Western Begins Move to Become a “Selective” School

Western to Become Selective School
House Education Committee grants approval to HB16-1083

Western State Colorado University began the process to officially increase its admission standard from “moderately selective” to “selective” as part of House Bill 16-1083. The bill was approved yesterday, Feb. 10, by the House Education Committee on a vote of 11-0 and was forwarded with favorable recommendation to the full House of Representatives.

Changing the admission standard to “selective” more accurately reflects Western’s academic standards and student population and will enable Western to attract larger classes of well-prepared students on an even playing field with peer institutions on the Western Slope.

“Changing our admission standard positions us to attract students with higher GPAs and test scores. Many of these students already attend Western, but there are many more who may not have considered us in the past due to our selectivity,” said Western’s President, Greg Salsbury. “This allows us to remain competitive with our peer institutions, many of whom have changed their admission standards to ‘selective’ in recent years.”

The bill also substitutes the term “professional degree programs” for “teacher preparation and business degree programs” granting Western the flexibility to offer a broader range of degrees in the future.

While the bill raises Western’s admission standard, it does not exclude students currently choosing to attend who may not meet the “selective” standard.

The legislation is sponsored by Reps. J. Paul Brown and Millie Hamner and Sens. Kerry Donovan and Kevin Grantham. If approved by the full House, the bill will move to the Colorado State Senate for consideration.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 10:45am