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Bluebirds Women's Snowboarding Club

Vision: Bluebirds is a club for dedicated female snowboarders who are working towards a common goal of riding excellence and team companionship.
Mission: Our purpose is to create a club where women can come together and reach their full potential.
Position: To support female athletes within, but not limited to, the snowboard community.
Goals: Progressing as a team as well as individually, to push ourselves and each other to be our very best in snowboarding, to support riders at all levels, to volunteer and hold charities for those in need, to travel and spread the word to other mountain communities, and lastly to have fun with each other. Members are also expected to be outstanding representatives of Western State College and the greater Gunnison Community.




Meetings are every Thursday at 7pm, in the Ute Hall Student Center in the upstairs Lobby. If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Ball at 720-244-4974!