Mountain bike team takes second at nationals

The Mountain Sports team finished in second place at the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships.

Western’s Mountain Sports Mountain Bike Team took second place at the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships. The team placed among Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference Varsity Division II teams following a weekend of various races in Snowshoe, West Virginia, in late October.

The final score was calculated based on the amount of points each individual rider earned. Eleven riders participated and two of them finished in the top five in their respective races. Junior Daniel Frentzel finished fifth in the men’s varsity dual slalom and freshman Ming Goetz took fourth in women’s varsity downhill.

“For individual results this year, our team did amazing,” said Ellie Atkins, cross country riding coach.

Coaches chose only a select few to travel to nationals. Atkins explained coaches based their decisions mainly on the riders’ past race results throughout the season, which started around Labor Day this year.

Atkins said he has high hopes for the team’s future and can see the possibility of a first-place finish with the help of committed and talented riders that they currently have and will continue to gain.

“We have the potential as well as the drive to improve,” she said. 

 Story by Roberta Marquette-Strain​

Photos by Jeremey Wallace

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Friday, November 18, 2016 - 2:30pm