Spring is Springing in Gunnison County!

The Gunnison Valley is about to blossom... Springtime comes a little bit later at high altitudes, but we're seeing green, and we're looking forward to the colorful beauty of a Rocky Mountain summer!

Peaks in Gunnison County
Spring comes later to the Gunnison Valley, nestled high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, than in most other places around the U.S. This is due, in part, to the altitude of the area -- it ranges from 7,700 ft. in Gunnison to 14,259 ft. above sea level. Mountains can also "make" their own weather, by redirecting air masses in the atmosphere in a very complex manner, and the Gunnison/Crested Butte area sports some tall and beautiful peaks. More than 200 peaks higher than 12,000 feet in elevation above sea level in Gunnison County! (Close to 450 registered peaks in Gunnison County alone.)

So as we patiently await for the snow to melt, the trees and flowers to bud and bloom, and for the wildflowers to start their spectacular display, here is a list of the "Top 150" (out of 450) Gunnison County peaks that we can dream about conquering this summer... Which one is your favorite?  

112Castle Peak14,265' Gunnison & Pitkin
224Maroon Peak14,156' Gunnison & Pitkin
331Snowmass Mountain14,092' Gunnison & Pitkin
459Ice Mountain13,951' Chaffee & Gunnison
579North Apostle13,860' Chaffee & Gunnison
688Hagerman Peak13,841' Gunnison & Pitkin
7105Castleabra13,803' Gunnison & Pitkin
8121Magdalene Mountain13,762' Chaffee & Gunnison
9179Anderson Peak13,631' Gunnison & Pitkin
9179Snowmass Peak13,620' Gunnison & Pitkin
91791358013,580' Chaffee & Gunnison
10210West Apostle13,568' Chaffee & Gunnison
112201355013,550' Gunnison & Pitkin
12224White Rock Mountain13,540' Gunnison
13229Emma Burr Mountain13,538' Chaffee & Gunnison
14235Treasure Mountain13,528' Gunnison
15242Star Peak13,521' Gunnison & Pitkin
162441351713,517' Chaffee & Gunnison
17252Petroleum Peak13,505' Gunnison & Pitkin
18277Pear Peak13,462' Chaffee & Gunnison
19278Treasury Mountain13,462' Gunnison
20294Taylor Peak13,435' Gunnison & Pitkin
21299Jenkins Mountain13,432' Gunnison
22320White Benchmark13,401' Gunnison
23327Prize Benchmark13,384' Gunnison & Pitkin
24332Precarious Peak13,380' Gunnison & Pitkin
25335Triangle Peak13,380' Gunnison
26337Italian Mountain13,378' Gunnison
27345Monumental Peak13,369' Chaffee & Gunnison
28348Pearl Mountain13,362' Gunnison & Pitkin
29356Tincup Peak13,345' Chaffee & Gunnison
30374Lake Fork Peak13,322' Chaffee & Gunnison
31381Booby Prize13,312' Chaffee & Gunnison
32383Oyster Peak13,312' Gunnison & Pitkin
33398Tellurium Peak13,300' Gunnison & Pitkin
344041329513,295' Chaffee & Gunnison
35415Grizzly Peak13,281' Gunnison
364331326013,260' Gunnison
37438Henry Mountain13,254' Gunnison
37438Van Wit13,254' Chaffee & Gunnison
384391325313,253' Chaffee & Gunnison
394471323513,235' Chaffee & Gunnison
40450Belleview Mountain13,233' Gunnison & Pitkin
41452Cassi Peak13,232' Gunnison
414521322013,220' Chaffee & Gunnison
42472Fairview Peak13,214' Gunnison
42472Lambertson Peak13,209' Gunnison
43477Teocalli Mountain13,208' Gunnison
44507Sheep Mountain13,168' Gunnison
455131316213,162' Gunnison & Pitkin
465331314013,140' Gunnison & Pitkin
475341314013,140' Chaffee & Gunnison
48557Fitzpatrick Peak13,112' Chaffee & Gunnison
49560Hancock Peak13,111' Chaffee & Gunnison
50572Kreutzer, Mount13,095' Chaffee & Gunnison
51591West Tellurium13,074' Gunnison & Pitkin
525991306213,062' Gunnison & Pitkin
53603Owen, Mount13,058' Gunnison
54605Chalk Rock Mountain13,055' Chaffee & Gunnison
55617West Elk Peak13,035' Gunnison
55617Van Wirt Mountain13,024' Chaffee & Gunnison
55617Dorothy Peak13,010' Gunnison
55617Cooper Peak13,004' Gunnison & Pitkin
55617Square Top Mountain12,985' Gunnison
55617Vulcan Mountain12,973' Chaffee & Gunnison
56662Purple Mountain12,958' Gunnison
576641295612,956' Chaffee & Gunnison
586651295512,955' Chaffee & Gunnison
58665Clover Mountain12,955' Chaffee & Gunnison
596671295412,954' Chaffee & Gunnison
606881293412,934' Chaffee & Gunnison
616891293412,934' Gunnison
62695Trail Rider Peak12,931' Gunnison & Pitkin
637281288512,885' Chaffee & Gunnison
647461286212,862' Gunnison
65747Meadow Mountain12,860' Gunnison
65747Helmers, Mount12,858' Chaffee & Gunnison
66751Bald Mountain12,856' Chaffee & Gunnison
66751Chipeta Mountain12,850' Chaffee & Gunnison
66751North Baldy Mountain12,850' Gunnison
677581284212,842' Gunnison
68762Broncho Mountain12,834' Gunnison
697641283012,830' Gunnison
69764Purple Peak12,820' Gunnison
69764Chimneys of Treasure Mountain12,820' Gunnison
707761280912,809' Gunnison
71777Baldy, Mount12,805' Gunnison
727891279212,792' Chaffee & Gunnison
737911278912,789' Gunnison
747941278112,781' Gunnison
757981278012,780' Chaffee & Gunnison
751981278012,780' Gunnison
757981278012,780' Chaffee & Gunnison
757981278012,780' Gunnison
76800WSC Peak12,779' Gunnison
77803Crystal Peak12,777' Gunnison
788041277612,776' Chaffee & Gunnison
79815Chapman, Mount12,755' Chaffee & Gunnison
808201275012,750' Chaffee & Gunnison
80820Fossil Mountain12,749' Gunnison
81838Birthday Peak12,730' Chaffee & Gunnison
828391273012,730' Gunnison
83843Chair Mountain12,721' Gunnison
84845Gunnison, Mount12,719' Gunnison
85848American Flag Mountain12,713' Gunnison
86850Carbonate Hill12,713' Gunnison
86850Middle Baldy12,709' Gunnison
86850Green Mountain12,696' Gunnison
878721268512,685' Chaffee & Gunnison
888731268412,684' Gunnison
898811267012,670' Gunnison
908831266512,665' Gunnison
918901265512,655' Gunnison
91890Avery Peak12,653' Gunnison
92896Afley Peak12,646' Gunnison
93900Ruby Peak12,644' Gunnison
94903Ragged Peak12,641' Gunnison
95908Crystal Peak12,632' Gunnison
96913Gothic Mountain12,625' Gunnison
979141262012,620' Gunnison
97914Middle Baldy Mountain12,620' Gunnison
97914Hunters Hill12,618' Gunnison
98928Daly, Mount12,610' Gunnison
999431258112,581' Chaffee & Gunnison
1009491258012,580' Chaffee & Gunnison
1009491258012,580' Gunnison
1009491258012,580' Gunnison
100949Granite Mountain12,580' Gunnison
100949Tilton, Mount12,580' Gunnison
100949Galena Mountain12,580' Gunnison
101959Napoleon Mountain12,563' Gunnison
102960Augusta Mountain12,559' Gunnison
1039631255212,552' Gunnison
103963Castle View Benchmark12,544' Gunnison
1049681254012,540' Gunnison
104968Stella Mountain12,540' Gunnison
1059781252212,522' Gunnison
106981Bellview, Mount12,519' Gunnison
107982Whetstone Mountain12,516' Gunnison
107982Mineral Point12,506' Gunnison
108992Richmond Mountain12,501' Gunnison
10910121248912,489' Gunnison
1091012Brittle Silver Mountain12,486' Gunnison
10910121247312,473' Gunnison
11010221247212,472' Gunnison
1111029Richey, Mount12,460' Gunnison
1111029Cross Mountain12,459' Gunnison
11210371244612,446' Gunnison
1131038Forest Hill12,444' Gunnison
1141040Poor, Mount12,442' Chaffee & Gunnison
1151049East Beckwith Mountain12,432' Gunnison
1151151243112,431' Gunnison
11610511243012,430' Gunnison
1171056Fossil Ridge12,427' Gunnison
1181063Roxanne12,420' Gunnison
1181063Oh-Be-Joyful Peak12,420' Gunnison
11910641241512,415' Gunnison
1191064Hancock Peak12,410' Gunnison
1201076Emmons, Mount12,392' Gunnison
12110801238612,386' Gunnison
1221082Anthracite Range (HP)12,385' Gunnison
1231083Matchless Mountain12,383' Gunnison
1231083Arps, Mount12,383' Chaffee & Gunnison
1241089South Baldy Mountain12,380' Gunnison
1241089Central Mountain12,380' Gunnison
12510951237412,374' Gunnison
1251095Timbered Hill12,374' Gunnison
1251095Bear Mountain12,373' Gunnison
1261101Gold Hill12,361' Gunnison & Pitkin
12711281231412,314' Gunnison
12811441230012,300' Gunnison
1291152Cinnamon Mountain12,293' Gunnison
13011601227112,271' Gunnison
1301160Ohio Peak12,271' Gunnison
1301160Sheep Mountain12,264' Gunnison
1301160Paywell Mountain12,260' Gunnison
13111751224412,244' Gunnison
1321180South Matchless Mountain12,233' Gunnison
1331184Peeler Peak12,227' Gunnison
1341192Scarp Ridge12,212' Gunnison
1351194Peck, Mount12,208' Chaffee & Gunnison
1361197Cement Mountain12,200' Gunnison
13711991219512,195' Chaffee & Gunnison
1381200Double Top, North12,191' Gunnison
1391203West Beckwith Peak12,185' Gunnison
1391203Castles West, The12,180' Gunnison
1401209Double Top, South12,172' Gunnison
1411215Crested Butte12,162' Gunnison
1421227Schuylkill Mountain12,146' Gunnison
1421227Peel Point12,145' Chaffee & Gunnison
1421227Castles East, The12,140' Gunnison
1421227Fossil Benchmark12,139' Gunnison
1431251Park Cone12,100' Gunnison
1431251Garfield Peak12,100' Gunnison
1431251Terrible Mountain12,100' Gunnison
1441259Ragged Mountain12,094' Gunnison
1451264Carbon Peak12,079' Gunnison
14612711206212,062' Gunnison
1471278Axtell, Mount12,055' Gunnison
1481280Guero, Mount12,052' Gunnison
14912831204812,048' Gunnison
1501291East Cement Mountain12,027' Gunnison



Mt. Teocalli


Special thanks to "The List of John" online community of mountaineering enthusiasts (http://listsofjohn.com/searchres?c=79), and the Wiki article "The Peaks of Gunnison County" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Mountains_of_Gunnison_County,_Col....

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