Ignite (Cru)

Who We Are

Ignite is Western's chapter of Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, which is a world-wide ministry that focuses on college students. Western is one of a handful of schools in Colorado that does not have full-time Cru faculty. Instead, Cru is run by us—students at Western.

We are students who come from many different backgrounds but have one thing in common: we are all in the middle of a spiritual journey. As with any journey, there are ups and downs and it is often a difficult process. We are in this journey together to help each other out. We're here to help students answer such questions as:

"Who is God and how can I connect with Him?"

"Is Jesus God?"

"If God is good, why does evil exist?"

"What does the Bible mean to my life?"

"How do I find peace?"

"How do these ideas affect my life?"

"What about other religions and ideas?"

We would love to meet you, wherever you are coming from. Please come hang out with us as we share this journey together.

Check out our facebook page for more info.

Meeting Times

We meet every Wednesday at 7 pm in the North Conference Room of the University Center.


  1. We want to see the people at Western and in Gunnison come to a saving relationship with Jesus.
  2. We want to love our fellow students and help them realize their full potential.
  3. We want to build a tight-knit community of friends that live life together and share each other's experiences.


Remedy is a monthly worship night hosted by Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries. The next one will be on Friday, December 7, at 7 pm.

Denver Christmas Conference is a fantastic opportunity to meet students from all over Colorado and the Great Plains, worship God, do street witnessing, and grow in your faith. DCC will last from December 28 through January 2. Registration is $265.


Dan Parr