Celebrating Black History Month

To round out a two-day visit for Black History Month at Western, motivational speaker Stan Pearson taught a 90-minute salsa-dance class in late February to two-dozen students eager to learn leadership skills.

The Black Student Alliance sponsored several sessions with Pearson, who speaks both English and Spanish fluently, has authored several books on diversity and motivation, and calls himself the "S.A.L.S.A. Guy," after his lessons on Supporting, Acting, Learning, Stan PearsonStriving and Accepting. He also proved himself an adept dancer and dance instructor, while keeping a floor filled with students laughing as they learned. The lesson seemed focused on dance, but a 10-minute follow up helped all understand he was sharing more than how to connect some steps and body moves. They had learned to support even late comers to the event, how to act in order to learn and push themselves a bit further, and how to accept their own shortcomings as well as the weaknesses of those around them.

Earlier, Pearson spoke to faculty and staff during an all-campus convocation titled "Just Because I Am," delivered the keynote address for Black History Month, titled "My Black Is Beautiful," and lectured to Mark Gibson's Capstone class in Recreation & Outdoor Education.

Photographs by Greg Smith, Western Marketing and Media








Friday, February 28, 2014 - 9:45am