Another Week, Another 700 Wrestlers

Jesse Cruz referees a match at the Slate Camp of Rocky Mountain Wrestling Camps.
The cavernous Mountaineer Field House echoed with cheers, grunts and referee whistles as some 700 wrestlers completed a morning workout at the final Rocky Mountain Wrestling Camp for 2014.

Rocky Mountain Wrestling Camps

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GUNNISON — The Rocky Mountain Wrestling Camps, now in their 51st year, hosted about 700 high school wrestlers and 100 coaches in the fourth of four camps over three June weeks at Western State Colorado University’s new Mountaineer Field House.

The third week’s cadre for this year’s installment of North America’s longest-running wrestling camps filled the floor at Western’s impressive new Field House with wrestlers, coaches, referees, onlookers and 21 wrestling mats. The Slate Camp wrestlers come from 52 teams in nine states, including Colorado, representing the largest gathering in the camps’ history. The young grapplers face off in refereed matches, where they practice what they learn and learn what they need to practice.

When the Slate Camp ends, the camps will have helped train some 1,200 young wrestlers in this year alone.

Story and photographs by Greg Smith, Western State Colorado University Communications.


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 5:00pm