Western student spends summer at Backcountry Magazine

Eliza Lockhart spent nine weeks as an intern at the Vermont based publication.

For some students, summers are filled with vacations or summer jobs. Western sophomore Recreation and Outdoor Education (ROE) major Eliza Lockhart spent this past summer hard at work as an intern for Backcountry Magazine.

For nine weeks, Lockhart fact-checked articles and helped out around the office, located just 15 minutes away from where she grew up in Vermont.

One of her favorite tasks, she admitted, was getting to check out the products, like new ski models, that were sent to the office.

Lockhart also got the chance to write for the existing column Summer Stashes, a series focused on locations where people can ski or snowboard into the summer months.

“It was pretty cool to interview people who were still chasing snow in June,” she said.

Lockhart found herself interested in the position after chatting with a former high school teacher of hers over Christmas break. The teacher knew Lockhart’s interest in the backcountry lifestyle and put her in contact with the publication’s associate editor, a former student at the high school.

Before this summer, Lockhart gained  media experience as a member of the ROE marketing team, which she is still a part of. “The experience working for the marketing team gave me a lot of the resources I needed to work at Backcountry,” Lockhart said.

As a student at Western, Lockhart is a member of SheJumps, a club aimed to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities, and an avid skier, although she admits it took her a while to adapt to the quality of snow in Crested Butte from the icy terrain she was used to in Vermont.

It was at one of her home state’s resorts that she first heard of Western, as she chatted casually on a ski lift with a Crested Butte local.

“She said that since I was interested in the outdoors I should check out Western,” Lockhart recalled.

Lockhart quickly fell in love with Gunnison after researching and visiting the campus.

While the ROE department continues to be Lockhart’s main passion, she said that she is interested in the field of journalism after her summer at Backcountry. Luckily for her, she lives in an area with endless opportunities to experiment in both fields.

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Friday, November 11, 2016 - 1:30pm