a sexual assault hotline, and a clinic. Be there to give them resources, male or females, if you are interested email Shelley. Academic progress reports should be finalized, for first year students and students on academic probation. Mandatory first-year meeting. RTA is free again, and have a larger schedule, starting November 23rd. LEAD office is doing a 6wk workshop on ‘Money Matters’ to help educate students, Oct 11th 7pm. First meeting on budgeting, credit score, and identity theft.

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Erika: Booty Bash tomorrow instead of homecoming dance.

·      Alan: CB film festival this weekend

·      Alumni/Lacross and Rugby game this weekend

·      D’Andre: Went to Escalante to meet with freshman, got quite a few students there, handed out fliers. The email never got sent about meeting with Mears and Ute.

·      Nicole: Resume workshop October 4th 8-9pm

·      Adam: Mt. Bike race this weekend host looking for volunteers along course, email Janna if interested. Saturday at 1pm.

·      Walker: 10 per movie for film festival or $50 for six movies

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Homecoming Updates

·      Bonfire: good, 9pm Friday night.

·      Parade: Everyone who can be there the day of float, should be there 9:30, unless you are on the parade committee, then 9am. So far we have 20-25 floats. DARE Athletics, Sac, PC, Dr. Vandenbusche is the parade marshall. President Helman will be there.

·      Bowl Decorating-Setting up at 7:30am saturday for tailgate and game. Tailgate 10-1.

·      Lighting of “W”-Meet for 5 minutes after to talk tomorrow, set.

·      PR-Running PSA’s for homecoming

·      Float-built just need to paint and put up banner

·      Alumni- 5-7 people that can go to alumni dinner at 7pm, greeting and talking, name tags, personable.

·      Royalty- Nominations are in Dr. Vandenbusche Gary Pierson and Coach Banes, Maria strubble, suzy coykendell, Melissa Bravo. Powderpuff going well, four coaches, two are taking it pretty seriously. 26 girls have signed up, 15 have confirmed, more ladies can sign up. Officially changed to 4:30pm on Friday. There will be male cheerleaders. Flag football.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah: Friday rededication of Taylor, Vandenbusche will be there.

·      Haleigh: thank you for Homecoming, it is a crazy time of year. It is turning out well.

·      Travis: Softball championships tonight. Kickball starts next week, 10 teams signed up. Ultimate, 2 teams, one more than last year.

·      Grace: Please come help set up the decorations. Taking stuff down at 1pm, which would be a great help. Please send total costs from homecoming to Grace.

·      Meg: An improv group started at Western. Awkward fiction, SNL type feel sketches they are writing in theatre, and college humor on film, and improv games. Family oriented, not a club yet. Maybe one performance this semester, and maybe more in the future.

·      Blake: XC is splitting up to go to Oklahoma Jamboree and RM shootout. Football game 1pm Volleyball game at 7pm playing Adams, wear red! Tentative car bash this Friday at tailgate

·      Hayden: Rugby 11am against alumni, Women’s rugby 1pm Saturday playing Mines, down hill biking after on new course around 4pm.

·      Elijah: Taylor Auditorium 7pm concert on Saturday

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Nick: Ute is being used as a resident hall, students want to see sidewalks, instead of dead grass path, do other students feel similar? Other campuses put sidewalks for pedestrians and bikers.

·      Aurora: For float we were given a truck from Avis, please sign the Thank You Card.

·      Chase:

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

October 5, 2011


I.             Roll Call




II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Brad Baca-VP for Finance & Administration: Budget update: Talk a bit about statewide budget picture impact on Western State College of Colorado. Differences between public and private education, the cost to attend a private school $100,000 per year per student, room and board is $52,000. They have alumni and endowments that help pay for future students. Residents pay $4,000/year. Average costs to educate one student for one year is about $16,000/year. How does Western State College of Colorado get the extra funding? Public institutes get money from the state for the gap in costs, private schools get money from alumni. Increasing pressure for costs at the state level, which squeezes out higher education. Our situation is unique because we have a lot of constraints. It is creating a jam with what we can do. Taxes go to K-12 and corrections, medicare and human services, higher education gets 9% of general fund budget, when historically schools got 20%. Hickenlooper tried to fix state budget, which came with a lot of cuts. Revenues are not recovering as fast as they should be coming. Estimate a 500 million dollar structural deficit. Current appropriation is at 500 million dollars for operating budgets. 2009-10 budget has been reduced by 26%, Westerns funding mirrors the statewide cuts, just over 24%, or roughly 3 million dollars in budget reductions. If state continues to reduce the cost they subsidize education, then we need to make up the shortfall through tuition increases. Many instituions have taken advantage of this opportunity. We are the third lowest for tuition costs in the state. When you look at what other instituions did the average increase by student was over $650, non-resident average $688, 400$ at Western State College of Colorado and $640 for out of state. There has been strong commitment into need based aid and financial aid. Next fiscal year, the budget mark is being reconsidered now, and proposals to reduce costs are on the table. The state has tried not to touch financial aid, which is need-based, 100million across the state in financial aid, and proposed to cut that by 30 million, consider how we will backfill this money. This will necessitate discussions about tuition and what to do with the budget, which will be discussed in April and May. Try to mitigate against these cuts. Things that are being to discussed, are proposition 103, which proposed to increase income tax rates temporarily, 4.6%-5%, this should generate 3 billion dollars over the next five years and will all go toward public education.  Board of Trustees support this measure. Elevate awareness of higher education in the state of Colorado, which is detrimental to economic and civil well-being. Better transparency of what public education does among the state. Capital development committee coming to campus next Tuesday, some at which they have supported and some the students have supported. Trying to get more. Higher education supports 98 million jobs, contributes 4.25 million in wages and salaries drive innovation, creates jobs, and does a lot that propels society.

o   What kind of tuition increase should we be expecting?

§  About the same as this year about $500. Created a new budget model to see how to balance these costs

o   Enrollment is a big issue here, how does tuition effect that?

§  Enrollment increases would help costs quite a bit. Western State College of Colorado has capacity to grow. The more students, the more revenue. A link between enrollment and tuition, yes.

§  75% of financial aid goes to need-base, and formula helps decide who is eligable. 30 million will be a substantial cut for everyone to absorb.

§  Would more capital investments be good along with increasing tuition? Some perception of what you pay is what you get. Looked at financial aid process to see what we can do to get more students here, different dependant on type of student. Continuely refine instate students don’t come here because costs are cheap, and opposite for out-of-state.

§  Look at tution to see what revenue has been generate, proportion of what is used. Not a very complicated or logical approach, and becomes a contentious issue.   

V.      Action Items

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Wildlife Society Bill-Any questions

o   How are you going to bring this back to the students? Attending workshops making connections with professionals, bring it back to clubs for more advanced methods. Access to all ppt at conference, can bring back to professors.

§  Would you be willing to present to the students what you presented to the students?

·      Wildlife society does a lot to get students involved.

§  Is this the only conference that they are offering?

·      Usually a Colorado State conference, but the big one is the national conference.

§  Is it crucial for all four to go?

·      Well three are presenting on research so it is important for at least the 3 to go. The fourth person competes in a competition. Develop a culture and connection to figure out how to do more on campus.

·      Tri beta, and wildlife society both biology clubs, at lease 40 people signed up and 15-20 people attend meetings.

·      What have you done as a club?

o   Resume workshop for biologists, liason comes in and helps with resume, teach a program, and a taxidermy workshop, hunter safety workshop, biology bonanza-teaching children about biology, volunteer oppurtunuties with many important organizations.

·      What fundraising have you done?

o   Coffee sales, $15-$20 a week. How did you get an invite?

§  All members of honors society can go?

o   Did you go last year?

§  That was the first one

o   How beneficial was the conference in Utah?

§  I would go if it was in Colorado, and present the research.

§  Last year it intice more students to join club and come to this conference and network with other biologists.

o    If not allocated full amount how will you fund the trip

§  Out of pocket, and fundraising. Through working or loans this money will be found. When will you know about your grant?

§  Did not get the funding.

§  One more grant to apply to by the 11th of October.

o   Come to a budget meeting and vote on it next week. Email you details next week.

·      Adventure Film Festival Bill-Sponser, Adam

o   What were you going to charge community members?

§  Minimal fee, like $1. Goal is to pack the theatre.

§  Pursueing WRAP, PC and Student government

o    How would ticket give-away works?

§  We would do a raffle by discipline, in each department.

o   Have you approached WP for money?

§  We are trying to give this back to the community as well. Want to take in as many companies willing, to give free advertising since they provide a lot of sponserships. There are some classes that have to get sponsorships, so we are going to Smith and some larger non-local businesses.

o   How many staff members will there be?

§  5, different headlining sponsor each night, 5 different tshirts and hats all nights, these are full-retail estimates.

o   With all other sponsors, is that for prizes and not for financial support?

§  Yes, they are giving us deals on the cost of the videos, but rare to give money. We’re working with WRAP, even though we missed the deadline since it is a positive program for students and campus. The movie theatre has more draw for students than the ballroom. We have permission to use theatre those nights.

§  What is the capacity?

·      200

§  No student organizations have been able to run a student event, it would be fun for a students to have something that is their own in the theatre, and to sample it for free.

§  We expect it to sell out every time

§  Chase: Is this just the amount you are asking from us?

·      PC you can only ask for $300, and 50 posters. Student government just under $2000, WRAP $200.

§  Erika: Real Rock is so expensive because it is near the release date.

·      Real Rock has a good history here. Selling out would be 600 students, and the buzz would be good. Hopefully full attendance would get the event to grow in the future. Before thanksgiving and finals, if we had it later, costs would be less, but it is more exciting to hold event during the season. This is the only film charging viewing rights, where four are being donated, which is great!

§  Travis: Conflicting event on same night?

·      WRAP still have events planned on Friday, which is a dance thing, and they could bounce between events.  Speed dating too. Help lift up students after speed dating.

·      Honors Bill-Walker Sponsor: Christopher Philips: The 6 Questions of Socrates, honors would like a campus-wide lecture hosting this author, around the issues raised in Philips’ work. This will better aid the community in fostering intellectual growth.

o   Honors is trying to get guest speaker to promote his ideas and honors as an organizations, this is an integral part to get incoming students.  Honors program is what Western State College of Colorado uses to to attract good students. Secured 5 dept. donations. $500 from SGA, cheapest cost in a while, secured well over ½. Support honors as an outreaching mechanism. Staff it ourselves, looks good for sga, good for honors, good for community.

o   Sarah: If there were more community members there then students we would need justification a supplement.

§  We will follow through on this question. Depends on funding, whether or not conference will cost.

o   Nick: When?

§  Christopher Philips won’t give a date without having funding, which is normal. We have to get funding, before we get dates.

o   Nick: In what ways can SGA capstone the event and help sponsor the event?

§  What I mean by ‘capstone’ is that Philips would be the cap to the program that is already in existence. SGA along with other sponsors will get credit as a sponsor. This is a way to spend a little money that will go a long way. A good recruiting tool for the honors department and ultimately the college.

o   Kayla: During convocation time? More students will come if it is in the evening.

§  There may be restrictions with the funding, so dependant on what they say will go.

o   Shana: We did not allocate the whole amount from convocations. We allocated you all $300.

VII.    Advisor Report

·      Homecoming was fabulous, alumni loved it! I will be on vacation next week, and next week is mid-fall break, be careful please.

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Erika: Tomorrow night Native American student council is doing dinner and movie, at 6:30pm called “Skins”.

·      Nicole: Hiring a new librarian, looking for volunteers to look over interviews and candidates.

·      Shayna: We did not allocate full $1500 to art department. We gave the class nothing. Zoomba $100, Honors $300.

·      Walker: Tomorrow in CB they are talking about sustainability and business.  Ski advisor from Aspen resort and New Belgium $10 if you buy in advance at old opera house.

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Homecoming Debrief-Thank you all it turned out great and got a lot of compliments. We want to do homecoming checklists to get done next week. Send checklists via email.

·      Special thanks to bowl committee, through a great tail-gate party. Decorations were nice!

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Nick: Going through the budget at the city. Nov. 1st is the date of the election, email ballots. Register to vote at the city, or online with a Colorado DL. Skate rink is opening this weekend, freshman ditches are off. New informational kiosks at Hartmen’s. Friday night is the HS home football game, they have been having a great season.

o   Grace: field vandalism $4000 sod damage not including labor. Donuts of fields.  

·      Haleigh: Sign up for office hours. Take a look at new name-change forum, there will only be four. Times are listed and we have the rooms 30 minutes before the meeting. Gary should be in attendance. North Ballrom on October 19th. South ballroom the following one. Meeting structure, any input?

o   We should go through a full bill before making a decision.

§  Can’t we just always have two weeks to discuss a bill rather than allocating certain meetings to certain tasks. It is nice to have two weeks to discuss a bill.

o   Should we vote on two bills next week?

§  I thought that was the point. The senator should have a small understanding of bill to answer preliminary questions people may have. Everything should be presented on discussion and voted on action. Next week there shouldn’t be any bills presented, only a vote.

o   Not giving senators 2 full weeks.

o   I thought they presented on action and discussed and have another week to speak with constituents.

o   What if we have them come in present, then don’t come back discuss, third week they vote.

o   Would we need to come back and discuss with SGA?

§  I agree

o   No point of second week because bill writers wont be able to ask questions

o   Present on discussion week, and vote on action week. Every other week would be budget, and presenters would come in both weeks.

o   When we only had a week, we are just making a judgment call because we didn’t have time to speak with constituents.

§  If there are more questions then you always have the answer to say you are not ready to vote, and table the bill.

§  We could always table more complicated bills, so senators know when bills can be brought in.

§  Whenever we get the bill then maybe email contacts would be nice so we can get short questions answered quickly.

·      We have the contact sheet, and sometimes email can be unreliable

§  We shouldn’t need more than a week for these three bills we have.

o   Present bill on discussion week’s. Vote on action weeks.

o   NO BILLS NEXT WEEK, unless it is a special case, guest speakers can always show up…

·      Grace: Bridging the gap health this weekend, free presentation at 4:30pm-6p. This is the Patch Adams that the movie was based off. Giving a college wide tour, will be coming this year and next year. 9a-1p for a workshop, email Grace to get on the list since its limited space. Sex positive free pizza before next 5-7p Wednesday’s meeting in LEED office.

·      Meg: October 20th a lot of things going on, I will email the list

·      Blake: Football not home, XC off

·      Travis: Started every thing this week, going well, MTWTH nights.

·      Hayden: Cycling in GJ, Baseball Denver, men's Rugby at Regis

·      PC: 75 people at concert on Saturday, homecoming weekend.

·      Aurora: Monday at 7pm sociology club is putting on a movie to watch “A Bugs Life”. Renters rights advocacy group, if a formal group in Gunnison then you can consult with the group about any rental disputes, currently they are educating themselves on the rights of tenants, have a FB page.

·      Noah: This weekend there is intermediate MTN biking trip

·      Maddy: Implementing larger outdoor recycling, a new whole unit like the one near Taylor. Paint them blue, with students, with a general Colorado theme with recycling guidelines.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Aurora “Thank You” Card

·      Write down office hours

·      13 thank you cards to sign in SGA office.

·      SGA Photograph

·      Attach emails to bills that helps us contact presenters.

·      Doing a Halloween event, pumpkin carving contest between offices in College Center promote school spirit and festivity.

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

October 12th, 2011


I.             Roll Call


II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Celebration of Scholarship-Robin Bingham & Christina Buchanan: Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk here tonight about celebration of scholarship. I met with Sarah several times this semester, and there were a few people that were not aware of this event, so we can get feedback from constituents to spread it more widely. Give more background to the value of the event and its philosophy, to get feedback of what students think of the event or how to make it better. One thing that I think is a little confusing is the name, what does the name mean? ‘Celebration of scholarship’ it is not about people getting scholarships, but it means that you are learning in particular disciplines. What this event is about is undergraduate scholarship here at Western, original research and inquiry, including creative activity. They want to promote this for all of campus to be a part of. We want it to be inclusive, so maybe the name should be changed. Faculty mentor that makes an original contribution to a body of work. We want to enhance academic opportunities for WSC students, to make them more authentic and meaningful, outside the classroom. The faculty has the ability to develop professionally. Foster interdisciplinary and the goals of liberal arts, where this event really offers that. Philosophically undergraduate students have many benefits, by growing intellectually, gain knowledge and skills, and achievement, and promoting personal growth. Provides and opportunity to stretch yourself beyond the classroom. You can gain specific skills and knowledge for the field your diving into. It can lead to personal advancement, and professional growth. Now a day, doing undergraduate level is critical to make the next step to graduate school, they expect you are doing or have done some type of research. There are a lot of advantages and benefits to student. Benefits to faculty: enhance mentor and teach, increases job satisfaction. Benefits to college: Builds community, deepen relationships with alumni, fosters cross talk between disciplines. What it is, it happens twice a year at the end of every semester, all students are accepted to present. They include a poster session and oral presentations. We have students at all levels. Freshman-seniors presenting their own scholarship, so you can see students grow throughout their years. This semester is Tuesday November 29th 12:30-2:00, and then in the spring. Get feedback; talk with constituents, on the event and what we can get out of it, to serve the students the best they can. What about devoting an entire day to the event and cancel class, performances, art displays, it could be fabulous. And any suggestions for a more inclusive name.

·      How do you get involved?

o   Some people have been involved through specific classes, other students may be doing independent work, independent study, and so it is open to anybody presenting their work.

o   Abstracts are due by November and they make space and time

o   Webpage: Academics->Interest to students->Celebration of scholarship, at bottom you will see “submit abstracts now”.

o   If it is required for a class, do you still have to submit an abstract

o   Emails

V.      Action Items

·      Wildlife Society Bill

o   Motion to give $1,000 (Adam)

§  Second

§  11/12, passes

·      Adventure Film Festival Bill

o   (Alan) Motion to allocate $800

o   The budget committee recommended 800 for advertising and film rights, and taking out of venue. We talked it over as a group, and we think it will be going out to more students than previously thought. If people can’t get into the first movie, then they will get a ticket for the second showing, to allow them to see the second movie if first one is filled. So the potential number could reach 1,000 students. Also questions about the venue, Ben mentioned some of the movies are in hi-def, which is high resolution, premiers at Taylor are free, but how much will it improve? Is there new equipment-perhaps the one thing not touched, Redbull and Frontier want a more hi-def venue, because it matters how it is perceived. As a student body if they are reaching out to this many people, it is like a Spirngfest in the fall semester, and we hope this is an annual sustainable event. If we reach out to roughly ½ the student body, then it will be about $1.50/student. Movie starts at seven.

o   Three or four clubs are associated with the film festival.  Students are not able to see both films?

§  It is up to luck and timing, first come first serve. You cannot get 2 tickests if you go

§  Alan: I motion to allocate $800

·      Motion second

·      12/12 Passes, Action Adventure Film Fest

·      Honors Bill

o   (Alan) Motion to allocate $500

§  (D’Andre) Second

§  12/12 passes! Honors bill passed!

VI.      Discussion Items

VII.    Advisor Report

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Erika: Tuesday 6pm Oct 18th in ballroom sushi night, preorders Monday at lunch time

·      Alan: October 14th Colorado Freeskier is presenting ‘after dark’ 5 movies for $25, at mountaineer square at 6:30 or 7 and late show at 11p

·      Nicole: October 24th & 26th getting students to help with library interviews 12-1p

·      Katie: They said you can only take art classes unless it is your major. Why don’t you have your grades posted online.

o   Can we address this and talk with registration

o   Grade checks online?

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Kayla: Academic policies met last Tuesday, they discuss things and take it to faculty meetings, discussing a week long Thanksgiving. This summer we are having the first ever May-mester, must have an official semester, with full hours by accreditation laws. Last year they passed a new think that went into the catalog that says you can walk in graduation if you still have 9 pending credits, for the graduate program, they want to change the wording.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah: LEED certification, we have to be gold, extending Denver Avenue, to protect the children of tenderfoot. Get students to the forum at 7pm Next board meeting will be October 28th in the ballroom

·      Nick: City council was great meeting. Chovolos liquor license is on the line. Pro cycling may be back, what it meant to our campus community, to get some quotes from students to get a good plea for the pro challenge through gunny year 2. Some viewers say we have the best breakfast burrito in Colorado. A shuttle to Alamosa for games, but buses are not insured to go more than 50 miles, maybe $10-15/students.

o   Road closure during Halloween-kids go downtown on Halloween, and mothers came together to shut down the street for several hours, Boomer-Rangs was upset, maybe not close street but look at other options, to protect kids.

o   When we have our meetings we want to talk about, we discussed to meet with each individual person for an informal talk, about any concerns or issues. Expect emails in the next couple of days.

o   Haleigh: second to last forum we are holding next week in the ballroom, get people to come!

·      Grace: for the fall we have a little under $3,000 for the rest of the semester. Friday Fright Night-get back to grace if you are interested in volunteer

·      Blake: VB away, Saturday XC & Track 10am run the W, anyone can participate, oldest race in CO. VB will be playing CS.

·      Hayden: Every club team is out of town

·      Elijah: October 29th part comedian, part magician is coming. Taylor auditorium 7pm. Printing question and SGA using printer, email poster to Elijah and they will print out some posters, lump sum from SGA charge if overuse.

·      Noah: Backbacking, next weekend multi-picth rockclimbing course

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      SGA Photograph

·      Respectful not to talk when other people are talking.

·      Sign thank you cards

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

October 19th, 2011


I.                Roll Call

·      Nicole

II.             Forum Special Session

·      Name Change Forum (North Ballroom)

·      Gary Pierson-Vice president of student affairs, I want to thank you for coming here tonight and I want to let you know where we are in the conversation of a name change. If you have any questions you can ask Jay, Teddy, or me. Our goal is to educate and to inform you. So the process I want to let you know where we started, Tome bur graph Brad Baca, and Jessica Young started out with conversations of how we could propel Western into the next 100 years. Alligators are things we deal with on a regular basis, and the spaceship is that we need to prepare for the future. The whole idea of a name change came from an initiative of what we can do for Western State College of Colorado we went to the board of trustees, who are ultimately going to make a decision of the name change, on September 16th of the idea of a name change, to start a discussion, our next step was to reach out top faculty and staff to bring out what were considering to get information back from campus constants, not only about a name change but about other initiatives we can do to help retain students, maybe getting more graduate programs, benefits for faculty and staff. This discussion has been motivating because it has gotten faculty participation and randomly assigns tables to those who may not know each other. We think this is a positive thing because of the input we getting. I can talk more about these initiatives. With student input we had 2 prior meetings, two open forums, and unfortunately 7 students total at both forums. There will be another open forum next Tuesday October 26th. Tanya van he sent out emails to alumni and 82% were in favor of a change, interest of keeping Western and State. Mayors from different communities are in favor of these changes. We are going to the board of trustees, at an open public meeting, meeting in the Aspinall Wilson center to let them know what they have heard from faculty and staff, Friday October 28th. Sarah Newberry sits on this board and represents students. In the event that we decide to go with a name change, it has to go to Colorado Legislature for approval, which is a whole process in it’s own. The senate eventually votes if we choose to make the name change or not. Mesa State name change didn’t go through until April or May. Juts some rational for a name change there are three reasons. In whatever name we go to we would like Western, University, and Colorado. The first reason is the national and state landscape. The landscape has changed quite bit CMC offers 4year degrees in sustainability and business. Now we have a 2year school that can grant a four-year degree, so we want to differentiate ourselves from other two-year universities. Western Colorado Community College, we want to differentiate from two-year schools. Certainly, politically there are things we want to keep up on. Metro State tried last year, but were blocked by Denver University. Nationally there is a trend to go to University, where it once met a research institution, private schools are making the switch, which we resemble the most. Internationally College represents a high school degree. Certainly we don’t get a lot of international students, if we wanted tot recruit more internationally we need to change the name. It is about opportunity and timing. Many of you can see a physical transformation on campus. Our foundation raised 40 million dollars in the last 10 years; there aren’t many schools that can match what we do as far as private donations. Taylor renovations, Boric, and Union and change our campus quite a bit. A state representative from the WETSERN slope was given a tour, those not been to our campus, when you see it through someone else’s lenses, and they see the physical attributes on campus, they are blown away. Two graduate programs that have been introduced. Take away by legislation in the 80’s. Four years ago we were granted to get graduate programs MFA and Master of teacher education. 30% increase in graduate school at Western, considering of offering ether graduate programs. It is time to consider, because of private funding, and the ability to do more with graduate students. 50% of Western State College of Colorado students are in professional programs, which is more in line with a University, we will remain loyal to our liberal arts background, makes each student well rounded. Other programs, like ENVS is the fastest growing major on campus. The third thing that I want to touch on is Western State College of Colorado plans for the future, less funding from state, 500 million dollar deficit in state budget. Higher education is one of the few areas that they can actually go to higher education there and there is a lot of mandated cost that they cannot touch, and higher education is what they went after. We want to cultivate diners and private donations. Many people value Western, more prestige with University. PLMR great success, and started through private donations.  We look at a name change we want to look at expectations of students. The idea is not to publish or parish like at a large university. Many of the faculty is involved in research, and some students get to help professors research, change in teaching load, small classes, faculty that want to teach undergraduate students. Every 10 years we go through a central accreditation, which is imperative for us to function, a yearlong process, where we study everything about WSC, involvement committee. Taking a close examination of whom we are and where ewe wants to go. Make a campus visitation next September and opus together a report, and make recommendations of what to do. This is important in pushing WSC as a future, and the timeline fits in well with the name change.

o   I was wondering how Adams and Mesa went to University, if WSC go to University status are they bundled with Western Slope College on the decision.

§  Each group has their own governing board, and they plan to keep this.

o   Is there legislation priority with going to University status?

§  No

§  CU Boulder has more lobbyists and prestige, and is funded at the highest level of the state. We are constrained by student budgets, but we will not be locked in to anything.

o   Where will the funds being coming from?

§  The cost associated with the name change, the money comes out of general fund, which is state allocations, in process of cost analysis. What they heard was Adams 100K, Mesa 400K, Mesa did everything associated a name change. We could be more sustainable, trying to keep Western.

o   Students were wondering what you were going to do to know how the students feel.

§  There wasn’t very much feedback. I would encourage you as SGA to speak with constituents. Contact Gary or any members of the cabinet, open and willing to do that. Let us know, we want to know more about what you think.

§  Students didn’t know where to go to make a pull, or nothing to do once they are informed.

·      If there is support and sentiment we can do a survey. If you think that’s important to do.

§  Have there been other college that have done this and seen success?

·      I am most familiar with private schools and there have been many in the east. It’s a reflection of the need to think of the future and graduate programs, there is a few that completely changed their name, to position them best for the future. Not outside of the norm, some full changes, some change just University.

§  A lot of two-year colleges in California have been dropping ‘community’ more nationally, and statewide.

§  There are multiple peer schools, there are 15 schools that Western is similar too, and they all are called University.

o   Is there any evidence that the name change makes it better?

§  Strategic decision of where they place students and have to reflect what the school has to offer. No national study, but individual schools have a choice.

§  One thing we have emphasized, name change wont cure everything at Western, we presented various initiatives that Western is pursuing, and this is just one part, more graduate programs, maybe another academic program. These are all things we can do to strengthen us to help improve recruitment and retention.

o   How does the faculty feel about a name change?

§  From my observation, I haven’t heard a lot of faculty conversations. The faculty is waiting for data, if there are any quantities efforts.

o   Talking about data, what measuring tool are we going to be able to look back and measure a change?

§  Some of it will be all of the things with the opportunity of making this change, perhaps additional enrollment, or increased donations a measure of success. It is not just the name change it is how we are looking to the future. What are we doing to ensure the institution will continue?

o   How can you use the data 82% in favor when you only emailed 6,000 alumni?

§  Go to the board by October 28th, if we want to take this forward need to make a legislation bill, started lobbying in Denver, we need to make a decision by January to get a sponsor.

§  We have certain windows of opportunity, people told them that Western State College of Colorado would never get graduate programs, and we went for it and got it. We see a window of opportunity. How will we know it will work? Think about all the previous name changes. The move they made in 1923 really helped us now, political realities. We just have to get a pulse, and go with the best we got, we could spend the next 15 years determining whether we have the correct data.

o   You mentioned that Western is like a small private

§  What about Western is like a private school, size, proximity, quality, facilities, and academic quality and staff? We have students from every state, a public college usually gets students from in state, and we have a student dynamic that is much more like a private school. Students come from every state and every county, PhD to undergraduates. Incredible the geographic diversity.

o   What is the general find usually used for?

§  Operating expenses, salaries, capital, and the money you need to run on a day-to-day basis, 75% is tied up in salaries.

o   Reissuing diploma’s

§  Only for alumni that request that, haven’t thought that far.

o   Would there be increase tuition in the name change.

§  Not really similar issues. Tuition’s will go up no matter what because federal government is no longer funding higher Ed.

o   Do we want Western to expand?

§  Western can grow, 2,800 would be on the upper end, and 2600 would really strengthen the college and the funding they provide. Never want to be a big school, not the style.  

§  Constant pressure to grow enrollment. State legislature, community, if we don’t see increases than we are in trouble of being cut.

o   You made points about the great education, and history of liberal arts and the college

§  One small part of the equation, no decision has been made of the name change. Provide opportunities to bring in more money. If it helps with recruitment that’s also important.

o   I’ve met several Western State College of Colorado alumni and the love for it goes anywhere, no matter the name.

o   Nick: I wonder what the possible increase in graduate schools would be like?

§  We would have to go through an accreditation process, so there would be a lot of faculty input.

o   Graduate programs would never be sacrificed for undergraduate. All goes back into undergraduate programs, run the programs like private enterprise. Out of 17 peer institutions 14 of them are Universities, most of them normal school, state college, and then liberal arts, and then universities. Look ahead to what’s the organic evolution of higher education.

o   One of my concerns is how much will this cost, and there might be the assumption that it will cost students; which it will not. Forum helps educate students.

o   Could we take a poll on the Internet to get instant feedback?

§  Certainly, we would take direction from you, and that educational piece might want to come along with it.

o   Worried that we are doing it only because of enrollment, common misconceptions, and why it would benefit and improve Western.

o   Thank you for having me

III.          Roll Call


IV.       Approval of Minutes

V.        Approval of Agenda

I would like to motion to add the Native American student council bill

VI.       Guest Speaker

VII.     Action Items

VIII.    Discussion Items

·      Math Bill-I am going to introduce everyone, Emily, Jesse, Daisy, Alicia, Andy, and Kim. Jan 27th-29th, Nebraska Lincoln. Math department 60% women and 40% men. Need to support a growing major. Talks are at every level, but understandable, bring it back and present the work.

o   Elijah-Where did you get the cost of airfare?

§  It is very expensive to drive, and in the end it is cheaper to fly, with a group rate we are trying to get. We are flying out of Denver

o   Could you get a better deal?

§  Prices are fluctuating; we have found all sorts of airfare. Mix of upper class and lower class.

o   What about upperclassmen

§  There are five upperclassmen going

o   What fundraising have you done?

§  Department is paying $1000

§  Requesting travel, lodging and sustenance.

o   What if your stake in this?

§  We have the ability to do a poster talk in this conference. Other students could talk, a way to get our name out there.

o   What days are you all looking to travel? The 27th-29th, we would get there Friday and leave Sunday afternoon. We will be at the conference the whole time we are there, no free time. It depends on when we can book tickets, and get estimations from travel agency.

o   How big is the math department? Will you be attending at all?

§  We currently have 40 declared majors about 10 each year; we go to the other conferences each year. We also take a group to the Mathematical association in Denver.

o   What if we can’t allocate the funding

§  We all plan on going.

§  Most of funding is coming from the NSF and NSA, we are an academic institution.  

·      NASC Bill-Heritage month is in November, would like to bring in guest speakers. Speak in classes, Ute elder speaking in an anthropology class, and native American art history class, which is coming up soon, and Friday evening to all the students, on Ute heritage and culture. Friday November 18th, prof. from Fort Lewis or from a Tribal judge, speaking to classes and to public in Taylor auditorium, CALL contributed, art department, and anthropology department, requesting $1,200 to SGA.

·      Shayna: What fundraising have you looked into for this?

o   Anthropology, art, went to sociology and political science.

·      Sarah on Friday evening you said this will be open for everyone,

o   The way the evening lectures go will have suggested donations; a film night got generous donations.

·      Funding?

o   We’ve secured 3 departments contributions, but only one concrete donation.

·      Do we have a relative time frame of when they will be getting back?

o   In touch, and hoping to hear back soon. We have a small amount, and we have to pay the use of the ballroom, and food. What’s left in our account is $200. The art grant is secure, and we finalized that today. Waiting on the other two.

·      Meg-You said you finalized the $200, and the art department says they have not been informed.  CCE is not donating any funds.

·      What do you plan on doing if not allocated the funds?

o   More fundraising, already in the contracts, it’s happening.

·      Maddy- Is there anyone in the community that you can outreach to?

o   No, that is a good idea. I will get back to you.  If departments make a donation, than they will cover the rest themselves.

o   There is someone coming every week in the month of November. There committed to coming up here for us. Four prominent departments that may step forward and donate funding.

IX.       Advisor Report

o   Nametags look great. Preview day is next Friday, so it would be ice to have an SGA table. Family weekend is the following weekend

X.         Senator Reports

o   Erika: Multicultural center is doing Haunted house Saturday 29th and Monday 31st, basement of Chieti 8-11pm

o   Colorado Freeskier, two premiers, $ 10 or 3/$25 new movie coming out, after party at the LoBar

o   Kayla: Regarding the art classes, you are not allowed to take them unless you a major, many students interested in photography and sculpture, wondering on feedback on extended studies. Not would be included in tuition, and would not get credit for it, pay for them out of pocket, they would try to push this through extended studies. Other option is Gunnison Art Center. Curriculum group is looking for a student representative; bulk of work is in the fall. Great committee, it’s really interesting, just need one, has to be a senator with Ginny Hays and Debra Clark, Tuesdays at 2pm.  

o   Walker: Free-cycle is now open in the basement of Ute hall; they got a couch in there yesterday.

o    Started in the spring of last year. People didn’t have to throw away they didn’t take home, now a space in bottom of Ute, freshman are taking over, all on a volunteer basis. Spurred from larger universities that would make quite a bit of money

o   You can just donate, or just take, you don’t have to trade

o   Flu shot at public health $20 between 2-6pm tomorrow

XI.       Committee Reports

o   Blake-If you have anything to advertise talk to Shawn and advertise things on the screen.

o   Nick-US pro cycle committee challenge

XII.      Advisory Reports

o   Sarah-Thank you for the excellent discussion throughout the forum. Just want to reiterate the board of trustee meeting on October 18th, 9am. I have a report I give if you want me to say anything. Meet with the steering committee for the field house, architects are coming in, and hopefully they can get sketches.

o   Raleigh-Last student forum Tuesday 6:30 pm. Push to get people to the forum.

o   Grace- Friday Night Fright if you need volunteer hours & let Grace know. Sent an email requesting resumes, for self-study of re-accreditation. So send Grace a resume! Also next Thursday night is Honors s’mores night at the fire pit 7pm Thursday the 27th.

o   Meg-Pathfinder is a magazine that recaps last year events; submission fest is next week, artwork, Quigley 129 tomorrow. 9pm Movie night Taylor auditorium. Convocation 12:30 tomorrow Quigley, local ceramic artist is having an art display with snacks. Top World wants ideas and events, looking for an editor and chief. Word horde, costume slams poetry at the wine bar. 3rd November guest speaker at Word horde. I am trying to figure out a way to bond these departments, email me with ideas.

o   Blake- Friday nigh VB game, Saturday XC in Metro, football school of mines in Golden, take them to the game if your portents are in town

o   Travis-Ping pong league, schedule game report scores and keep standing for semester and than 8-man tournament 26th, hockey registration.

o   Hayden-Women’s rugby at 1pm, means rugby at 2pm against CC. Football coach might play in it (rumor). Lacrosse has a tournament to Fort Lewis this weekend.

o   Elijah-Family weekend MCvicker a combo comedian magician, on family weekend open to everyone. Spoken with front room about PC and SGA, since things are being stolen and broken to protect resources. During the day, the PC door will be open, and locked at night

o   Noah-This weekend we have a rock-climbing trip that is sold out. Family weekend rock-climbing Hartman, Taylor, man biking Hartman’s and free for students and family, table set up in union, first come first serve, provide everything else. Noon sign-up Friday is sign-up.

o   Maddy-We just got back from Pittsburgh, thank you for the support on going, it was a great success.

XIII.     Special Topics

XIV.     Remarks for the Good of the Order

o   Is everyone comfortable with putting a survey on website

o   Maybe a table, collecting temperature

o   Online poll would be skewed because of the order of the issue

o   A general idea of what people are saying

o   Motion to do a basic poll in union, a box.

§  Second, if you have office hours tomorrow you are setting up a box.

o   Mersa outbreak, a form of a staff infection, worse case.

XV.      Late Roll Call

XVI.    Adjournment

October 26th, 2011


I.             Roll Call: Grace was late (sorry)

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda: Approved

IV.     Guest Speaker: none

V.      Action Items

·      Math Bill: Adam: we talked about the Iplan and Constitution grey area but agreed since it was students and not the department requesting funding then it was ok to allocate them money.  $1200 and $1300 were both numbers discussed, Senate voted on $1200 as final number

·      Sarah opened the floor for discussion before the senate votes, how does this benefit the campus in four years with four seniors graduating?

·      Western will look better for possible applicants in the future.

·      Sarah: how many are presenting research?

·      Erika: all four seniors are potentially presenting and juniors don’t have anything to present on

·      Motion to vote for allocating $1200 with stipulation that they don’t pay for food: by Walker

·      Seconded by Alan

·      7/12 does not pass

·      Motion for $1300 by Shayna

·      Seconded by Alan

·      8/12 motion passes

·      NASC Bill Adam: for this bill we discussed the funding they have currently and the Budget Committee recommendation of $900.  Not everyone comfortably with $900 so how about $700 because they are going to ask history dep. For at least $200.

·      Motion to allocate $750 to NASC by Erika

·      Seconded by D’Andre

·      7/10 motion passes

VI.      Discussion Items

·      WSC Mission Statement: who has seen it? 3 ppl have seen it. 

·      Rodney: it seems long.

·      Nick: if its long maybe they should include more about the graduate programs.

·       Shayna: not interesting to read, its not inspiring.

·      Haleigh: how does this compare with other colleges statements?

·      Shelley: they added to it last self study. 

·      Katie: working on hs mission statement, its something no body really reads but means so much.

·      Shelley: do you think that the mission statement conveys the passion we have for the college?

·      Rodney: NO not at all.

·      Bradley: is it on the admissions website for prospective students.

·      Travis: I like it, its not for students anyway, we come here for different reasons.

·      Bradley: its important for the

·      Elijah: The mission statement NEEDS to sum up the college but doesn't do so because of how long and drawn out the current statement is

·      Chase: I can talk to my professors here and that should be included in the statement because that’s important because its not that way everywhere.

·      Walker: I like big words and it doesn’t need to be any shorter or any longer because the concepts in it are true and valuable.

·      Brad: if it was shorter than it could be used to market the school.

·       Haleigh: does the school have a condensed version.

·      Meg: it should be shorter because we already complain about emails being too long, maybe a short statement and if they want more then well give them a mission story (ha)

VII.    Advisor Report Shelley: CBMR pass prices go up after Friday

·      Walker: Jean taylor tent sale: $75 off pass price

·      Family Weekend: Shelley is flipping pancakes at Webster hall on Saturday, registration starts next week: get in touch with your advisor, new students register on 11/7, last day to get a W is 11/3, can impact financial aid if you withdraw

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Erika: Amigos: day of the dead next week—sugar skull workshop, website needs to updated with this years stuff, if your absent please email your report. If your going to miss a meeting then you need to give 24 hour notice so it is not an unexcused absence, same goes for senate meetings

·      Alan: Free Skiier movie at 8pm mountaineer square in Mt. CB on Friday

·      D’Andre: Haunted House: 8-11 on Saturday and Monday

·      Sarah: NO Report

·      Chase: no

·      Bradley: no

·      Adam: great senate meeting thanks

·      Rodney: no

·      Shayna: no

·      Walker: chills and thrills at the flow farm park: raffle tix free with entry which is Sunday 1-5pm

IX.       Committee Reports : USA Pro-Cycling Challenge:

·      Nick- wrote a report stating how much the campus supports the USPCC, Adam: talked to bike club president and he will get back to him later, great biker will get back to us to. Will turn into city council next week.

·      Sodexo Community: want to advertise in CC talk to Blake and D’Andre

·      Constitution: re-scheduling



X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah: Politics Club: 8-12 in CC =bake sale, Friday is Board of Trustees meeting, I am the student liaison and I want to gather what we as an sga feel the board should do with the name change.  How do you guys feel about the name change? Nick: this is worrisome as a public statement, but its not a public statement its just a report back.

·      Adam: students aren’t passionate about it because no money is involved. Bradley: no regulation with the venn-diagram, so not a reliable source

·      Sarah: this will be a representation of the campus attitude Only a few passionate people some for and some against but lots don’t care Some concerned that if we changed to university then our class size will grow and we don’t want them to

·      Meg: we don’t care because it doesn’t affect us right away

·      Brad: students realize it doesn’t really matter what we think. They will do it if they want to

·      Nick: Are people not going to come back if they change the name?

·      Rodney: probably not

·      Walker: people think it’s a quick fix

·      Grace: they didn’t go to forums to find out that’s not true

·      Erika: we are trying to get this done quickly, not enough time to have forums

·      Sarah: falls with legislation season

·      Shelley: with Adams doing it too

·      Sarah: ultimately it’s a state legislation decision ultimately

·      Katie: if we get away from wasted state that would be beneficial

·      D’Andre: just because you change the name we will still have the same reputation

·      Noah: speaking on a few people’s behalf, not a majority and at the forum on applying for grad school: to some people applying to grad school the university name will be much better on applications

·      Nick: we get stuck in the fact that we are only here for four years and its hard for us to see outside of that four years, its important to see the bigger picture sometime

·      Walker: Keck said professors are waiting for more data before they make their decisions on the name change, what are the true intentions behind the name change?

·      Sarah: we need a formal statement to the board…

·      Grace: should we take a vote?

·      Nick: personal opinions of SGA?

·      Sarah: no opinion as sga members

·      Meg: we need an indifference vote because the student body is indifferent

·      Sarah: I see what your saying but I don’t want them to think we don’t care

·      Grace: why don’t we just vote

·      Alan: lets report this whole discussion on how we came to the decision

·      D’Andre: Motion to vote

·      Second: Chase

·      Haleigh: vote on what you have gathered thus far, all in favor please raise your hand (14/26 Travis and Maddie abstained) revote: six are indifferent

·      No way: Erika= a band wagon thing, wait and see how apartment and rec. center affect things, Nicole, Rodney: a majority of people said this is not what western is we are a college of 2000 students without research (how many= four-five classes roughly 15 people in each) and D’Andre: (agreed with Rodney and Erika and my personal opinion is different)

·      Walker: after looking at the reaction of the student body

·      Aurora: its our job to inform the people who are confused and let them know what gary and jay have been telling us at the forum, if the people aren’t attending forums then it is our job to let them know

·      Nick’s Report: City Council the Gunnison Chamber asked about the Parade of Lights and in the past WSC has had an immobile float, do we want to do this again?

·      Fashion Show: Nick is participating, Tim Albers talked about the hs counselors coming to campus (out of 490+ freshman they represent over 400+ high schools, one kid per hs essentially), Rec. center person was recited by Cory and his team

·      Erika’s Report: she needs pictures of us (three or so send to Erika by Sunday) and a one sentence statement about why you joined SGA

·      Packets: Meg: not environmentally friendly Rodney: most of us print them anyway Alan: no one has an excuse that they are not in the loop Nick: it would only be every other week and you would use the same packet for two weeks

·      Adam: we are responsible on SGA and should be able to print our own stuff

·      Maddie: why don’t we just print a couple and share/ use them if we need to

·      Grace’s Report: come to BCM, less than $11,000 for the year, Friday night fright: go help out

·      Meg’s Report: College Night we could go as a group for team bonding and fun

·      Blake’s Report: xc boys and girls won conference, vball palying at adams on Friday at 7pm, football at home at 1pm, club fair on Friday 2:45-3:15,

·      Travis: ultimate done, kickball done tomorrow, ping png starts tomorrow, dodgeball starts nov 1st registration open until Sunday Sign up for club fair

·      Hayden: cycling at nationals in nm, women play mesa and cu at 3 and 5, women’s rugby at 1, men's rugby is playing too,

·      Elijah: magician at 7pm on Saturday

·      Aurora: recruitment with TJoyce: reps for western full time on the front range, tx number 1 for out of state students, enrollment staff works really hard, with name change looking at more grad programs, women are low in enrollment and we don’t have some of women’s top choice, retention rate is higher for women in general, page of other things, wasted will still be the stigma even with university, enrollment is working very hard

·      Noah’s report: 12-5 sign up for free WP trips, film fest update: in ruby cinema for free cbmr sponsored us = free lift tix, Nov 9-11 doors open at 7pm theme: potentially red carpet with photographers, after party at the last chance 

·      Maddie: none

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Shelley: van certified trained: we need drivers 9-11am, Grace: numbers are important to quantify data to report on Elijah: Senators check your boxes for posters, Sarah: make sure boards are done. Nick: meeting in the ballroom was that good or bad? Elijah: it was hard to see. Walker: music= soundtrack to the meeting

·      Erika: poster thief yet to be named…

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

November 2, 2011


I.             Roll Call

·      Alan

·      Elijah

·      Travis

·      Kayla

II.       Approval of Minutes

·      Motion to approve minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

·      Move to add WSC running club bill-second

·      Motion to move items to discussion

IV.     Guest Speaker

V.      Action Items

·      Ashley Ofria-Paper allocation request. Not here hopefully next week.

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Emily Virzi-Sustainability Proposal-The environmental studies class the applied sustainability class this year has come up with a purchasing plan to help support the plan. An SGA endorsement. Grace has the plan herself. Essentially it covers how WSC chooses to purchase things such as lights interior and exterior and monitors for longer-term things for three years. Saving water and for water conservation, toxins and pollutants, bio-based products, trying to eliminate stereo foam from campus, proper disposal of all technology, considering landscaping and packaging. A letter of support was given to Haleigh. Any Questions?

o   Noah: Has SAC approved it?

§  They are in the process of approving this. By using a grant-writer process would add an educational experience to the project.

§  Copies of the letter and plan will be emailed out to everyone and we can discuss that next week.

·      Avalanche Awareness Seminar Bill (Adam sponsor)-Matt Hamilton and a classmate are in 398 class and they are sponsoring and planning an avalanche awareness class for the community, brings a sense of accomplishment. It will help the entire Gunnison valley since Colorado has the unstable snow in the country. This will help educate citizens. Seeking out some sponsorship with some local companies.

o   Two prominent speakers confirmed, from institutes of Avalanche studies, all proceeds go to mtn. rescue team. Contact a few other sponsors. The event is in two weeks, and many no responses; a lot of money from sponsorship is going to advertising.

§  Are you promoting that this is enough to go out in the backcountry? This should not be the message.

§  Amanda says she will bring a slip for discount for courses, contacting Tom Murphy. Bring awareness to people to have an understanding that this is serious and they can’t just go out and do whatever they want.

§  Bradly: How many incidents are there in a year from avalanches?

·      Upward of 10 in Colorado alone

·      At least 18 in our area apparently

§  When is your event?

·      November 17th Thursday 6-9pm. Pizza might draw some people from the community.

§  Is this more for the community?

·      Mostly for college community, but opening it up to everyone. A lot of people from CB will go to the class there. It will be largely college students, North and South Ballroom in College Center

§  Overemphasize hazards. Afraid of a false sense of knowledge.

·      There are good guest speakers who are well educated in the industry. Kids will go out there anyways, might as well give them some knowledge

§  Break into two rooms, south ballroom, and main, break group into beginning and intermediate to curtail specifically to each skill level.

§  You mentioned selling the pizza (student fees, campus events)

·      No one brought that to our attention

§  Discuss this, and budget meeting next week, discuss and vote in our next meeting.

·      WSC Running Club- (Rodney sponsor) Jordan and Will here, aka the militia, sent four athletes to nationals last year, hopefully will send three runners and coach to nationals.

o   You guys talked about sending the coach, this can’t be used.

§  Jordan is the coach, and regardless she will be going. Since our club doesn’t have major funding, Jordan is a volunteer, and only one old enough to drive a rental car.

o   Are you seeking other funding?

§  Vandenbushe has donated some money depending what they get from us. Running club isn’t totally popular among student population.

·      Vandenbushe met with club sports today

o   Are you a recognized club?

§  Yes.

o   How do you qualify?

§  There was supposed to be a regional team out in Denver. But there are only a couple teams, they canceled the regional race, so we get to go to nationals by default.

o   Vote next week.

VII.    Advisor Report

·      Tomorrow last day to withdrawal with a ‘W’ by 5pm in registration. Sedexo starting to sell pizzas from Sedexo, call mad jacks and order for pick-up. Pay downstairs and pick up upstairs. Advertisement next week. Start Wednesday November 30th, price pizzas locally, going towards Mario’s pricing, $12.79 cheese, etc. Get more information next week.

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Erika-November 14th PSA is going to host a freestyle battle, during the day there will be a pie fundraiser. At the event, we will start with a pie-eating contest and sell pies as well. 6pm Ballroom

·      Sara-November 4th 5pm Kenney Frost is coming in Quigley recital hall Ute perspective in 2012

·      Brad-Issue in Taylor with new sound stage, in limbo and no funding. Cost money to run stage. Looking into several options. Are constituents a good word to use? Maybe a more inclusive word.

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Constitution committee got a lot done last week, a couple weeks.

·      New marketing committee just established. Please join! SGA being marketed.

·      Nick-exec wanted to continue to report; team-bonding night spoke with Corey last night, and backwards on college night. Two weeks from now discuss going directly from here to the community pool. Finish up reviews in the next week or so.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah- Board of Trustee’s met last week. Send out report. Started with faculty in discussion and the Jay and then Sarah, said what we said in the meeting, students are indifferent, we are indifferent. Board of trustee had similar opinion, November 9th they will decide whether or not to move forward. Discuss budget shortfall, we were budgeted 500K less than we thought. A similar picture across the state. The financial accountability plan and adjustments because of shortfall. Discuss more in January. There will not be a crazy increase in tuition. They want to meet with students and have a better relationship with the board of trustees. Clarity brings power. Recreation center and field house is going over interior design and branding.

o   Yes there will be an increase in tuition, but this is an at all higher-end institute.

o   Walker: prop 103 didn’t pass for higher education in Colorado

·      Nick-Last night at city council met for over three hours. Finished up budget last night, and interestingly, they bring counselors on campus to help recruit and city council heavily contested it. Ended with funding it this year, and never do it again. Important that we need retention and recruitment. Wanted us to discuss 10K that are for internships for Western State College of Colorado students in the city of Gunnison. They can get in with advertising, the school system, or accounting, amazing opportunity for students. Lastly, the department of parks and wildlife are combined now and looking for a new regional headquarters, Montrose, Gunnison, or Durango. They decided not for here, because it is too cold etc. They are sending a rebuttal to have a national headquarters in our county would be great for the school and community.

·      Grace-reiterate club sports funding, and we then decided we didn’t have enough money, and they also got money they didn’t think they need the money. Total after sponsoring the bills from last week, if we spent roughly half per semester we would have $815.

o   Summer stipends

§  Sarah approves it and president and both VP’s and treasurer were allowed a stipend but Nick refused his.

o   Spring semester has more bills than fall semester

o   Constitution by laws outlines rules for our lack of funding.

·      Meg-Word horde had a successful slam-day. Other high schools are starting slam poetry groups. Tomorrow night Mocha’s 7:30. Shipwrecked pay-performing November 10th Taylor studio

·      Blake-Friday women’s volleyball playing New Mexico highland. XC team in Denver for regional championships. Western New Mexico Volleyball

·      Travis-Things are going great, dodge ball started last night. Registration closed early. Floor hockey starts next weekend, and seven teams signed up, up from last year

·      Hayden-women’s hockey at Colorado College.

·      Aurora-Sex positive hosting speed dating at 10pm in rare air after the film fest.

·      Noah-This weekend we have intermediate mountain biking trip in Fruita. Next weekend we have our free ski and snowboard clinic, how to keep your equipment conditioned. Next week we have our film-fest, door opens at 6pm Wednesday. Dress up as a chicken.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Shelley-chocolate behind Nick for everyone

·      Erika-Amigos has a dance next Thursday 10:30-11:30 80’s theme in the ballroom. BUY TAMALES! YUM.

·      Sarah-Email about occupy Western campaign, they aren’t directing this movement in any particular way. Feel free to participate

·      Travis-Feel free to join the ping-pong tournament.

XIII.    Late Roll Call

·      Elijah

·      Alan

·      Kayla

XIV.    Adjournment

November 9, 2011


I.             Roll Call

·      Noah

·      Erika Espinoza

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Emily Virzi & Emily Lenny, And Brice Fisher-Sustainability Endorsement: Here to answer any questions about the endorsement.

o   What purchasing plan are you talking about?

§  It’s a suggestion and guideline, not necessarily a policy. Provide groups with alternative options for purchasing. Instead of going to Wal-Mart try smaller local companies first.

o   What’s the cost difference?

§  The plan hopes to offset costs. A bit more expensive. We hope to write grants to discuss the costs and alternatives. Not all of the sudden, it would be gradual and build momentum. We hope to just have a trail period to see if we have more support. We hope to see if it goes well to turn it into policy down the line.

o   Everyone’s signature?

§  No Sarah’s on behalf of everyone will be fine.

o   Reiterate that it is a plan, but not guidelines; it would just have alternative options to not increase workload.

o   Last year ENVS 400 had about 20 students; this year there were only 8. So, we scaled down. We are the purchasing committee. Landscaping initiative, and renewable energy on campus. Also, Hope Bradford is making a sustainability video for what’s attainable and viable.

·      Gary Pierson-WRAP funding: I’m here for a couple of reasons. One, talk about how successful WRAP has been on our campus. That is congruent with data; WRAP educates people about alcohol awareness. This grant is on a two year cycle, kicking in January 2010. With this grant we got support for two full time faculty, and 10 works study positions for students. We hope to create a space for WRAP in the LEED office. Their mission is helping provide alternative activities for Western State College of Colorado that do not include alcohol or drugs. It also helps educate people on how to drink responsibly. Also WRAP has showed a lot of collaboration in the resources they have been able to connect. PC has been helping, local police department, department of human services, etc. The initial grant is over 500K dollars of funding, which shows the confidence that people have in WRAP. It reflects that we have a culture here that has been hard t challenge, resort community, isolated; it can create a lot of drinking problems. WRAP has made a difference in culture at Western. The idea behind to WRAP was to reduce binge drinking. The statistics show that binge drinking is not as common. They are looking at the awareness that it is creating. 100% of students in this room are aware of WRAP. First time student getting into an alcohol related situation is down from 36% to 8%. Once students are educated they will make the right decision the second time around. We want to create education, and discuss funding. The grant is running out December 2011. We have a whole semester left. We will fund 25K for the salaries for WRAP, where we get the 25K is unknown. We can help contribute to the 25K. Regardless of what happens it will be here on our campus. Is there any opportunity for SGA to put money for offsetting the cost of these salaries? The school would appreciate SGA’s support of this program. Although, we are 100% committed to funding WRAP next semester.

o   Just so everyone’s clear. The funding for next semesters event will come from a grant itself, Wellness programs. More students interested in these programs, to carry into adult lives, support healthy adult lives. Breakfast for a buck, and other things. Loose salaries, but funding for events has come from other grants. WRAP is still establishing them.

o   We will know in February if we can reapply for this grant. Janice Wellborn is making a call into the senator’s office for looking at other grants and funding. Evidence suggests that this is a good program. Higher than average drinking, but not the worse, reduce high risk drinking. WRAP is all right with drinking if it is legal and responsible. Help recognize when to get friends help.

§  Rodney: You guys have done a great job, the numbers alone are great.  We have an issue with help funding PC and we hurt as well. We find it hard to fund a program similar to another program that does similar things.

·      We try to complement these programs and not compete with them. We now try to be a presence for other people. We want students to model a responsible drinker. No one will pay for these events; we would just pay for a salary.

o   Supporting events isn’t hard; it’s more about student fee’s going to salaries. We don’t let money go to coaches.

§  We do have opportunities to fund student work-study or internships.  They work out of a grant funded position instead of working for Western State College of Colorado, specifically.

o   Community has a lot of support; city council was excited about this, as far as DUI’s has been a great thing for entire community. Are there any ideas for programs 21 and above?

§  48% of current students are over 21, especially for an undergraduate institution. This is a focus, and we are trying to have more events for these ages. 21st birthday is high risk drinking, and they want cars to pick people up and take them restaurants. Targeting to high-risk drinking.

o   City manager said there might be some more opportunity from the city to help fund WRAP. Safe Ride could possibly benefit WRAP, complement one-another benefit from each other.

o   Sarah: SGA is in economic pain, what if we cannot even fund $500, could we help write grants or letters of support.

§  Letters matter. Motivation and being vocal and encouraging peers will be impactful.

o   Elijah: We could allocate money (PC) and that will free up other money to free up funds for salaries. We can allocate.

o   Grace: I’m sure there are stipulations, but what about alcohol companies funding these programs?

§  We discussed this. Paul said that Coors does not support these programs, one company will do it. Deadline has passed for the spring, so it wouldn’t start until next fall.

o   Rodney: I love the idea of Elijah helping the funding.

§  The remaining funds will go to student staffs. The truth fairy is paying all programming. They all get 8.50/hr.

o   When we clarify student funding, we didn’t do flu shots.

§  WRAP is not student affairs.

o   Grace: I was going to suggest if we have internal money that rolls over, we could allocate the remaining to WRAP.

§  How much did we take from the reserve?

o    We will be in contact, hopefully next week we can reconvene.

§  Don’t feel obligated, and don’t feel like it will be a lack of support for the program. We are committed to making this happen and reach out to see if there is any opportunity for allocates funding. Email

V.      Action Items

·      Running Club:

o   Alan: I motion $260 to the running club bill

o   A lot of vary opinion for constituents. Some people say fund it all, some say don’t fund them because we have an NCAA Cross Country team. We have a phenomenal XC team, why don’t they just run with them. Not pay for plane tickets but will pay for gas and rental car.

o   We have many students taking long-distance trips but without fundraising than it are not fair.

§  Coaches are volunteering their time

o   Vandenbushe: We are just getting this thing started. We have a tremendous XC team but it is for those who are not that good. Enrollment is a real problem, and running club will help with enrollment. My big hope is that we get one or two kids that really develop to send over to NCAA.

o   How in the future do you see this as a successful club?

§  Next year we will be a lot more organized, with my schedule I couldn’t much time. We would like to recruit next year from High Schools.

o   Voting on allocating $260 to running club (12/13 for yes, passes)

o   I have a letter that will be in Top O the World tomorrow. I am a critic of the enrollment process. Ten minutes at next meeting?

§  Yes!

·      Avalanche Awareness: Motion for $180. How much is advertising?

o   Yes, the pricing system was a little higher than we were expecting.

o   Adam: In the senate meeting there was a lot of varied opinion. Many constituents thought that it was very important for empowering people of the resources for avalanche awareness. Some students said fund it all, and others said WP has this equipment so don’t fund it. The food was an issue.

o   To reimburse advertising we need a reimbursement. Towards newspaper advertising and anything else needed.

o   Motion on table for $180 (yes—8/13) does not pass.

o   Motion to open bill to discussion.

o   What types of medias are you using for advertising?

§  Newspaper, online, radio

o   Money used for pizza was used for advertising.

o   In the budget meeting she said she paid advertising out of pocket.

o   Brad, I think this is a worthy event because it protects students. This isn’t promotion to go out into the backcountry, but it educates them.

o   Would this coincide with WP?

§  No, it just supplements the event. This event will be a jumping off point. This is the awareness aspect, not the full educational piece. We will a lot Janna a few minutes about WP.

o   Can we have a clarification of the budget breakdown?

§  It has changed a bit.

o   Mountain Rescue is needs this money, and they fundraise and they are a valuable club on campus.

o   Why vote no?

§  Use program council funds for food that was used for advertising.

§  That was a mistake on our part. We did not check to see if the money was specified for use one way or another.

o   Other no reasons?

§  Constituents wanted to give them less money, too high.

§  Motion to allocate $150

§  Vote yes (11/13) Passes

VI.     Discussion Items

VII.    Advisor Report

·      Register for spring courses. Come talk to Shelley if you’re confused

VIII.   Senator Reports

·      D’Andre: Amigos 80’s dance tonight after meeting.

·      Walker: Our school is trying to shy away from our identity. ESPN voted us #2 for ski schools in the nation. How could we incorporate these things? Our thought was cranor hill, maybe lease cranor hill and run it as part of the college for $100 passes. This way you can connect school with skiing.

o   Board wanted to not be addressed as a ski school

o   Snow?

§  Taking snow that is plowed from the street and plow it onto Cranor hill.

o   Nick: We talked about this in city council-of our retention 61% where national average is 73%. Once they get here, let’s keep them here.

o   City Council looking at different ways to support campus.

o   Elijah: One of the biggest mistakes the college made was getting rid of the ski team that was a legacy here on campus. Cranor hill will be a great was to create a specific community.

o   Alan: CBMR is considering introducing a Western State College of Colorado day to get more involvement of students at the mountain.

IX.      Committee Reports

·      Executive Committee: Gary gave us the run-down. We want to mature the college, and watch it grow. Office hours are important, but when you are in there it might not seem there is value in it. We were thinking about increasing the value. We want to see you all be more productive. Open up for suggestions.

o   Or email us or come up to us after

o   PC instead of restricting it to sitting in office it can be PC work like hanging poster or talking to kids about events. Take some time to be in the office, but perhaps not all time needs to be there.

o   We want to be approachable and have a face.

o   Katie: Senators talked about having a table in the college center to talk about bills. People don’t know enough about what’s going on?

·      Nicole: CIS wants to have a class for more mobile devices, so we wanted to figure out how many people have smart phones.

·      Kayla: curriculum committee asked questions about wording in the catalog. If you were a transfer student with 60 credits, you can finish in about 2 year. Should there be a maximum credits for transfer student? There are suggested classes, but they are not required. Academic policies are trying to put together a packet about the First-year experience to hopefully implement into the fall of next year. They will meet with faculty about what they do to keep students, and coaches, and hausdorfer. One problem is that it is a one-credit course. They don’t want to pay for a credit that they wont’ get anything out of. Maybe first-year experience for each major, or standard for all students.

o   Sarah: First year experience increases retention. 

o   Shelley: It would be very hard for a student to fail this course.

o   Grace: What about students that change their major?

§  Wouldn’t make sense

o   Shayna: What if you do a standard discussion, and then specific standard core for the program. You discuss all topics that relate to all majors across campus.

o   Cohn: liked the idea of a seminar, if they were interested in something specific, they would go to a specific professor they like.

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Nick: High school is doing a drug free and alcohol pledge to random testing, and if you stay completely drug free, you will get a free season pass. 25% of all freshmen signed up, try to administer to all classes. Internship program is not very well known. Talk about internships of campus. Connect needs in the city with student skills and interests. 10K is there to be used!

o   10K for WRAP Students and free some funding for faculty.

o   City is willing to go in any direction. Credit and paid. It will be a job.

·      Grace: Sex positive is hosting speed dating, it costs 1$ and free spaghetti and meatballs. Find friends and lovers. 6,531$ remaining in our bill budget, we are looking good.

·      Meg: Shipwrecked opening night, first big play in Taylor for over two years, it is short and funny. Thur fri sat this week and next week 7pm, $5. Good characters, funny material.

·      Blake: fall sports are wrapping up volleyball done football last game. Winter sports opening with basketball. Wrestling is in Wyoming; Men’s basketball here Wednesday nigh SAC is selling hot chocolate before the game.

·      Travis: floor hockey just started. Thinking about bringing back 3-on-3. Went over 360 player profiles on the web this week, students playing intramural.

·      Hayden: Men and Women’s hockey out of town.

·      Elijah: Springfest voting is over. 400 votes, 20% of student population. April 14th Saturday. Indian guest speaker coming three weeks from tomorrow. Mass texting software for advertising.

o   Alan: mass texts were awesome.

o   Meg: I’m actually a sales representative for a company that does exactly just that.

o   Shayna: I think that’s a great idea

o   Grace: How much would it cost, and would PC have the money to buy it. Security system on campus that does the same thing.

o   Shelley: do people have plans for texting? Mostly unlimited.

o   Not very expensive. Most people in favor. An RA from crystal is having an IT service forum about what to do to keep you laptop working longer. This could be a bigger event for more students if we got the support.

o   Noah: Film Fest is going on right now, and 9:30 after the meeting. Tomorrow grand bazaar and real rock, Friday art of flight student will need an ID. Bring cash for ticketed giveaway.   

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Sarah: Exec committee meet after.

·      Grace: please sign time card if you’re in advisory.

XIII.    Late Roll Call

·      Noah

·      Erika E.

XIV.    Adjournment

November 16, 2011


I.         Roll Call

 II.         Approval of Minutes

III.         Approval of Agenda

Motion to add BSA bill under discussion

IV.         Guest Speaker

a.    Professor Vandenbusche-Enrollment: Thanks for having me. I will give you some background, in May of 2011 in a letter to the editor I commented on the recruitment and enrollment at WSC. Enrollment was a bit peeved by this. And recently two letters were written about Westerns recruitment, talking about the wrath of the administrators. I have done a ton to progress this school, and recruit for this school. When I talk about enrollment, it is something that I do fairly successfully. In my opinion, this is a critical time is WSC’s history. Some facts: a great outdoor area, great national caliber programs, only search a rescue team. Vans from all over the nation studying biology, the rocky mountain gothic biological lab is world renown, small classed. Conservatively 1.5 million people visit the Gunnison valley. 342,000 skier days at CB. 174K skiers at monarch. We can’t get an additional 500 students out of million visitors. We have a very minor relationship with CBMR & Monarch, or with the national parks service. Administration can argue but they can argue that enrollment has been going down for the last 7-8 years. I have gone through all weekly papers, an in 1969 2,970 students, 1,000 more than today. There are more colleges, but the population is also larger. Every college and university is up, and is considerably up. Best outdoor location and better academic programs than other Colorado schools. Enrollment and recruitment in the last 7-8 years has not worked. WSC needs a minimum of an additional 500 students. With all these new buildings, fees have gone up, and they will go up more. More students=fewer fees, and will help in recruiting. I’ve heard what we can’t do. I’m interested in what we can do. There are a lot of excuses. Some things I think we need to do better relationship with tourists, a much closer relationship with the north end of the valley, high power people vacation in this area, doctors, lawyers etc. talented people. Get a group of people to help sponsor and place interns, donate money to college, give talks, and scholarships. There are multitalented people that want to help WSC, where the money and talent is. Consider adding more sports. Adams added 5 sports, and there was a spike in enrollment. All programs are picking more sports. We should be involved with skiing. Maybe adopting Men and Women’s soccer team, which would lead to an immediate spike in enrollment. Administrators can recruit two students each year. WSC is much better known in New Zealand than some US states. Faculty likes to bitch, and the worst party to be at is at a faculty party. Involve the alumni office we have thousands of alum around the nation. We need to approach them and tell them we have a problem with enrollment at WSC. We need to get involved recruiting more international students, more want to come. More international students would add a cosmopolitan feel to WSC. We can learn from each other! When students come in at orientation is a slide show on WSC history to know traditions. Ask students for suggestions. If every one of us got one student to WSC, we would have a lot more students. Practical things: one-year student teachers for education program, we turn out better students. ½ a year might be enough. More hard copies wouldn’t cost more money. Mountain DEWINS, acts for clubs. I would like to see a plan from the administration, a master plan of recruiting.

  V.         Action Items

VI.         Discussion Items

a.    BSA Bill

                                              i.     Questions concerning bill: What will your event be?

1.    It’s like a two-part event, a community art show, and a speaker. So a guest speaker and a community event.

                                             ii.     Will there be any interacting with class among the guest speaker?

1.    He requested an hour, and is coming the day before, we and can probably get him into classes, perhaps politics and business given his background.

                                           iii.     Is this all you budget?

1.    The remaining of it. We did a bake sale, and helped freshman move in.

2.    Keep in mind this is a prestigious event that goes on at campus every year

                                           iv.     What will you do if not granted all 800?

1.    Fundraising 

                                            v.     What is the topic he will speak on?

1.    He is our age, and he is supposed to be a motivational speaker, saying controversial things in a positive way. He talks about his experience as an African American going up in the city. He wants it to be a surprise.

2.    We are going to different departments to ask them about potential funding.

3.    We wrote a letter requesting funding from different departments.

                                           vi.     How much of a priority is this?

1.    We have to pay the speaker fee and get contracts signed, so it needs to happen sooner than later.

VII.         Advisor Report

a. Have a great safe thanksgiving holiday!

VIII.         Senator Reports

a.    Erika: for the math bill, we got an additional $200/person, and saved some money, that might be coming back to SGA funds.

b.    Sarah: NASC is having their final speaker this Friday in Quigley auditorium, talking about Ute culture and a chili dinner after

c.    Nicole: sign up for ultimate Frisbee, prizes!

d.    Adam: don’t for get your posters from your box!!!

e.    Rodney: Lots of feedback from students on how great the adventure film fest is.

f.     Katie: Eric Kater from the honors program just said thank you for bringing the speaker of the book.

g.    Walker: To get our image out we were thinking coffee with senators or with president, sit around Mad Jacks and drink coffee. A way to market.

IX.         Committee Reports

a.    Haleigh: Constitution committee was supposed to meet…but now it is canceled. So a quick meeting after this meeting to find a better time.

b.    D’Andre: Food committee meeting today, and we will start our sales November 30th

c.    Brad: Marketing committee meet after this meeting downstairs

d.    Nick: Tree committee & Internship: meet after class.

                                              i.     We have been talking about WRAP’s role for 21+ students, and we were thinking that this was an opportunity for Western to sponsor something for 21 year old and up on campus. Any ideas? PC at springfest, or a beer garden. SGA could support and back this, and could be a positive thing to sponsor.

  X.         Advisory Reports

a.    Sarah: Occupy Wall Street here at WSC, there’s an occupy forum, Monday November 21st at 6pm. Boar of trustees dec. 9th. We will send flowers to Alan and make him a card and pass around the following week.

b.    Nick: They are unveiling a new statue Saturday 10-5 in December, the mountaineer at Taylor. City council discussed Cramer Hill, in years past; we have had more involvement with it. Talk more on our end, and history of Cranor Hill. Internship program are talking about finding the need within the city, and the skills of students. City wants their own process for finding and picking students.

c.    Meg: Shipwrecked the play Thur Fri Sat. 5$, this is one of the best WSC performances you will see. Highly recommend 7:30, in Studio Theatre. WRAP has tickets for $1 if you buy them tomorrow.

d.    Blake: Men’s at Air force, XC running at nationals, wresting and basketball away. Monday men’s basketball team at home. Talk about sports being added, but unsure, women’s swimming and soccer team.

e.    Travis: there’s 376 total, 279 males and 97 females.

f.     Hayden: Men’s hockey home on Friday, probably at 5pm, but times are a changing’.

g.    Elijah: communion after thanksgiving. Don’t forget about the pool tournament, sign up tomorrow, and win a nice pool cue! And other fun giveaways

h.    Aurora: 11-1 flu shots for $10.

i.       Noah: Great turn out, ¼ of the student population, 700 students. Planning on doing it next year. WP doesn’t have any events or trips going on, except avalanche certification.

XI.         Special Topics

a.    Elijah: We need to look into why students are not coming, and we need to start some committees and get some ideas rolling, to get enrollment up.

b.    Sarah: cleaning list in the office for little things, vacuuming and stuff.

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

November 30, 2011


I.             Roll Call

·      Mark

·      Elijah

·      Maddy

·      Shayna

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Ken Coleman-City Manager: I’m the city manager and I have an offer to make from the City of Gunnison for WSC students. Back when we were struggling with fiscal challenges we looked at how we would prioritize our spending on where we could see high return on investment. One aspect we see as an important component to our community is WSC. We as out city staff came up with some brain storming session for recommendation and strategy for concerns they brought up. We have talked about grants and the counselor-recruiting program. We have put lots of money into that effort. Are there other things that will retain Western State College of Colorado students? We cant just give money away, so we came up with the internship approach. It was received in a very positive way. We have discussed various ways to implement the program and a way that will complement the academic calendar. We were talking about sometime in January. I will talk about it though in general terms. We want to get students out in the community. I look at things in bottom line sort of fashion, and received my finance degree from WSC. We put together a brochure and started to put it out there in career services department. We went to all departments and we have lots of areas of service that apply directly to programs at the college. Why not get some real world experience out there and to hone resumes. We everything from planning and looking at the community to finance and public works. There are a lot various opportunities, and we can create a relationship that will provide everyone with an advantage. My understanding of an internship it is up to the individual to work with their department chair and get some approval and get credit hours, and real experience. There are some opportunities you can call and try to develop things together to take back to academic advisor or approval. Then, you have to go through an application to the city, with a cover letter and resume. We want you to have the full experience of going through an interview process and screening. If it works out, then it will be the beginning of a mentorship-like experience. You will learn ‘real world’ expectations. In order to get compensation, you have to have a passing grade, and not get fired by the city. We want you to succeed and learn and grow and have an experience that is positive. We have expectations and people have to perform. People have to provide good customer service and be aware of self-management, and meet the city’s expectations in these areas. Do you have leadership qualities? Are you able to work with others nicely? That is the jist of it. We have put 10K aside for it and we are willing to reimburse people, 300/cr. Hr. and max is 3 credit hours. We want good interaction and a lot of interest.

o   The deadline is January 6th?

§  No, we will have a whole other thing. It depends on the applicants. We may not have anybody apply.

o   The 1800 minutes is what is expected. I thought Mariah said it was 750 minutes.

§  Is it 750/cr. Hr?

§  I was thinking it was for 3 credits.

o   We weren’t sure what your process is with approval? But we thought that the students who are interested would work out some of these details.

o   Fliers will be around campus.

o   We have done various internships in the past, and job opportunities may arise from these internships as well. We can incorporate anything with working with WSC students.

o   I think it is a great program and it took some development. I would suggest getting it out earlier since the kids who are very motivated are already looking for internships.

o   Where do you want us to turn applications?

§  Human resources tech, Kimmy Shelbow. Or go into City Hall, or talk to Nick.

·      Teddi Joyce-VP of Enrollment Management: I’m here to talk about what’s going on in enrollment. I am incredibly passionate about what I do. In recruitment and retention is what equals enrollment. Formal recruitment comes out of my budget, but there is also informal recruitment. Informal recruitment is what you do when you represent yourself what you are outside WSC campus. You all are a product of this institution. I am going to talk mostly about how I spend my money. WSC draws from all states. It is important that we find what’s is interesting for students to match with their interests. You can get a masters degree in student recruitment. Recruitment is about a funnel. Our enrollment counselors were in more than 453 High Schools this spring. We are trying to hit the right places, like the students who are in this room. They start buying names, what kind of test scores. Where students look into outdoor activities. We look at perceived majors, the activities to buy names. I spend 1/6 of my budget buying names. Sometimes high school visits aren’t productive, so we have 19,000 names we are in constant contact with to get them at WSC. Travel, host visitors, preview days, high school counselors. Purchasing names allows us to segment out what people are interested in. We segment our market. We create communication. We have 46 different communications we give them. We send targeted emails. We marketed ourselves to ESPN. One of the challenges we face is WSC is losing market share to women, so we want to message to women correctly. We do a lot of travel. We have alumni that help us. The campus visit is one of the most influential things in whether or not a student will apply. We host more visitors than ever before this year. One of the best things we can do is get students on our campus, meet with faculty; they may go to a class. We want to use faculty the most effective way we can. We want to have great faculty. We don’t ignore the web. One thing we know is that location is critical in making a connection. WSC website has over 7,000 pages. We want to launch our new website in January since it is more visually powerful, and can connect with prospective students. More than 1/3 of budget on contacts and mailing and printing, 1/3 on travel, and hosting campus visitors.

o   Rodney: I’m from GJ and one thing that stands out to me is that all schools have commercials, and WSC doesn’t have an advertisement

§  We just don’t have that budget, because we would love to have a billboard or a commercial. These areas are the best way to spend money.

o   WSC has a great film department.

§  The airtime is more expensive. We talked about video to have on the web.

o   Nick: This is a micro sight, or is this a new site?

§  This will be the webpage when you go to admissions page.

o   I would love to see our normal site to look like this.

§  I could not agree with you more.

o   It’s an undercurrent that we are a ski school, and the school seems hesitant about embracing that.

o   Is there one type of student that you are looking for?

§  It’s much more prescribed, outdoors interest, majors. We buy names from several different companies.

o   Recruitment vs. in state out of state recruitment. 30% out of state recruitment. More diverse student bodies

o   Applications vs. Enrollment

§  We had many phantom applications. But now that we have begun charging for applications fewer people are applying.

o   We considered adding women’s programs, and more women’s sports. There is going to be a request about the addition of two women’s sports.

o   It seems to make sense for us to have a ski team.

§  I don’t know about the history of that. In looking at enrollment in the short term, it’s been about women’s sports.

o   You are clearly contacting more people, why is enrollment down?

§  There is a lot of data that suggests fewer students want to go further from home. X% students don’t want to go to school in a rural environment. Student behavior has changed dramatically in last 10 years. Our competitors have added programs, and other academic fields, i.e. graduate programs. Financial issues were bad for WSC students. They have to offer a slightly different product. Recognition is about the product.

o   Dr. Vandenbushe talked about international recruiting

§  College in the international market isn’t the same as University, we’ve started with a place in Denver and ESL communities, it is in the framework of what I can afford. Business students are looking for schools that are internationally accredited.

V.      Action Items

·      Black Student Alliance Bill

·      Motion to allocate $800

o   We had a short budget meeting, and recommended the full $800 since they have additional time to fundraise, so we feel like it is a safe investment.

o   This would secure the speaker for the event.

o   Voting on allocating full $800 for BSA bill (10/10-Passes!)

VI.      Discussion Items

VII.    Advisor Report

·      Night of lights Friday from 530-730 lighting the tree around 630. Come on down! A lot of fun, and hopefully it will snow.

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Rodney: Dr. Vandenbushe talked about the bell on campus and how it is broken. We could get a new bell, and restart that tradition if we would like.

·      Walker: Course evaluations until December, helps out everyone. Saturday at 1pm a rail jam in CB for adaptive sports, 11-1 registration.

IX.       Committee Reports

·      Constitution committee-check your emails, rescheduling

·      Tree committee and beer garden committee meet after

·      Rare Air Pie in the sky Wednesday nights

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah-Helman contacted Sarah about dr. vandenbushes concerns, and the email will be sent to everyone. Next Friday 8am board of trustees December 9th North Ballroom. Saturday dec. 10th celebration of the century dedication to Taylor hall from 5-7pm.

·      Nick-This is an exciting program so put it out there for everyone. Tourism association came in for Gunnison to develop our name for a national basis.

·      Haleigh: trying to plan a spring retreat, can’t decide the weekend. Email Haleigh if there is a weekend you know you can’t attend.

·      Grace: I just wanted to remind you all of reasons you came to WSC or your resume.

·      Blake: Men’s and Women’s Basketball Friday night and Saturday 6pm double-header. Wrestling will be in Kansas. They are pushing for women’s swimming and diving, and Soccer, these are cost effective programs.

·      Travis: Everything will be wrapped up next week. Started out with 10 teams and now there are 7.

·      Hayden: men’s Hockey’s in Denver

·      Elijah: Comedian coming 7pm auditorium, free.

·      Noah: Avalanche 1 course next week, prepay. If you have any WP gear, get it in otherwise you will have to pay late fees.

·      Maddy: LEED is hiring two new LEED officers, people interested in Recycling. 

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

·      Nick: I want to know what people feel like what we can do?

·      Shelley: There has been some graffiti, printing ‘freedom’, if you hear anything let Shelley know. STD clinic 3-6 this Thursday testing, which are on the rise, an influx.

XIII.    Late Roll Call

·      Mark

·      Elijah

·      Maddy

·      Shayna

XIV.    Adjournment

December 7, 2011


I.              Roll Call

·      Brad

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

·      Mariah Green-Career Services: Career services advisor, or academic advisor. It’s to students’ advantage to get help with resumes. Career for mountaineers is a job search. You can also submit your resume online. There are a lot of resume packets online. Take advantage of the resources available. Only 20% of jobs are posted on the internet. It is important to build connections among industries and network! Edicate dinner Wednesday March 7th 5:30-7:30pm for juniors and seniors, RSVP online. Internship and job fair the next day. From 10:30-2:30 on the 8th of March. Promote these events to students. Also a link for internships and City of Gunnison’s internship information.  

V.      Action Items

VI.      Discussion Items

·      Enrollment

VII.    Advisor Report

VIII.    Senator Reports

IX.       Committee Reports

X.        Advisory Reports

·      Sarah: This Friday is board of trustees meeting open to the public 8am-1pm. Name change discussion and enrollment. On Saturday they will be dedicating the Mountaineer near Taylor facing Taylor lawn. Gary Pierson invited all of SGA to go to this dedication.

·      Haleigh: Retreat from January 20th-21st.

·      Maddy: ENVS fall forum tomorrow swing by and see what they are up to

·      Hayden: Friday Men’s Hockey $2 5:30, playing CU

·      Nick: Locken came and spoke with exec about ski passes. Come and talk with us if you want information. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

January 11, 2012


I.             Roll Call

II.       Approval of Minutes

III.      Approval of Agenda

IV.     Guest Speaker

V.      Action Items

·       Urban Gaming Club Approval Request: Put on human vs. zombies, between 30-50 students participate. They want to form a club since they want to continue this program. Invite schools on campus 200-250. May hold a zombie 5k. Trying to do a lot of urban games on campus. Most of the stuff is outside, any time of the year, any time of the day.

o   Motion to approve gaming club (Rodney)

§  Senators in favor vs. opposed (13/13)

VI.      Discussion Items

VII.    Advisor Report

·      The LEED office is doing a leadership training this spring 6 sessions. The cabinet has approved a second year live on in the residence halls for retention, and also added a first year experience, and a 5 day orientation before school starts, one session rather than 4. Post WRAP events on bulletin boards. Second year live on will be required for incoming freshman for Fall 2012. They are lowering housing costs to make it more competitive. They have been talking about allowing pets in the residence halls.  

VIII.    Senator Reports

·      Adam: I put second year live in on Facebook and prospective students said they would reconsider.

·      Erika: On Tuesday next week MLK celebration at 7pm in Taylor Auditorium, speaker coming.

·      Rodney: Students I spoke to about the live in requirement has not been positive. 

·      Walker: Take the name change survey on the website closes January 20th.

IX.       Committee Reports

X.        Advisory Reports

  • ·      Sarah: I wrote minutes from the last board of trustees meeting, discussed adding soccer and swimming programs. There are a lot of costs for NCAA skiing but there are many students involved with the club and the costs are lower.
  • ·      Nick: City Council reapproved to host the pro cycle challenge we are third stage, through Durango, telluride, etc. Internship program took the deadline away and received 6 or 7 application. There is now a rolling deadline for the program. CB is struggling with snow, and can make new snow and they will remain open. More people are spending and fewer people are skiing.
  • ·      Haleigh: Office hour sign up sheet. Retreat next Friday the 20th, send an email, no vans to get to the community school. Friday the 20th to Saturday 5:30PM- 12:00PM.
  • ·      Erika: Minutes updated on webpage
  • ·      Grace: $5,700 in bill money. Academic Peer Advisors are putting on workshops all about majors for undecided students in residence halls.
  • ·      Blake: Men's and women's basketball 6 and 8 here Friday. Hickenlooper is coming to the men’s basketball game to honor the cross-country team for winning a national title.
  • ·      Travis: intramural volleyball, and flag football
  • ·      Hayden: Women’s Hockey in South Dakota
  • ·      Elijah: February 7th Mayhem poets combine hiphop and poetry. Springfest working on getting a headliner and coming up with a list of secondary bands.
  • ·      Noah: Two trips going out
  • ·      Maddie: New sustainability coordinators, Conner and Karen.

XI.       Special Topics

XII.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

  • ·      Sarah: Be respectful: a lot of side conversation.
  • ·      Alan: wonderful to see every on again! (I agree!)

XIII.    Late Roll Call

XIV.    Adjournment

January 18, 2012


  I.         Roll Call

  II.         Approval of Minutes

III.         Approval of Agenda

a.     Move to change tonight’s meeting to a discussion meeting

b.     Move to add the national association

c.     Chemistry Club Conference bill

IV.         Guest Speaker

a.     Gary Pierson-Second Year Live On: As an administration we have talked about the second year live on for a while. As an institution we need to look to do things differently. We have been around 59-60% for a few years. For the fall 2012 we have 4 initiatives we are unveiling, an extended orientation program (one orientation with all students engage students within the college community), first year experience class (90% of campuses do a first year experience, semester long class 1 cr.), exploratory major program (academic resource center, explore what they like to do, programs towards undeclared majors), living learning halls (group students by majors), second year live on (wont impact anyone currently on campus, restructuring pricing to make it competitive with off campus). Our true intent is to make sure students stay, have better personal relationship, and interacts with faculty more. Students love to come for the location, but some get culture shock and are more likely to leave. We will also have a sophomore year experience.

                                             i.     Students will be grouped into majors.

1.     We will work with students to accommodate them.

                                           ii.     What are the first and second year experiences like?

1.     We are still working out the details. Some community service hours, sixteen-week course, and 15 or 16 contacts hours, some through extended orientation.  It will be around getting students oriented with the Gunnison areas as well as get acquainted with college.

                                          iii.     Athletics could be a part of orientation.

                                          iv.     It is a culture shift. There have been some game changers, such as WRAP.  

                                           v.     Have there been any negative effects with freshman?

1.     Not really, new students won’t know the difference. We know the cost of housing is the number one issue. No quantitative data to back it up, but I have seen a lot of students leave Western. Most students who leave haven’t got away from campus. Student engagement is part of our central plan.

                                          vi.     How will second year live on work for transfer students?

1.     We have not decided, people will be able to petition to live off campus; there will be academic policy dependant on credits, home and other variables. We will have to create the policy.

                                        vii.      Service aspect is great component to the new plans.

  V.         Action Items

VI.         Discussion Items

a.      (NAfME): National Association for Musical Educators, there is a national conference occurring in March, we want to send some juniors and seniors. Requesting $789 for registration, lodging will be paid for, and the club is taking care of transportation and food.

                                             i.     Cannot fund the faculty member, how do you choose to fund that?

1.     We will either meet the costs or we will speak with them. We will take a faculty member with us.

                                           ii.     Have you done any fundraising?

1.     Sending letters to people we know, rock band tournament

                                          iii.     Why should the college fund this trip?

1.     Music education majors, and no other Colorado colleges are going, a great opportunity to represent Colorado on a national level.

                                          iv.     You said juniors and seniors are going.

1.     4 juniors and 2 seniors

                                           v.     Will you be able to elaborate when you get back?

1.     Of course, there will be handouts we can bring back

b.     Chemistry Club Bill sponsored by Walker: Will you not rent a school vehicle?

                                             i.     It is cheaper to use a van from Hertz than to rent the school.

                                           ii.     You said waffles weekly?

1.     Wednesday from 745-9am Hurst Hall, 2 waffles and a coffee are each a dollar

2.     We will not be exhausting our budget

                                          iii.     When we come back we plan to put together a poster of the most enlightening things, at celebration of scholarship, we brought the schedule for undergraduate, mostly on how to improve the chemistry chapter. 4 students going to the conference will also be coming back.


VII.         Advisor Report

a. Looking forward to the retreat!

VIII.         Senator Reports

Adam Nickerson: Anyone who wrote a bill last semester, please follow up next week

Erika Espinoza: Thank you for approving the MLK bill, the few comments I heard it went very well, half of auditorium filled up for getting advertising a week before.

I was asked to be the student representative for the joint budget committee, it was less intimidating than I expected. It was a sales pitch for the school, what you like and didn’t like and the experience they had at Western State College of Colorado.

Rodney Moyer: Got a tour of the new students apartments, they are willing to take all of SGA on a tour. We will send an email out.

Walker Tatum: There is a feud between the name change between Jay Helman and another person. They were worried about the concrete work and the safety of the cement lying on the local Grand Junction newspaper.

IX.         Committee Reports

a. Constitution committee meeting after SGA meeting

  X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah Newberry: There will be a climbing wall in the new indoor field house. Finalizing a name soon.

Haleigh Hanifen: The retreat is this weekend. Only school family and sports are legitimate excuses. Who needs a sleeping bag? (5) Sleeping pads? (5) Dinner will be ready at 6. Meeting at 5pm at the college center. What do we want for breakfast?

Nick Edwards -VP External Affairs: CBMR wants to build two new lifts as an institutional plans. 21+-committee presentation is doing well.

Grace Eggleston – $5,000 is in the bill budget.  

Blake Krenke –Track is going to Wyoming

Elijah Redding – Club fair in college center

Meg Intense – CCE

Mark Schichtel - Interclub Council

Travis Elliott - Intramural Director

Hayden Kinnear – Women’s hockey plays at 430

Noah Metz  : Intermediate ice climbing in Ouray

Maddie Rehn : I am stepping down as sustainability coordinator, and Karen Howe will be taking my place.

XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.         Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

January 25, 2012


   I.         Roll Call

    II.  Approval of Agenda

          III. Guest Speaker

a.     Debra Clark: Registrar at Western, degree works is a program the college has purchased to help students and faculty to gauge graduation requirements. This is an attempt to pull all this information together. This tool will be in the WOL account. It takes all academic records and it applies it to the check sheets. It allows you to play with the ‘what if’s’ of adding majors and minors.

        IV. Action Items

a.     Induction of Karen Howe as Sustainability Coordinator

b.     Resolution of Bylaws: We have had trouble with the wording of the bylaws of funding conferences off campus. We have interpreted that we can only fund on campus events, not conferences. We have a resolution to get around this until we can vote to change the constitution. A detailed plan of action of how information will get back from conferences. We will decide how to fund conferences on a case-by-case basis.   

                                               i.     We want to be able to move the bills that we have now. (Tabled until Special Topics)

c.     Bill # 10-01-18-12 NAFME Bill: Vote for full allocation of $580 for registration fee (8/13) Does not pass. They took money from CCE from student fees to pay for the faculty hotel room. Motion to vote on $579.99 (10/13)

d.      Bill # 11-01-18-12 Chemistry Club Conference: Motion to allocate the full amount $654, (12/13).

    V.  Discussion Items

     VI.   Advisor Report

a. Start Smart Salary Negotiating Workshop: Juniors and senior females at WSC women to go to metro-state program all about negotiating salaries. Saturday April 14th and March 10th $5

  VII. Senator Reports

Adam Nickerson: I wrote two bills last semester, and the avalanche awareness bill had 160 students, they used all the money

Erika Espinoza: The way the money is being spent annoying, they are using SGA first, travel support and then the department. I don’t know exactly how much the money is being allocated.

Rodney Moyer: For the retreat we talked about setting up for facilities. Paul would rather try to come up with the money and try to throw a party with SGA and clean up and set up. The tour of the campus apartments will be next Wednesday 4pm. Meet at 3:50 at SGA office.

Sarah McClernan: I sponsor Native American council bill, it got our name out there, there is a movie tomorrow with free popcorn in the conference room at 7pm.

Shayne Keller: During the retreat we talked about community service.

     VIII. Committee Reports

Academic policies: met to talk about the catalog for the first year experience, and the three-part implementation. Discussed how DegreeWorks will affect advising.  

21+ given us the go-ahead to plan an event that will be only for 21+ students.

Food committee: the chef is hosting once a month lunch talks about certain foods. Let D’Andre know if you are interested in these talks. Also looking into H.S. shadows.  

     IX.  Advisory Reports

Sarah Newberry – President: no new grad programs on the horizon. Power stop now accepts mountaineer cash.

Haleigh Hanifen-VP Internal Affairs: Great retreat!

Nick Edwards -VP External Affairs: City Council interviewed three people for internships and loved one student’s presentations. They are excited about the interest and potential of the program. Pro Cycle Challenge is coming, more coverage, and more excitement.

Erika White - Secretary: Check out the white board in the SGA office!

Grace Eggleston - Treasurer: Nice new board in front of office, asking about bills. Good budget committee meeting. Check your email about presentations that will be starting feb. 22. Bill money remaining $4,497.

Meg Ansteensen – CCE: Auditions 4pm in studio theatre for musical and play “How I learned to drive”, improv performance group is looking for new members Thursday 7pm.

Blake Krenke -Athletic Ambassador: Home wrestling duel over Mesa. GOOD LUCK KATIE! Wrestling at mines and on Saturday home basketball game.

Mark Schechter - Interclub Council: Club fair tomorrow 12:30-1:30 wear We R Western T’s. SGA Table

Travis Elliott - Intramural Director: Last Thursday 3 on 3 tournaments. Basketball league started Monday night. Indoor soccer starts February 2nd. Inner-tube water polo is official. 450 player profiles

Hayden Kinnear - Club Sports Ambassador: Nordic ski team in Grand Junction

Elijah Redding - Program Council Director: Mayhem Poets Feb 7th 7pm Taylor auditorium

Aurora Lindholm - Student Affairs: Tomorrow debate team is going to state

Noah Metz  - Wilderness Pursuits: Last ever backcountry course, next week first backcountry skiing course.

Karen Howe - Sustainability Coordinator: Revamped process for applying for grants, small grants vs. big grants. Concerned that a deadline and a review process intimidated the students. How to get a calendar of events, Recycle mania is coming up soon and it would be nice to get that in out calendar.

   X.    Special Topics

a. Resolution of Bylaws Continued…

   XI.      Remarks for the Good of the Order

a.     Nick mentioned the US pro challenge, but the event is before school starts, August 22nd.

b.     WRAP coordinator had her baby girl this week. We will have a card in the office.

c.     21+ committee maybe approaching Amigo’s for next year’s carnival Friday February 17th. We were pushing for on campus events.

d.     April 14th is the day of SpringFest, the same day as the women’s salary bargaining workshop. 

  XII.     Late Roll Call

 XIII.        Adjournment

February 1, 2012



Roll Call

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Guest Speaker

a.     Pete Peacock: I’m here to talk about the Gunnison skate park project. We are trying to expand the current skate park and add 12,000 square feet, which is a retention tool for WSC. I want to see how we can get SGA involved to tie Western State College of Colorado to the project. We have applied for several grants, and we have more momentum now. We have raised thousands of dollars but we need more.

                                               i.     Have you utilized the Tony Hawk foundation?

1.     We have an existing facility under this grant, and emailed Tony directly. I would love a vertical ramp.

                                             ii.     Is there any way we can design it for year round use (snowboards and ski)?

1.     That’s a bit ambitious, eventually it would be nice to see an indoor facility.

                                            iii.     What would be the total cost?

1.     About 350,000, we are just shy of 300K.

                                            iv.     What kind of time frame are considering?

1.     We are working for next year, starting to build this summer.

                                             v.     We want to get a real student initiative, and there are students very excited, fundraiser and a video premiere, any additional insight is helpful. It will be BMX friendly.

b.     Enid Holden: The artist of all of the paintings around here. The art is from South African artists. The show is put together by the Embassy of the Millennium.

    V.         Action Items

a.      Triathlon Club: I got the idea to start a triathlon club at WSC recently, and several people are already training. There’s a lot of interest on campus, 10 kids are already members, and they are excited about it! They are swimming and doing spin classes. A professional coach is interested in helping out, Jenny Smith. We want to bring her on as a paid coach, and we have found some triathlons that we will be attending, both indoor and outdoors.  Many Universities in Colorado have a triathlon clubs. We would love to get sponsors in town.

                                               i.     Will you be doing an XTERRA event?

1.     There’s a lot of stuff.

                                             ii.     Are you training now?

1.     We need to find a good time for everyone to run, but otherwise we are training.

                                            iii.     Vote for senators verifying the triathlon club (11/11) PASSES!

  VI.         Discussion Items

a.     Adaptive Education Speaker Bill:

                                              i.     What day would the speaker come?

1.     Hopefully sometime this spring

                                            ii.     Could you get funding from other departments?

1.     Yes, we will have to figure out the best departments to go to.

VII.         Advisor Report

·       When we talked about the living learning communities, we wanted to talk more about it. It is more within discipline than major. Any more questions, please ask and we could have a speaker come in. The Alley Loop is this Saturday in crested butte, a Nordic race in the alley’s, 10am-1pm. Monday from 10a-2p study abroad fair. The last day for disenrollment with a 50% refund is next week. Sign up for Rave,, for text message notifications for news on campus.

VIII.         Senator Reports

Adam Nickerson: We decided we would take care of the bylaws internally for funding conferences.

Erika Espinoza: Nebraska Math Conference this weekend, it was good and long. A meeting with Kim for reimbursements.

Katie Roos: Violent crimes have occurred for some people on campus, particularly men running into apartments and violently attacking people. Watch out, and we are working on Safe Walk on campus. Call security if you have to cross campus past 8pm (970)-209-1020.

Nicole Real: Sushi Night February 8th, just come to MCC

Rodney Moyer: Went to the foundation board meeting, they talked about the ski team and the free ride ski team taking their place.

D’Andre: Email about the shadow by Friday if you are interested.

  IX.         Committee Reports

    X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah Newberry – President: Next Friday Feb. 10th is the board of trustees meeting in Denver. The name change will be on the agenda. If you’re interested in giving a report email Sarah.

Haleigh Hanifen-VP Internal Affairs: New office hour sign in.

Nick Edwards -VP External Affairs: No city council last night, 21+ committee is thinking March 13th or 14th for responsible alcohol behavior (TIPS training). 

Erika White - Secretary: Math Lab meet and greet Thursday 3:30pm-5:00pm.

Grace Eggleston - Treasurer: The chocolate tasting, free is 7pm Tuesday in the Ballroom put on by honors department, Wednesday at 8:30-10:30 Sex positive will be hosting speed dating $1 and free spaghetti and meatballs.

Blake Krenke -Athletic Ambassador: 7pm Thursday Wrestling Adams, Red Out, wear red go to the meet. Basketball on the road, Track is in New Mexico.

Travis Elliott - Intramural Director: Water Polo starts up next week.

Hayden Kinnear - Club Sports Ambassador: Alpine skiing at Snowmass Friday 530 pm hockey team playing mines 8am Saturday morning

Elijah Redding - Program Council Director: Tuesday 7pm Taylor Auditorium Performance Poets

Aurora Lindholm - Student Affairs:

Noah Metz  - Wilderness Pursuits: Backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing with hot springs next week. Ask people what they would like to see WP offer in the next week, shoot Noah an email.

Karen Howe - Sustainability Coordinator: Recycle Mania is starting of the 4th, the basketball game is having a half time show with prizes and a Monarch day pass.

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

a.     WordeHord tomorrow night at Mocha’s

b.     Please check your boxes for posters. It is part of senators responsibilities.

XIII.         Late Roll Call


XIV.         Adjournment

February 8, 2012



Walker Tatum: February 27th cap and gown graduation announcements in the college center. Triathlon club MWF 6:30 at pool T/TH running practice, they are also on facebook! The aquatics manager wanted to tell SGA the search for the new swimming/diving coach is going well, down to three candidates.

  IX.         Committee Reports

21+ committee: We got a lot accomplishes, spoke with Sodexho and moving forward with a Liquor License, Karaoke type of thing, Wednesday March 14th, low key, 21+, music relaxed environment.

Academic policies: met this week FYE, how it will change advising. No one was in favor of releasing the ARC code, for advisees to speak with advisors before they can register.  

    X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah Newberry – President: In Denver for board of trustees meeting.

Haleigh Hanifen-VP Internal Affairs: Women’s rugby is selling gorilla grams. $3 on campus $5 off campus.

Nick Edwards -VP External Affairs: until 1969 everything in Gunnison, all roads we dirt.

Grace Eggleston - Treasurer: Tonight is speed dating. Please come in one hour, snacks $1. Chocolate tasting is postoned until Feb. 28 Tuesday 7pm. Subcommittee budget presentations will start next week.

Blake Krenke -Athletic Ambassador: Women's Basketball is on a run and they will host a home playoff if they win the remaining games. Race in Seattle, WA. Pink game this weekend for women’s basketball

Travis Elliott - Intramural  Director: Started indoor soccer last night, 16 teams signed up. Process of wrapping up basketball. Innertube water polo registration closes Sunday.

Hayden Kinnear - Club Sports Ambassador: Skier cross in Winter Park, Women’s hockey in Lafayette.

Elijah Redding - Program Council Director: Winterfest in a couple weeks feb. 17th, rail jam, chilli contest. Pool party feb 21st, music, games.

Aurora Lindholm - Student Affairs: Trying to start a coffee tea health and wellness table at the library.

Noah Metz  - Wilderness Pursuits: Cross country skiing trip and hot springs and hut trip. Awesome ice climbing trip to Ouray.

Karen Howe - Sustainability Coordinator: This Saturday there will be a half time show with a $50 gift prize and trivia. Tossing out electrical plugs.

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

-Carnival is next week it is $5 over 21+ and $7 for under, Friday the 17th.

-Can we start something for no smoking on campus committee, speak with Paul Morgan

XIII.         Late Roll Call

Sarah Newberry

Meg Ansteensen

Erika Espinoza

Alan Hale

Nicole Real

XIV.         Adjournment

February 15, 2012


    I.         Roll Call




Dandre (tardy)

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

Motion to move the meeting from a discussion to an action meeting, motion approved.

  IV.         Guest Speaker

    V.         Action Items

  VI.         Discussion Items

VII.         Advisor Report

There’s been a rash of inappropriate texting and facebook-ing that is harassing, and we are thinking about having an education meeting to address the issue. Considering adding on an disciplinary board that would compile of faculty and students. Email Shelley if you are interested, it is a pilot program, having a hearing board rather than just an individual. Monday is off, and it is a three-day weekend, relax and enjoy and catch up on homework.   

VIII.         Senator Reports

D’Andre- Carnival from 9pm-2am Friday night, done with presales at Timbers

Katie-I sent out a mass email last week to inform them that I am on SGA and send out weekly meetings with bills, and information on the senator bills.

Walker-Some information was passed onto me looking into an optional student fee to offset carbon admissions to meet the 2020 goal, to get the student petition going.

  IX.         Committee Reports

21+ is meeting and still planning an event. Selling pre-sale tickets in the College Center March 14th 8:30-11:30 serving between 9-11. Three options: one being Iola, Tyler Hansen, and Trivia Night.

PR-slogan voting section, put a tick mark on what you like and we will announce a slogan this week.

    X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah-54% selected University of Western Colorado had the most votes. 22% wanted something else.


Nick-TIPS training Friday February 24th at 3pm the location is currently undecided.

Grace-The amount remaining in the bill fund is $4,297 and $2,153 in internal

Meg-Bad poetry night tomorrow night wine bar dress in drag

Blake-No sports on campus this week

 Mark-Club fair next Friday at 2:45-3:15

Travis-Waterpolo started

Hayden-Nordic Ski Team is away and Hockey is home playing UCCS at 5:30.

Elijah-Rail jam this weekend, and chilli cookoff, and an acoustic set will be played and a mini art gallery. A pool party with a belly flop contest and find some inner tubes (for a race) Tuesday 7:30 February 21st.

Noah-backcountry trip through WP

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.          Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

February 22, 2012


 I.         Roll Call

Alan (tardy)

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Guest Speaker

a.     Leonard Silence: The state sends an inflation rate that they can apply to all fees, up to that percentage. 

    V.         Action Items

  VI.         Discussion Items

a.     Safety Class Bill: There are several self-defense classes going on in the community. They will not cover the conceal weapon classes. Last year, the pepper spray class was $44, which was a bit; we think if we lower the cost more people will attend.

                                               i.     What would you do if you cannot get funds from SGA?

1.     We would try to get funds from other places, but if we cannot raise these fees than we will need to keep the cost at the original price.

2.     We will have a pool tournament the week before to help raise funds, we currently have less than $1,000. This is more for the students than it is for the club, the classes are for the students.

b.     Women’s Ice Hockey Bill: We have been doing what we can to raise funds and coming from last year we had a not as sustainable plan

                                               i.     How far in the hole is the hockey team now?

1.     I am trying to figure that out now, about $3400, we think. We just got a donation from Gentle Dental. The hardest, most epensive part is having home games, if we have more home games we can generate more revenue.

                                             ii.     Do you have dues?

1.     $200, and they will be raised.

                                            iii.     Will you cut back on the longer distance games?

1.     Not possible with the league, the closest team is south Dakota. Some schools are looking to add teams, which may help.

                                            iv.     What will you do if you don’t get all funding from SGA?

1.     Doners in town, wherever we can find funds. If we cannot pay it all, we will have to divide the funding shortage by 12 people. We will try to exhaust other revenues first.

2.     What are dues in other sports?

a.     The least for almost all sports, range from $250-350.

b.     The city allows WSC ice time for $250/ game. We have to pay for officials and police, because of the history.

c.     We charged for the last one at the door, and we will for CU. We want to get students to our game for support.

3.     Have all members paid their dues this year?

a.     Two have not.

4.     It seems like you all are thinking long run, and getting into the NCAA

a.     The league we are in is similar to NCAA, but we don’t see that happening, since there are no women hockey teams on this side of Minnesota. Not in the near future.

c.     21+ Bill: Is safe ride going to be there when it’s over?

                                               i.     Yes, we are trying to set up the timing.

d.     Our event won’t be ending when the demand is high, so hopefully they will be readily available

e.     How much for students?

                                               i.     Presale for $3 for your first drink and safe ride, and $5, $3 for drinks and $2 for SafeRide at the door

                                             ii.     We are thinking small pony kegs of good beer.

                                            iii.     The amount of alcohol we buy will be based on presale tickets, to cover our bases. We don’t want an event with more than 50 people

                                            iv.     The money that is collected with the sale of alcohol will be returned to SGA.

f.      Intramurals Presentation: Why did you use parks and rec. pool than WSC? Cheaper for lifeguards and they had the equipment.

                                               i.      I don’t understand work-study.

                                             ii.     Certain students qualify for work-study, every dollar a student makes the college contributes 25% of their salary and 75% comes from fed funding. It is incentive to put investment back into the student. Only two employees are not on work-study. When we started to accumulate a reserve fund, Leonard asked us to use all of the funds for the year since students pay that fee money, so it should be spent on them.

                                            iii.     Are there areas in your budget that could take cuts?

1.     Probably student salaries, since students run out of work-study quickly, and maybe there is a better balance between distributing hours among the semester for these students.

                                            iv.     Was this allocation budget for this year?

1.     Why would you allocate $0 to the advisor if you chose last year to pay them.

g.     Student Affairs Presentation: Does CLUE still exist

                                               i.     Yes. They just are not super active on campus.

                                             ii.     What does CLUE do? Caring Leaders who understand and educate

                                            iii.     Who is your adviser? Shelley has kind of stepped into that role.

VII.         Advisor Report

Thank you for letting me (Gary Pierson) be here tonight for Shelley. I do miss this and it’s fun to see how you all function as a group. We have a candidate for the new academic affairs search committee, and looking to partnering with CBMR for their Festevol, with some good bands, and it’s the start for Spring Break and they will sell WSC tickets for $20 for both days.

VIII.         Senator Reports

Erika: Trying to do some new events this semester for BSA. A owner of a clothing label and record label wanted rap concert to come and have a music event. Tickets are $12 and we would get a portion of that for a charity. Potentially at the end of March.

Rodney:  We have not done anything for the victims of the house fire a couple of years ago. To honor the students involved.

There’s a memorial bench that we could put plaques on the bench.

Sarah: a movie at 630 New World by NASC

Walker: Around this time we get a lot of clubs coming in asking for enormous amounts of money,

I was thinking we could have a mandatory amount of dues for each club team. 25% (as an example) of the total budget needed to be collected from club dues.

We could propose a fee change if we need to be allocating more money to the club teams.

  IX.         Committee Reports

PR committee: We have a new SGA slogan: “$3,000 of your money, have a say in it.”

Academic policies met this week to talk about FYE. How could we get freshman and upperclassmen on campus the day before courses begin? Maybe a big free WP trip.

    X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah- I will present the name change stuff next week. Teddy Joyce emailed us to let us know about the Facebook page.

Nick-Recyclemania is a cool program on campus, and it is a national thing. TIPS training on Friday at 3pm, contact Nick. Skate park is gaining a lot of support, and presented at city council, they are confident they will get a grant. The Colorado Lottery 250K. They will change the size of the softball field to accommodate the new skate park.

Grace: Next week club sports and ICC. Internal at $2153 bill at $4297 rollover $8893. Posters in the box for the chocolate tasting next Tuesday February 28th, FREE CHOCOLATE!

Meg: Next Thursday 7pm Taylor studio $5 Fri, Sat, sun Play.

Blake: Wrestling RMAC champions, basketball Fort Lewis Friday night, Girls playing Adams.

Mark: Club Fair Friday 245-315

Elijah: Hypnotist coming 7pm March 1st, the show is rated R bring parents if you are under 17. Springfest Eve 6 is headlining.

Noah: Intemediate backcountry skiing in CB next weekend beginner backcountry skier

Karen: Several grants going through, $500 dollars for events

Travis: open pool

Hayden: Hockey 530pm last game Friday

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

Elijah: raise your hand if you have something to say

XIII.          Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

February 29, 2012


  I.         Roll Call

a.     Grace Eggleston, Walker Tatum, Erika White, Erika Espinoza

    II.         Approval of Minutes

a.     Motion: D’Andre

  III.         Approval of Agenda

a.     Motion: Chase

b.     Second: Rodney

  IV.         Guest Speaker

    V.         Action Items

a.     Self Defense Bill

                                               i.     Motion to allocate $0

                                             ii.     Motion passes, $0 will be allocated

b.     Women’s Ice Hockey Bill

                                               i.     ACHA is an NCAA sponsored league correct?

1.     No

2.     Rules/structure every similar to NCAA

                                             ii.     Motion to cover $600 for game ice time: Alan

                                            iii.     Second: Rodney

                                            iv.     Passes (8/11)

c.     21+ Bill

                                               i.     Concerns that this maybe double dipping into SGA funds

1.     Funds requesting will be used to cover the cost of Tyler Hansen

                                             ii.     Any beer on top of first extra?

1.     Yes

                                            iii.     Motion to allocate full amount ($445)

                                            iv.     Second:

                                             v.     Passes


  VI.         Discussion Items

a.     ICC

                                               i.     Cap on clubs

1.     Thought has come across but is it fair to students?

                                             ii.     Increase in fee’s?.

1.     Budget ahead of dipping into reserve each year

                                            iii.     Shayna: Extra fee? Dues

                                            iv.     Alan: Combine Alpine and Nordic?

                                             v.     Elijah: Diff  btw Urban gaming and paintball

b.     Club Sports

VII.         Advisor Report

a.     Self defense workshop 3/3 Ballroom

b.     Etiquette Dinner 3/15 5:30-7:30 Ballroom

c.     Career fair 3/16 10:30-2:30

VIII.         Senator Reports:

a.     Adam: Thanks Nick for typing up stuff

b.     Rodney: Free pool table in Mears lobby, HEAVY, Call me. Pricing for the Pinnacles; single $5,000 full academic yr, full furnish. Chipeta pricing has been lowered to competitive rates; $6,250 for single

c.     D: Red out at game. First time playoffs in history.

  IX.         Committee Reports

a.     Constitution Monday 3/5 7pm

b.     21+ pre-sale tickets $3 at door $5. Event will be 3/14

    X.         Advisory Reports

a.     Nick: had  tough bills and lots of questions asked, sentators did an excellent job keep it up

b.     H: 7:30 next Wednesdays meeting. 3/12 5ish trough gathering

c.     M: Tomorrow opening ‘how I learned to drive’ $5 at door 7pm in taylor. Comedic version of a story about a girl being molested. WRAP offce $1 tivckets

d.     B; Track and Field 3rd con. 8 and 8 to nationals. Wrestling 3 to nationals. 2 wks  men's lost at mines, women won 66-57. Great fan base. First time 25 years hosted home playoff game. RMAC cover first 100, athletics will cover remander of tickets

e.     T: College night at rec. pool. Hosting ping pong tourn 3/12. Volleyball starts next week

f.      Hayden: Nordic at UCSC nations manie, LAX vs du. men's and women's rugby

g.     E: March pool party, no pizza. Tomorrow nigght 

h.     Noah: next week moonlight snowshoe in millcreek- $10


  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

a.     Travis was accepted into KU grad. School

b.     $3,247 remain in bill

XIII.          Late Roll Call

a.     Chase, Grace, Erika,

XIV.         Adjournment

March 7, 2012


  I.         Roll Call

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Guest Speaker

a.     Ed Klein (8:15 pm):

    V.         Action Items

  VI.         Discussion Items

a.     Fan Bus Bill: Sponser Rodney, fan busses that went to Pueblo last week. We had the most fans present of any team.

                                               i.     We have $3250 in bill money

                                             ii.     The money was original taken from the reserve currency.

                                            iii.     Why did we not use our van?

1.     We did take 1 western van

2.     It’s hard to reserve vans in such short notice to take 56 students

3.     One of the fees we pay as students in intercollegiate sports, and should have been covered in student fees.

a.     Speak to that a little bit. Those fees are at all schools with NCAA, and sports are under budget and the money from student fees is wrapped up tight.

4.     What happens if we keep winning?

a.     If we get on the winning side of the ball, then we can plan for this in the future.

5.     What about spending money for off-campus activities, this was a debate.

6.     If we didn’t reimburse them, would they be less likely to do this event in the future?

a.     I can’t necessarily answer to that.

7.     Athletics picked up the cost of the home games as well, since it was not a free event to students under RMAC

b.     CCE:

c.     WP:

VII.         Advisor Report

a. Advising begins next week.

VIII.         Senator Reports


Erika: Amigos is hosting a black light dance tomorrow night at 9pm in the ballroom

Nicole: Movie night on Tuesday the 13th, “Last Samurai” 6:30pm

Walker: Optional fee for wind credits, petition to start by Friday.

  IX.         Committee Reports

·       Election Committee needs to get together, start applications right after spring break, due April 6th voting the week of the 9thonline, appointed positions April 20th and interviews the following and the week before finals people will know their position.

·       21+ event wants to open up ticket sales, anyone when you are doing office hours please sell tickets, check ID’s as you sell tickets.

    X.         Advisory Reports

·       Sarah: tomorrow at 7pm Philosophy Intersections in Taylor 228, March 16th next board meeting

·       Nick: Faculty housing was discussed, and the only question for your constituents, when we have fields, we have to have lights on them at all times, do we need lights on the fields?

·       Haleigh: Keep the SGA office clean, please! The Tuesday before school starts we are looking at ways to market and get students involved, since the event happens before school begins.

·       Grace: Great budget presentations. Remaining bill money is $3,252.73.

·       Meg: second week of play at 7:30 in Taylor theatre tomorrow, Friday and Saturday as well.

·       Blake: Wrestling at Nationals Fri and Sat at 8am, T&F at nationals

·       Mark: Club fair next Friday the 16th in the college center 230-330

·       Travis: Volleyball started last night, and we know have over 600 players online and played the 1006th game last night.

·       Hayden: Skiier cross and border cross, hockey playing CU here on campus

·       Elijah: Last Friday we had to cancel our weekend event. We are trying to reschedule him for the week after spring break.

·       Noah: Next week we have our lake powell trip

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

Erika-Clue is having a meeting tomorrow at 1 at MadJacks

Dinner at the Trough 6pm

XIII.          Late Roll Call

Karen Howe

XIV.         Adjournment

March 14, 2012


 I.         Roll Call

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Guest Speaker

a. Sandy Marks: Board of Trustees- I know you all are working on your budget tonight, I want you all to see what Brad Bacca puts together for us each month. Western State College of Colorado has been struggling a little bit with money, and it is not the best governing system, and it is political. One of the problems that we have is that two of us on the board from Gunnison, and only one of us have a political background. Those on a state board cannot gather in more than groups of two unless it is social, to keep political tactics going on. It prevents us from getting to know eachother, and some board members to get to know Western State College of Colorado. We meet seven times a year, and we are not paid. Ever since the ski team was cut, it has been very difficult, and there have been quite a few criticisms. The ski team was about $230,000, and it wasn’t making enough money. We want more marketing. There is a lot to think about when making these decisions.

I believe there is a disconnect between the board and the students. We believe your perspective is very valuable, and seven of them don’t even live in the Valley.

You’re right, there is a disconnect, and the community has been struggling, and the Gunnison Valley has a say in some decision-making. I believe that the second year live on requirement will be great for retention, and I don’t believe it will help real-estate. I don’t specifically want a name change, but I believe it will happen and will carry through late legislation. I understand the reasoning, but I am not ashamed of the name we have here. I want to see Western State College of Colorado get a good marketing campaign going. I appreciate coming here tonight, and wish we could have a joint meeting sometime in the year and the other board member would love to speak with you all and get to know you.

b.  Kyle Brookens: Climate Committee Goal: I am here to talk about a new optional fee for students, call it the renewable energy fund. It will be about $15/semester and to buy from the City of Gunnison from Nebraska municipal. The $15 fee is a higher estimate. The City of Gunnison already offsets about 8%.  It could potentially be a 28% decrease in carbon emmissions, and help us meet the climate committee goal. We don’t just want this to be student fees sending money to Nebraska from Gunnison. In three years we will reevaluate and see if we can buy wind energy for campus or solar. It could potentially help with marketing to bring students in. When having people sign this petition many underclassmen were excited about it, and there were a lot of good responses and only a few people on the fence.

-When are you trying to get this in effect?

-As soon as possible

-Energy credits are cheaper so we are thinking that it’s a better option

    V.         Action Items

  VI.         Discussion Items

a. The Club of Submission: My name is Nick Horton, and I am trying to start a new athletic club on campus, and it is a grappling club, it is martial arts, and there is not hitting involved. The local gym is allowing us to rent the mat and a lot of people that would like to do it, but we need funding. The ICC has 40 clubs, and very little money, we could do membership dues. How many members do you perceive you’d have?

-About 20 people.

-You just want to be recognized a club?

-Yes, but funding would be great.

b. PC Budget Presentation: The amount we get from SGA $86,479, which is almost double of what we had last year. We asked for an increase in student fees and it passed. Professional contracts are the most to get performers to come to campus, a show of this size.

VII.         Advisor Report

a. Have a safe and restful spring break!

VIII.         Senator Reports

Kayla: Deadlines to order cap and gown is tomorrow for $36

  IX.         Committee Reports

21+ event is tonight, we decided that we are leaving it at $3 to get students in.

    X.         Advisory Reports

a. If you want to speak at commencement, Board of Trustees in Aspinal Wilson Center, Colorado Western State University or Western State University of Colorado, Applications due by april 6th

b. Cattleman’s day is the number one day of fundraiser for breast cancer in the country.

c. Blake Track and Field at Tucson Arizona.

d. Hypnotist on the 27th of March

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

Have a great Spring break

Today I spent a while cleaning the office. Please clean after yourself.  

XIII.          Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

March 28, 2012


Roll Call


    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Unfinished Business

a.     Athletic Bill: We decided to go with all day one charges, $1,205. Since we only have two more discussion meetings, we thought they should receive the money.

                                               i.     I motion $1,205 for the athletic bill, if we do not allocate the remaining of the money, we will likely allocate the remaining bill money to the athletic bill. (12/12) Passes

    V.         Guest Speaker

  VI.         Action Items

VII.         Discussion Item

a.     Kyle Brookes: Offsetting Energy Consumption on Campus-

                                               i.     I was speaking with some administration about us using nuclear energy

1.     We buy our energy from the City of Gunnison, and they buy their energy from Nebraska, who has nuclear energy. We will buy percentages of wind credits to offset our energy.

2.     Do we have any information on what other schools admit?

a.     Boulder has a similar credit, so it is hard to tell, their fee is $17/student. Not off the top of my head on other schools emissions.

3.     You mentioned that you wanted to buy solar panels after three years, why not just save the money and buy more panels in three years?

a.     We want to reduce emissions immediately to reach the 2020 climate goal.  It will be hard to know exactly how many students will pay the fee, we would rather do something than nothing with the money to have an effect now, and students can see them immediately.

4.     Say the fee goes through and all students pay for it, that is almost $31,000/semester.

a.     The whole idea of waiting three years is that the cost of solar panels is dropping. Many other schools that have solar panels had outside sources funding these projects. After three years, we should have enough money to buy solar panels. Right now, the cost of solar panels is very high.

5.     Are grants securable after we instate this fund?

a.     Yes. Depending on other student’s interests. The cost to buy credits is so low and the cost of a solar panel is very low.

6.     What is preventing students from buying these credits directly from the city of Gunnison. The fitness center fee is paid by 75% and only 25% use the fitness center.

a.     The college doesn’t have a program for that. The way it has been done in the past is we have had to set up a contract with the city of Gunnison. On an individual level we won’t have as big of an effect as if we bought they as a group.

7.     You mentioned the cost of solar panels, what is the depreciation rate and the cost for repair?

a.     The life-span is about 30 years, and the repair costs are high.

8.     In future years, what’s going to be implemented for future students to get involved with this project.

a.     Applied environmental studies class is a great opportunity for students to implement change in their community. Students are adamant about getting solar panels, and that’s why we are trying to get fund on lock down before we ask again. We try to make sure the baton continues to be passed, this is a long term goal.

9.     It is my understanding that this was on campus three years ago and ended. Is this something the city already pays for?

a.     We are buying additional contracts, since the city has made their own commitment, and have a green purchasing plan through the city. The amount of credits that we would be buying each year would fluctuate each year.

10.  Do you have a plan after the 30 years and would the fee continue to offset energy after the three years?

a.     It is not up to me to decide, it will be up to administration, we will offset energy for a short amount of time until we can buy panels.

11.  Say it does pass, but people opt out and there is not enough money for the contract then what would you do?

a.     We would save the money and try to jump on solar panels as soon as possible.

12.  We will motion to vote on this but it will be motioning to OK it on the ballot, voting to let the students vote.

a.     All SGA vote (17/26) t will go to the board and into special election.

VIII.         Advisor Report

Res Life is hosting Pinnacles tours and if you are interested sign up in res life March 29, April 3,4,5 at 5pm

  IX.         Senator Reports

Nicole: Luau Thursday the 5th

Adam: please get the paper out of your boxes the paper is full.

Rodney: if you want to tour the pinnacles and the time does not work, email me. Provide incoming class with t-shirts to start traditions, wear it throughout the years. Gauge support for a free freshman tshirt.

    X.         Committee Reports

Constitution committee we need to finally meet

21+ went fantastic, we met today again as a committee to see where we wanted to go from here. Field Day Bonanza Friday before finals April 27th. Something for students, to have fun before finals.

Election committee, I made door hangers for applications.

Pro-cycling challenge, They want to paint the roads and the water towers and hanging flags from buildings. We also want to get kids on campus the week of the race.


  XI.         Advisory Reports

Sarah board of trustees pass Western State Colorado University to go through to legislation. Celebration of Scholarship is April 19th. Application for elected officials are due no later than 430 on April 6th and a mandatory meeting that night April 20th applications for appointed will be due.

Nick: The states revenue forecast for funding is getting much better so we are not expecting the same cuts. Partners new facility is next to the oldest building in Gunnison, and received money to restore the building. The farmers market has opportunity for internships if you would like to email

Grace: We have $2047 in bill and $1974 in internal

Meg: A comedy group will be formally funded next year, and videos are posted on the web.

Travis: Flag football is coming up, and four on four is still in the same spot. April 3rd it will begin. Trivia night next Wednesday 7pm at the wine bar.

Hayden: Lacrosse 330 Friday at mountaineer bowl, Saturday 330 vs Utah in the bowl, Sunday 2pm against Regis Baseball is home for CC at Gunnison HS on Sunday at 10 am, rugby gateway field 10 am.

Elijah: A great turn out at the hypnotist. Comedian coming next week Wednesday April 4th in the recital hall in Quigley.

Noah: This weekend we have rock climbing skills clinic and learn how to tune-up your bike.  Tomorrow night at 6pm Red Bull Paper Wings challenge will be here.

Karen: This is the last week of cycle-mania, be sure to recycle! Art contest for any one who would like to submit, it is recycled art. There will be great prizes! The art will be displayed at spring fest where we will announce the winners and hand out prizes. Submit online or there will be a submission form in the LEED office, due April 8th.

XII.         Special Topics

XIII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

Next week we will talk about the future budget. Email tomorrow.

Senators, remember posters are below your name.

XIV.          Late Roll Call


XV.         Adjournment

April 4, 2012


   I.         Roll Call

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

Stephanie May to Action Items

  IV.         Guest Speaker

    V.         Action Items

Stephanie May: Requesting more paper, she is in senior seminar, and we have started massage, and I am down to 10-20 pages. I don’t know how many more pages I need. I can print from home.

We motion to move 350 additional pages for Stephanie May’s account (10/10)

  VI.         Discussion Item

a.     Budget: The budget committees recommend a 3% decrease, but if we were to have more students enroll, then the money would go back to the subcommittees. They can use the money if we budget for a decrease, but have higher enrollment so we don’t punish the subcommittees.

                                               i.     Do you think people would disagree with putting money back in the subcommittees?

                                             ii.     Potentially

                                            iii.     If there is a surplus, I would agree it would need to go back to the subcommittees

                                            iv.     I don’t see a problem with budgeting a flat budget and then dealing with cuts. It seems like the same process. Either way cuts or re-allocation we would have to do nothing.

                                             v.     We would like to proportionally put the same money back into the subcommittees rather than into bill money, or the reserve.  

b.     Constitution Committee: We finished rewriting the bylaws and constitution last Thursday. We made a few changes, and we will vote on it tonight. Most of our changes were grammar. Section 5 of Article 5, changed ‘student ID’ to ‘student number’. We added some positions to adviser. Under executive, we put that we have weekly meeting. We added that to be in SGA you have to be in good academic standing through the Registrar. Also, if you do not have your application in by the deadline, it will not be considered.

c.     Motion t approve the constitution as it was sent out (all/all)

d.     Bylaws, removed secretary to executive than advisory. The biggest change we made was to athletic ambassador. We propose we reduce the duties, instead to coming to the meetings he will serve 3 office hours and go to SAC meeting. We would change the pay from $200/month to $75/month.

                                               i.     Have you spoken with Blake?

1.     He feels you do have quite a bit of duties.

                                             ii.     I think it is an important role, but some other member does the same reporting duties.

                                            iii.     How do you base other people’s pay?

1.     $200 4 hrs/ week $75 3hrs/weeks

e.      The sustainability coordinator was paid through LEED so we decided to now put a salary in the constitution.

f.      Internal requests of money, was changed from an ‘or’ to an ‘and’ statement, so permission is required by both.

g.     Why doesn’t department-funding count as fundraiser?

h.     Can we change departmental funding to just say “they need to show they are invested in their bill, steps to monetary initiate”

i.      We organized the section about how meetings are held. We changed it from proxy voting to absentee voting.

j.      Regarding how the Intramurals position is being paid twice, since it is in the constitution.  

                                               i.     We should address this in the bylaws. Since it is against our constitution and we have two positions that have double salary.

                                             ii.     It is a very tough debate; these positions should be getting more than $200, but probably less than $600.

k.     There are too many questions that we do not have answers to. We should send through grammatical errors and the parts we can all agree on. The double-pay and pay of positions, we will suggest next year SGA needs to be look at these issues, since we need to vote on the bylaws this week.

l.      I motion to approve the bylaws with exception to the athletic ambassador change and double-pay positions.

                                               i.     Second (13/17) Passes!

VII.         Advisor Report

Shelley couldn’t be here tonight. Registration for students begins April 9th. She wants to remind people that elections are soon.

VIII.         Senator Reports

Thursday there is a luau and dinner for student $1 and on April 13th a workshop at 5pm will be done on Cachina dolls.

Brad: KSWB is having a fundraising when springfest begins.

Walker: if you’re graduating your email address expires 30 days after the start of next semester.

  IX.         Committee Reports

Nick, 21+committee: We have move forward on field day, and it is going well and we spoke with both Shelley and Gary. We will bring a bill through next week for food. It is an opportunity to put on a fun event. Friday, April 27th. Battle of the bands will be going on at the same time.

I suggest we start the community clean up committee, to help clean the community; it would be nice to have an SGA presence.

    X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah: Applications for elected positions are due no later than 430 on Friday and there is a mandatory meeting.

Nick: April 20th-29th The Gunnison chamber of commerce is doing flavors of Gunnison, for cool deals around restaurants. Opportunities for community service City council 530pm Friday, Saturday egg hunt.

Grace: The budget is the same as last week $2,047 for bill, and $1974 internal

Meg: Awkward fiction is performing next week.

Blake: Track Team in Stanford distance, and field sprinters and jumpers will be in New Mexico

Mark: Club fair 245-315, softball starts Monday

Elijah: Amy Anderson is talking now. Spring Fest 4-11 EVE6 Headliner

Noah: Mountain biking in Fruit

Karen: REF has excited many student and faculty; the spring symposium is going on.  Check out

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

You are not allowed to campaign right now.

No you are not supposed to be.

XIII.          Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

April 11, 2012


 I.         Roll Call

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Guest Speaker

    V.         Action Items

a.     Approve 2012-2013 Budget: Motion for a 3% decrease in budget and if any extra funds are available because enrollment is up, then they need to re-allocate the money back to the subcommittees at the same percentage the entire budget is allocated originally. (18/24)-Passes.   

  VI.         Discussion Item

a.     Rock Climbing Club: No one is here to represent this bill. We will look into if they will still are going.

b.     SGA Field Day Committee: Have you thought about using compostable cups.

                                               i.     We can possibly do this. We will look into it!

c.     Amigo’s Pachanga: This will happen next Friday the 20th at 5:30 the band will begin at 6pm.

                                               i.     The reason we want to charge for food is to reimburse the costs of the food. We could potentially have a student cost (a little lower).

                                             ii.     We have other avenues if we do not get full allocation

d.     Orientation T-Shirt’s:

                                               i.     Would there be the ability to advertise on the T’s?

1.     Yes

                                             ii.     We do not have an exact design yet but it will be a Western State College of Colorado Logo.

                                            iii.     Where have initiatives like this been funded in the past?

1.     It depends on who was making the T’s. Res Life is currently in a deficit and other entities are taking budget cuts.

                                            iv.     How many students came in last year? About 500 students come in and orientations leaders want them and first year experience leaders may want on.

                                             v.     Do you expect to ask for this money again next year?

1.     Yes, I believe SGA would be a part of it again.

2.     Could you sell ad space? Maybe.

                                            vi.     We may put it in the packet for parents if people want to come early, with a vacation, but we want freshman to come at the beginning of orientation. Returning students we may offer housing early so they can be there for the Pro Cycling challenge. We want to align people on Escalante Drive.

e.     Baseball Bill: Are your coach’s students or faculty? They work in facilities, and have given most of their stipend back.

                                               i.     Date auction may be good for fundraising.

                                             ii.     What are your dues?

1.     About $500 and that doesn’t include a lot.

                                            iii.     There’s a field day you could possibly work at.

                                            iv.     Can club funds help other club funds? There are no restrictions, if you can make a donation that would be fine.

                                             v.     BSA on Monday’s at 7pm in the multicultural center if you would like to volunteer, we need to spend the rest of our budget, and nee dot make some food.

                                            vi.     We are willing to work for money. We have more home games and are playing at the High School 330 on Saturday and 12 and 2 on Sunday.

                                          vii.     Monday Night at the Gunnison Brewery we will be serving food, and will be getting the tips from the event. Thursday the 19th at Timbers they are selling Jello Shots and proceeds go to the team.

VII.         Advisor Report

Students interested in putting a labrynth on campus for stress relief, located on the east side of Kelly hall in the native garden. They may do a work day Friday the 20th.  This is the week to register for classes. New students will start  registering Monday the 16th. Celebration of Scholarship is Thursday poster session, and oral presentations Wednesday.

VIII.         Senator Reports

Erika: April 26th BSA dinner and a show soul food night 6pm, 730 starts the show.Ballroom

Sarah: 5pm Cachina doll workship

Nicole: PeaceOut is doing a blendering, pie eating and a relay race. The Amazing Race, starts at 3pm.


Bradley: Friday Quisby is hosting a fundraiser for Partners trying to raise 2,000 right before springfest begins. Partners is a non-profit organization.

Adam: Tyler Penell is a potential Olympic athlete on campus and he is the second fastest American.

Rodney: all but 2 rooms in the pinaccles are booked.

Walker: Thanks for coming to the Spring Symposium.

  IX.         Committee Reports

a.     The Pro Cycling committee is talking about what they want to do with their 2 hours news slot with 9 news. They talked about a tour of WP, talk to the Women’s Basketball team and extended studies, new field house, and if you have exciting ideas, let me know. They want students on campus. June 26th around noon. Also any ideas to get students on campus early let me know

b.     Field day: we are at the point where 5 or 6 clubs want to host an event, spread the word.

c.     Academic Policies is talking about finding a place on the website to say when classes are tentatively offered, but will be subject to change. Allow students to plan for four years.

    X.         Advisory Reports

Sarah: This Friday polls for voting will close and then Sarah will call the winners. Last Board of Trustees meeting for the academic year will be next week. Word Horde is now at PowerStop next year.

Nick: Our Hospital is in top 100 of critical access hospitals. Community clean up April 22nd. A new marketing campaign for the city we be going live April 24th. Ideas of how we would like to see the campus change?

Haleigh: Thank you for coming to the debate today, get your applications in for appointed.

Grace: we have 2,000 (approximately) in our budget for bill money remaining.

Meg: Awkward Fiction had their show last night, and we had to add extra chairs since so many guests came, and many people were very excited for the next show!

Blake: This weekend Track and Field at CSU Pueblo and thank you for funding the fan bus bill.

Mark: Men’s Lacrosse plays at noon at the Gateway, Baseball at Colorado Springs.

Travis: Last week started flag football and softball this week, and have 23 teams, a disc gold tournament will be Saturday at the 28thand a BBQ.  

Elijah: Saturday is Spring Fest 2012 4pm and I hope everyone can show up. We hope for a good turn out, food being sold, and clubs, and good music. If SGA would like a booth let us know. Battle of the Bands at field day e-mail Stephanie.

Aurora: Stress week we are looking to contract the massage school from CB to come down and sign-up will be first come first serve, I will send out an email.

Noah: Multi-pitch rock-climbing course and we hope weather. On Sunday a slack line competition across the pool, and some top slack liners will come, they will be at Spring Fest.

Karen: Spring Fest we are having our contest and the art will be displayed. Earth week is next week and everyday is assigned something to do.


  XI.         Special Topics

The debates were successful! Please vote. New WSC SGA YOUTUBE account.

Off campus incidents, make sure you are safe.

Amigos has an off-campus account with extra money.

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

XIII.          Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment

April 18, 2012


    I.         Roll Call

    II.         Approval of Minutes

  III.         Approval of Agenda

  IV.         Guest Speaker

    V.         Action Items

a.     Heather Lucas: I need more paper, since I cannot read on the computer

                                               i.     I motion to a total of 1200 pages

b.     SGA Field Day Committee: We had $300 as the bill allocation

                                               i.     Motion to allocate $300 to field day committee (10/10) passes

c.     Amigo’s Pechanga: We decided to fully fund the Pechanga bill.

                                               i.     Motion to allocate full funding for the bill (8/9) passes

d.     Orientation T-Shirt’s: We decided $500 for the orientation t-shirt bill

                                               i.     Motion to approve $500 (8/11) Passes

e.     Baseball Nationals Bill: If you fail to make nationals, the money we allocate you all will have to be returned to SGA for the orientation t-shirt bill.

                                               i.     Motion to allocate $816, if they fail to make it to nationals, the bill money will have to go to orientation for t-shirts (11/11)

  VI.         Discussion Item

a.      Cramer Hill Proposal: We are recreation students, and we a formulating a lease for cranor hill to be purchased by Western. We feel like we can develop the hill for summer and wintertime uses. It will help with retention. This would be another good positive change on campus. We have several meetings set up this week to introduce faculty to this idea. We are not asking for any money but we are asking for support, to see if anyone wants to get involved. Our budget will be $43,025 for start up costs and after revenue we think it will be about $29,000. If we can break even, by gaining students it would be great. We have a mountain bike park planned. We spoke with the flow park and the estimate is $30,000.

                                               i.     How much will you be selling tickets for?

1.     $9/day for the community and students will be free and $55 for a season-pass.

                                             ii.     This is the startup cost for everything?

1.     Not for maintenance or transportation

                                            iii.     So the mountain has been losing because they cannot open

                                            iv.     If you cannot put snow on crannog hill that what will we do?

1.     There are a couple options, we want to see the hill as a year round thing.

                                             v.     Someone other than the city owns the land. Have you spoke with the Cranor family?

1.     We want to see if the family is interested, and the city will be willing to get in with you all, but this is a talk you want to have with the city first. There is a city internship out there right now.

                                            vi.     Where would the energy be from?

1.     The existing supply.

                                          vii.     We have gotten quotes for the carpet on the hill, you get an estimate, and it is expensive, but it will be a couple years down the line. The mountain bike track will be the first implementation and get the interest involving.

VII.         Advisor Report

The fitness summer is hiring for 8hr/wk and Sodexho is hiring. Community clean up is this Saturday at the IFFO park. Monday April 30th there are cram-jam 10-11pm free foods at rare air. It is a stressful time and keeps people in good communication.

VIII.         Senator Reports

Erika: BSA soul food night and soul food battle diner at 6pm at freestyle battle at 730

Kayla: The relationship conference 9-3 on Saturday and come with non-perishable food, it is free and there will be food

Brad: Quisby was very successful for their fundraising and raised over $1,200 for Partners and will become and annual event

Adam: Tyler Pennell will be in Sports Illustrated and Wells Fargo is hiring

Walker: Southwest conservation corp. is hiring 20 field workers and 2-crew leaders trail maintenance and watershed reconstruction for ecological restoration, and you can get scholarships and college credit.

  IX.         Committee Reports

Field Day hung the banner today and spread the word; we hope to get everything together next week, 480 free beverages through Pepsi.

    X.         Advisory Reports


Sarah: I testified in front of the education committee, and we passed with all yes’. I will keep you posted on what happens in the senate, and celebration of Scholarship tomorrow. Board of Trustees meeting and one open to the public, last one during the school year.

Grace: Friday is a preview day. There are two baseball games at 2pm, $2000 in internal and after tonight we are out of bill money, and the most money we have ever allocated, $19,252. Hopefully we can keep the tradition alive.  

Blake: Track and Field in California, split squad. Friday the HS is having to track and field event at 2pm in mountaineer bowl.

Mark: Club fair Friday 245-315pm

Travis: Disc gold tournament a week from Friday. Bring your own disc

Elijah: We had a great turnout, but very cold! We feel that it was one of the best spring fest’s so far. Our last event will be battle of the bands at the field day, and we have 8 bands signed up.

Noah: Water water trip to Escalante river canyon

Karen: Springiest we had a successful recycled art contest and we have been working with Sodexho to see how much local food we egret through Sodexho. The 1-6th we have move out while you groove out, so they can put stuff on a palette and we will take it down to free-cycle.

  XI.         Special Topics

XII.         Remarks for the Good of the Order

I emailed the subcommittees the spreadsheet; get next years budgets back next Wednesday.

This Friday and Saturday at Taylor at 730 the annual spelling bee, also we need homecoming packets back by Friday.

XIII.          Late Roll Call

XIV.         Adjournment