Kevin Sears

Western's Computer Science program really game me the skills I needed to work here at CRMCulture, but even more so, it instilled the notion of knowledge share.  I have the drive to learn and to teach every chance I get.  

Kevin Sears presentation
We had a ton of fun hanging out in the library in the evenings, working on computer science tasks together.  I never had to be a shut in student there was always someone willing to help with what ever I was working on.  

Class sizes at Western were always small.  It gives you the ability to become friends with the professors, which is a huge advantage.  I never felt like I was burdening professors when asking for help with the class material.   

I knew I wanted to attend Western the first time I rolled into Gunnison.  I live only a few hours south, and attended the car show with my family for years before I graduated high school.  When I first started attending, I had very different goals.  I started out in the Outdoor Leadership program.  I happened to see a few friends working on making a game (which at the time really blew my mind) I think it was Frogger or something along those lines.  Being a gamer type, I though, I really have to take that class. I ended up signing up the next semester and had a blast.  I had found my calling.  I went from knowing nothing about programming to doing it every day.