Elizabeth Petrie, PhD

Elizabeth Petrie, PhD
Moncrief Chair in Petroleum Geology
Office Location: 
Hurst 16D
Natural & Environmental Sciences Department
Academic Program: 
Environmental Science (Minor)
Petroleum Geology

GEOL101&105 - Physical Geology & Lab

GEOL240 -Introduction to Petroleum and Mining Geology

GEOL345 - Structural Geology

GEOL 346 - Subsurface Geology 

GEOL 450 - Field Geology

GEOL497 -Special Topic: Career Pathways in Geology

GEOL497 - Special Topic: Research in Structure and Tectonics

Other Courses Taught: GEOL 352 - Applied Geophysics, GEOL 455 - Petroleum Geology, GEOL 495 - Research Seminar in Geology

Research Interest

Structural geology, fracture analysis, rock mechanics and fracture development.  Specifically, I study fracture development and propagation, and the history of fluid flow through permeable, subsurface fractures in and across various sedimentary rock types.  My research combines quantitative observations from outcrop, laboratory experiments, and subsurface data sets to understand the formation and distribution of subsurface fractures.  I focus on the role variations in rock mechanical properties have on failure across many scales of observation.

Research In Progress

Fault zone architecture and permeability development

Structural diagenesis - the creation and destruction of porosity and permeability due to deformation

Fracture distribution and morphology in fine-grained lithologies

Student Mentoring

Stefan Whiting, 2017-2018

Nathan Cote, 2015-2017, BS Geology - Petroleum Geology Emphasis - 2017

Mark McClernan, 2016-2017, BS Geology - Petroleum Geology Emphasis - 2017

Camille O'Connell, 2015-2016, BS-Geology Petroleum Geology Emphasis - 2017

Aric Snellstrom, 2016, BS-Geology - Petroleum Geology Emphasis - 2016

Matthew Tello, 2015, BS-Geology - 2015


Journal Papers



PhD - Geology - Utah State University, Logan, 2014

MS - Geology - Utah State University, Logan, 2003

BS - Earth & Planetary Sciences - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 2000

BS - Biology - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 2000

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