Heather Orr

Heather Orr
Art Department Chair, Program Director: Master in Gallery Management & Exhibit Specialization (MGES)
B.A., M.A., University of Victoria; Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin.
(970) 943-3031
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Escalante 211
Art Department
Master of Arts in Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization (MGES) Department
Academic Program: 
Art History and Theory
Art Program
Latin American Studies
Master in Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization - MGES


  • Western State College
    • Professor of Art History, appointed 1997
  • University of Victoria, Canada
    • Adjunct and Sessional Professor
  • University of Texas at Austin
    • Teaching Assistant
  • University of Victoria, Canada
    • Teaching Assistant


  • Ph.D. in Art History (Specializing in Precolumbian Mesoamerica), University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A. in Art History, University of Victoria
  • B.A. (Honors First Class/Summa Cum Laude) in Art History, University of Victoria

Select Publications

2003 – Stone Balls and Masked Men: Ballgame as Combat Ritual, Dainzú,
Oaxaca. Ancient America, 5.

2001 – Recitales e Imagineria: La estructura y narrativa de los programas escultoricos del periodo Formativo Tardio del Valle de Oaxaca. In: Nelly Robles Garcia, ed., Procesos de cambio y conceptualización del tiempo, Memoria de la Primera Mesa Redonda de Monte Alban, 2001. Mexico: INAH.

2001 – Procession Rituals and Shrine Sites: The Politics of Sacred Space in the Late Formative Valley of Oaxaca. In: K. Reese-Taylor, R. Koontz, and A. Headrick, editors, Landscape and Power in Ancient Mesoamerica. Boulder, CO: Westview Press

Co-authored Publications

1997 – The Role of Zapotec Genealogical Records in Late Precolumbian
Valley of Oaxaca Political History. Second author with Marilyn
Masson. Mexicon XX (1): 10-16.

1997 – The Writing on the Wall: Political Representation and Sacred Geography at Monte Alban in Programs of Building Dedication, Nahual Transformation, and Captive Sacrifice. Second author with Marilyn Masson. In The Sowing and the Dawning: Termination and Dedication Processes in the Archaeological and Ethnological Record of Mesoamerica, edited by Shirley Boteler Mock. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press.

Campus Contributions:

  • Serve as member of several standing committees
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