Private College Experience at an Affordable Cost

Student Faculty at Western
At Western, you won’t sit in a large lecture hall. Your professor will know your name and work to craft your education to your interests. That’s Learning, Elevated.

Faculty Focused on Your Success

Western faculty invites you to share an educational journey inside our classrooms, in field experiences in the outdoor natural laboratory we call home, and in internships and trips around the nation and world. Our classes are led by faculty members who have rich life experiences and will mentor you toward your professional goals. Western has one of the largest proportions of full-time teaching faculty in Colorado because we believe you deserve our full attention, nothing less.

Educational Expertise

Our faculty received degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world including larger entities such as Harvard University, Yale University, Cornell University, and smaller liberal art colleges such as Beloit College, Colorado College, and St. Johns College. Their educational diversity, training, and expertise mean you will experience new ideas and outlooks in every class throughout your educational journey.

We believe you also need to immerse in experiential education beyond the classroom. Faculty engage students through experiences such as white-water rafting trips studying Colorado ecosystems; field trips to geological wonders; building 21st century sustainable straw bale houses; snorkeling with manatees and dolphins studying marine ecosystems in Belize; learning in treetop ecotourism abodes in Costa Rica; studying Spanish in Mexico; touring oil rigs in Texas; cleaning up hurricane zones; providing school lessons to children in Baja; creating cultural experiences and art in Florence, Italy; hunting for endangered species at the top of 14,000 foot peaks; and climbing glaciers on Denali.

Authors, Researchers, Artists and Explorers

Active authors, researchers, artists, performers, and playwrights our faculty contributes to international and national scholarship. They provide research integral to policy decisions influencing species and their environments. When not teaching in the classroom, you can find Western faculty conducting research on glaciers, wearing wet suits studying streams or coral reefs, working with cultural diverse societies; and honing their technical or other professional skills in more than a dozen countries.

Biology faculty members are responsible for the formal recognition of eight new species in North America. Faculty members create films, write poetry and publish creative stories and fiction books. Other faculty contribute to research literature seeking to understand causes of the 2008 global and national economy crashes; publish books on Lewis and Clark and other historical figures and eras; are invited to perform on the stage and in concerts and symphonies nationally; research Maya practices of violence in art and games; and author books about healing and the economy of traditional medicinal plants in Bolivia.


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