Pictures From Commencement 2015

Graduates, their families and friends had an awful, nice day for Commencement 2015 at Western. The weather started nice, turned awful, eased and then settled in for a steady storm after the events concluded. But that barely dampened the crowds' spirits as Western graduates put their own, distinctive signatures on their passage from their Western experience to whatever comes next.

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Drs. Elizabeth Petrie, Zachary Via and Suzanne Taylor walk with Edith Cranor Buck (right) across campus toward Commencement 2015.

Making a selfie as graduates line up.

Students photograph each other before Commencement 2015.

Dr. Al Caniff wrangles graduates into line before Commencement 2015.

President Dr. Greg Salsbury talks with featured speaker Dr. Sean Markey before Commencement 2015.

The graduates and faculty march into Mountaineer Bowl at the start of Commencement 2015.

President Salsbury receives encouragement from Dean of Students Gary Pierson at the start of Commencement 2015.

Students sing the national anthem at the start of Commencement 2015.

Dr. Michael Flynn conducts Western Symphony Band playing "Amazing Grace" as a tribute to Dr. John Wacker.

Dr. Sean Markey and Cody Washka sit on stage before speaking.

Decorated mortar board hats dotted the crowd of graduates at Commencement 2015.

Cody Washka presents his speech during Commencement 2015.

Dr. Sean Markey threatens to read a long scroll of a speech.

Dr. Sean Markey addresses the crowd during Commencement 2015 at Western State Colorado University.

A graduate climbs to the stage after setting off a popper.

A graduate celebrates receiving a diploma by taking a selfie with President Salsbury.

Dr. Greg Salsbury hands a diploma to graduate Coleman Becker. (By Coleman Becker)

A student crosses the stage with her diploma during Commencement 2015.

A graduate celebrates receiving his diploma.

A student celebrates after Commencement 2015 at Western State Colorado University.

Students cheer and toss their hats at the end of Commencement 2015.

Students cheer and toss their hats at the end of Commencement 2015.

Shelley Read greets a student as faculty exit the stadium after Commencement 2015.

Cody Washka clowns with his grandparents, who are wearing Cody masks, after Commencement 2015.

Photographs (except as noted) by Greg Smith, University Communications.

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Monday, May 11, 2015 - 3:45pm