Gerhardt, Charles Memorial Scholarship

Gerhardt, Charles Memorial Scholarship is Available to:

Applicants for the Charles J. Gerhardt Memorial Scholarship must be full time, junior or senior level sudents majoring in either Art or English and must be maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25. The award will alternate every year between an Art and English major.

Art/English Scholarship Provided by:

Family and friends to honor the memory of one of Western's most outstanding students and to perpetuate his name as a symbol to other young men and women of outstanding achievement.

Amount: Award depends on funds available.

Selected by: Scholarship Selection Committee of the Department of Art and Music or Scholarship Selection Committee of the Department of Communication Arts, Language and Literature.

Application: Gerhardt, Charles Memorial Scholarship Application

Other: Award is rotated among the two departments. For Spring 2012 students need to contact the CALL Department.

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