Pederson/Wright/Borah Memorial Scholarship Fund

Available to:
Full-time student or must have been accepted for admission to Western. Must be a scholar/Intercollegiate Athleticslete, i.e. must participate in an intercollegiate sport; must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher; must demonstrate leadership qualities both as an Intercollegiate Athleticslete and as a student; priority will be given to football, basketball, wrestling and skiing, however all male intercollegiate sports participants are eligible.

Provided by:
This fund was established to honor three great men in the history of Western Intercollegiate Athleticsletics- men whose impact on the college and on the hundreds of students with whom they worked will last forever: Willard "Pete" Pederson, Paul W. Wright and Leroy "Tracy" Borah.

Award depends on funds available. Approximately $1000 for the academic year.

Selected by:
Western Intercollegiate Athleticsletic Director, Western Faculty Intercollegiate Athleticsletic Representative, a female member of the coaching staff or faculty, and Candi Borah for as long as she is willing and able to serve.

Nominations submitted by Western head coaches. Contact the Intercollegiate Athleticsletic Department for additional information. (970) 943-2079 - Paul Wright Gym 210