Kiefer, Brian L. Memorial Scholarship

Available to:
Must be a junior or senior member of the Western Men´s or Women's Intercollegiate Basketball team or Western Volleyball team, must demonstrate leadership both on and off the court, must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better, and must maintain a well-rounded educational experience. Extracurricular involvement (outside Intercollegiate Athleticsletics) will be considered.

Provided by:
Established to perpetuate the memory of Brian L. Kiefer who was an outstanding example of leadership, academic achievement and Intercollegiate Athleticsletic ability. To recognize outstanding scholarship, citizenship and Intercollegiate Athleticsletic ability, and to encourage students to continue their education at Western.

$750.00 per semester. Applicants must reapply and show they have maintained the required eligibility in order to receive the scholarship for the second semester. The recipient shall have his name inscribed on the Brian L. Kiefer plaque displayed in Paul Wright Gymnasium.

Selected by:
Donor Scholarship Committee.

Nomination by the head coaches of eligible sport programs listed above. Contact the Intercollegiate Athleticsletic Department for additional information. (970) 943-2079 - Paul Wright Gym 210