Western's Honor Program Celebrates Scholars

Western's Honors Program held its annual banquet recently to celebrate scholarship and the success of the growing program.

Honors students took the chance to mingle with each other and benefactors. There are a total of 107 Honors Students this year and they hope the numbers will grow next year.

Sociology professor Dr. Dan Cress became the Honors Director in the Fall of 2013. Scott Doyle will be taking over as President.

The Western State Colorado University Honors Program provides enhanced and challenging academic programming to a carefully selected group of highly motivated and accomplished students from all disciplines who have performed well academically in high school or at Western State Colorado University.

Small class size, extensive interaction among peers and teachers, experiences outside the traditional classroom, and interdisciplinary approaches to education are all features of the program.

If are interested in becoming part of the Honors Program, contact Kelsey Bennett at kbennett@western.edu or you can call her office at 970.943.2585.

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Friday, April 11, 2014 - 2:45pm