Western Announces New Master's Degree in Creative Writing

Western State Colorado University is proud to announce a new fully-accredited Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Pedagogy. This program complements Western’s established Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program. The MA in Creative Writing has been accredited by the Colorado Commission of Higher Education, the Department of Education, and the Higher Learning Commission. Western is currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 academic year.

This low-residency 30-credit M.A. in Creative Writing program focuses on both the craft of creative writing and the pedagogy for the teaching of creative writing. Students select one of three emphases: popular genres fiction/nonfiction, poetry with a focus on versecraft, or screenwriting for feature film and television. The program involves two online semesters of coursework that use a combination of online writing submissions and critiques as well as regular real-time discussions with writer-mentors and peer students. Students also participate in two on-campus residencies that occur the last two weeks of July, high in the Colorado Rockies. The program takes thirteen months to complete as a full-time student.

The coursework for the Master of Arts in Creative Writing parallels the innovative and high-quality curriculum of the MFA and is taught by Western’s MFA professors who are all renowned professionals in their field as well as experience teachers. Because of the shared coursework and faculty in the first year of the Masters of Arts in Creative Writing and Pedagogy students can seamlessly transition into Western’s two-year Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program if they choose. 

Western’s MA in Creative Writing fulfills current teachers’ desires to achieve a creative writing-specific graduate degree as well as allows them to advance their professional careers in public or private middle or high schools. Graduates of the program become prepared to enter the arena of community college teaching. Western’s MA in Creative Writing also enhances graduates marketability in the four-year college teaching market and gives individuals who are interested in pursuing professional careers in writing, but are willing or able to pursue only one year of study another option to achieve an advance degree.

This master’s degree is a one-year program and begins with a two week-long residency on campus in summer 2014.  For more information or to apply for summer 2014 please contact Dr. Mark Todd by email at mtodd@western.edu or by phone 970.943.2885.  Interested candidates can also find admission requirements on our website at western.edu/macw.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 1:30pm