Western Mountain Sports Team Posts Strong Results at Copper Mountain

Western’s Mountain Sports Team headed to Copper Mountain to compete in the USASA Skier Cross Competition and walked away with two podiums and many promising results for the season. The event was an opportunity for WSCU athletes to ski on Copper Mountain’s course before the USSA Noram Skier Cross Hole Shot Tour next weekend.

Western Mountain Sports women skiers included Amy Davis and Francesca Pavillard-Cain. Pavillard-Cain delivered two outstanding performances, placing third on her first day and stepping it up the next day taking second place. The usually snowboard-dominated USASA cross competition was booming with a plethora of great skiers; including competitors from Japan, Russia and the U.S. national team. The pressure of the event didn't unnerve returning athlete Morgan Haymans. Morgan showed his strength in Skier Cross last year when he was invited to the Grand Prix and placed second in USCSA intercollegiate nationals. Morgan placed 5th on the first day's race followed by 6th on the second day.

New Mountain Sports athlete Xavier Martin, an exchange student from Spain, competed in open class men for his first competition. Martin competed against some of the best skier-cross competitors for his debut competition and, on the second day, shaved off 4 seconds from his time trial time and mastered the obstacles of the challenging course.

“This weekend was just the tip of the iceberg, showing amazing potential for the team and its athletes,” says WSCU Mountain Sports coach Duncan Callahan. 

The team is competing again this week at Copper Mountain at the USSA-Nor-am, FIS, Hole Shot Tour.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 12:45pm