T.J. Frison

Name: T.J. Frison

Location: Tomichi 2nd

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Major: Psychology

Favorite Thing About Western: The sports teams

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Helping people see the more positive side of life

About Me: The only time I sit still is when I'm playing game systems, doing homework,sleeping, and counseling other people. I train 24/7 for track and I do not plan to stop. Music is everything to me and you will never see me without it, unless I am applying for a job. My hobbies include dance, basketball,tumbling, and martial arts (never said I was good at any of these activities). Other hobbies include collecting shoes due to the fact that I am a sneaker head (a broke one to say the least). Other than that there is nothing much to say but that I'm chill and an easy guy to talk to. Hit me up if you need anything.