Western Prepares Newest Masters Students for Exciting Future

Western's Masters in Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization students just finished their summer intensive, where they added many new skills to their arsenal.

After classroom sessions, a three field trip to the AR Mitchell Museum in Trinidad, Colo. and a couple of days working in the new Quigley Gallery, the MGES students have completed their summer practicum. 

MGES Students working

Ruthann Cranford said the most rewarding part of her experience was "helping the A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art put some 'buried treasure' on display."

"Deep in concentration, we balance efficiency and precision with our new model for installing hanging hardware: the assembly line - proven to be very effective and surprisingly accurate for hanging over fifty art works in one day." (Photo and caption courtesy of Torrie Nickel)

The students immersed themselves in various tasks to assemble a full collection at the AR Mitchell Museum. Barbara Sibley said "a challenging moment was working with floor and wall variables of a late 19th century building, when depending on accurate measurements for visually correct placement on walls designated for our exhibition of over 50 oil paintings."

Jeff Taylor and son admire artwork

"Grosland Associate Director Jeff Taylor and his son Bengy admire A.R. Mitchell Museum's newest permanent exhibit, "The Shadowed Mesa." Three days of intensive planning, layout, and execution fostered a life-long relationship between the MGES students and this beautiful museum. A sincere thank you goes out to Board of Directors President Suz Porterfield and Museum Director Christina Boyce for making this opportunity possible." (Photo and caption courtesy of Torrie Nickel)

MGES in Quigley Gallery

After returning from the Mitchell, the students and faculty had the opportunity to work in the newly renovated Quigley Gallery. Instructor Thaddeus Smith,  Dr. David Hyde, and Dr. Heather Orr look on as Dr. Jeff Taylor gives students a lesson on proper light installation.



As they finished their practicum, the MGES students moved countless pieces of artwork into the Gallery space. The first professional exhibit to be displayed by the Masters students will feature the sculptures of Western Department of Art alumnus Bryson Darnel, and antique Japanese prints in the collection of Western Foundation benefactor, Ethel Rice.

MGES moving displays into Quigley Gallery

"I loved problem solving with the WSCU faculty and the A.R. Mitchell team. The museum space and the artwork itself had a wide variety of challenges for which our solutions ended up working very well. It was an incredible learning process that will become invaluable for later installations," said Torrie Nickel. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 11:00am