Students Suit Up for Colorado Business School Career Fair

Western students mingled with national employers and sharpened their networking skills at the Colorado Business School Career Fair last week.

In preparation for hours of nerve-racking interactions with employers, students donned their business formal best. Upon arrival at the fair, a group of forty Western students dispersed into a crowd of 1,500 others and immediately began networking.

“I was definitely nervous at first,” junior Elizabeth Cruz said. “I learned to be confident … I would just start with my name and flow from there.”

The general consensus was that the fair was a much friendlier environment than expected.

“The process of meeting and greeting isn’t as terrifying as I thought,” senior Kyle Adkins added.

While most attendees of the career fair were juniors and seniors seeking internships and jobs, all students were welcome.

Picking the right major is a huge consideration for those beginning their college education. Freshman and business marketing major Colin Burger said he attended to make sure his choice was the right one.   

“It made me want to keep going [as a business major],” Burger said. “It’s a great resource as well, the opportunities presented here could be lifelong.”

Those networking opportunities are a main reason Chelsea Dalporto-McDowell, director of career success for the business school, organized the trip.

“[The fair] showcases the competition that’s out there … and allows students to present themselves at a professional level,” Dalporto-McDowell said.

Dalporto-McDowell says she wants to double the number of Western students at the fair in the next few years. She also aims to bring more companies to campus to recruit.

“In the future, I want to see employers sitting in the School of Business, in the foyer shaking hands and looking at our students directly to hire,” she said.

The School of Business’s extra effort to connect students with employers highlights Western’s exceptional value as a university.

“Western is an affordable school, but it still costs money … we want to ensure a return on investment,” Dalporto-McDowell said.

Story and photos by Peter Noon

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 3:45pm