A Geology Classroom Like No Other

Western's Geology 300 class recently took a field trip to Moab, Utah to look at salt-related features in the Castle Valley, Fisher Valley, Moab Valley, and Canyonlands National Park. Dr. Robert Fillmore, who has written a book on the region, led the small group of students.

Western's Geology program takes students out of the classroom into one of the most diverse and spectacular outdoor laboratories in the world. With one of only ten undergraduate petroleum geology programs in the country, Western students have the opportunity to handcraft their geology education and launch into the world after graduation as sought-after grads with their choice of high paying jobs.

Dr. Fillmore says trips like this latest journey to Utah helps Western students enhance their understanding of what they learn in the classroom.

"After spending 40 years walking, climbing, and crawling across the Colorado Plateau, and writing two books on the geology along the way, it is very rewarding to see the students’ enthusiasm for both the scenery and the geologic story that goes with it," he says. "Many of these students have never seen this region and it reinforces to them why they are studying geology.  Watching their faces light up is upon first coming around a corner or over a hill  reminds me of myself when I first started going out there."

To learn more about Western's one-of-a-kind geology offerings, click here. 


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Monday, April 7, 2014 - 5:00pm