Western students give back

Throughout the month of November, students gave back to the community by contributing food donations to the local food pantry.

Even as finals drew near, students still made time to give back to the Gunnison community. Over 300 food items were donated to the Gunnison Country Food Pantry from Residence Life’s month-long November food drive.

Morgan Milmore, a sophomore psychology major who is a resident assistant (RA) for the Pinnacles Apartments, pitched the idea to her fellow second-year experience RAs, who encourage second year students to get the most out of their time at Western. Milmore wanted to hold a month-long event focused on giving back to the community and chose the Pantry as a non-profit to give to.

The Gunnison Country Food Pantry helps those in need of food assistance. According to their website, the Pantry has fed an average of 255 families each month in 2016.

 The Pantry relies primarily on food donations from Gunnison County residents. All donations received in the giving season, Thanksgiving through New Year’s, stock the Pantry for the entire winter, according to President Katie Dix. Western’s contribution in this season of giving has certainly helped prepare for this.

“This has been the best effort I have ever seen from Western for a food drive,” Dix said.

All residence halls participated in the food drive, which also served as a competition for most items donated by a hall.  The Pinnacles finished in first place.

“I’m really proud that people were willing to reach into their hearts and their pockets for this,” Milmore said of the effort given from the residence halls.

It was a great start for the first year of the food drive and the Residence Life team hopes to see it continue in the years to come.

Article and photos by Roberta Marquette-Strain

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Friday, December 9, 2016 - 12:15pm