Laura Gutierrez

Laura Gutierrez
Lecturer in Spanish
M.A. Complutense University, Madrid
B.A., Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas - Venezuela
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Communication Arts, Languages & Literature Department
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Professional translator, Laura Gutierrez, is a native Spanish speaker who specializes in editing and style. Laura joins Translations with Style, from Caracas, Venezuela, where she lived and worked for the consumer products company, Colgate-Palmolive, in a Public Relations capacity. She also worked for Kimberley-Clark as their Government Affairs Manager. She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a Master of Arts in International Relations and Communication from the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain, where she fully immersed in the Spanish culture.

Her experience in communications makes Laura an expert in the trans-creation of your marketing message.

All text are edited and proofread with Laura's years of writing expertise and style.

For the past two years Laura has relocated to Colorado in the United States, honing her English language skills. She has worked, married, and luckily connected with Translations with Style. Laura is an instrumental counterpart to the small translation business. Stillo and Gutierrez complement each other perfectly, with Laura’s expertise in the South American and Spanish cultures, and Jenny’s familiarity with the North American culture.

"We translate sense not words" -St. Jerome

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