September 9, 2009


Student GovernmentAssociation

September 10, 2009


I.             RollCall

           Absent: Natalie Ehlers, Soleil Smith, Angela Fiorretti, Eric Freson

            Late:Jamie Hamsa, Travis Elliott, Eljah Redding, Stephanie White

II.             Approvalof Minutes

            Move:            JustinOliver

            Second:Mike Jimenez

III.             Approvalof Agenda

            Move:  Mike Jimenez

            Second:Justin Oliver

IV.             GuestSpeaker

VI.              SpecialTopics

VII.             AdvisorReport         


Sent out an email about a workshopSeptember 15, at 1:00-1:45 PM in Taylor 301. There will be a panel for the new freshmen about how to getinvolved on campus and with the community.


Homecoming: she will be there andwe need to be there running around and supporting.  Feel free to offer to help other committees and keep tryingto get everyone involved


Disenroll date tomorrow let peopleknow who have not talked to financial aid office them know that if they do nottalk to them today they will be disenrolled.


The board of trustees will be hereSeptember 11 in the  AspinallWilson Center talking about what is going on at Western – the forefront ofsafety issues, taking money out of funds and roll over money, as well as wherethe college is headed in the future.We can come and watch them work and talkbout the college the enrollment and who has been hired, talk about changes andstrategic plan for the future. Feel free to pop in and out if you want to.

VIII.             AdvisoryReports

            Angela Watts-CCE

First official event open mike atWebster hall, performance group from last year is tomorrow in Taylor hall.

            JourdanOtis- Athletics Amb.


            JamieHamsa- Interclub Council


            NatalieEhlers- Intramurals Director


Elijah Redding- PCDirector



            TrishDelong- Student Affairs

Talkedwith resident life and Keating about what type of role that they want us tohave, they would like us just to support them.

Still working on getting in touch with clubs oncampus.

Onthe 17 of September the Sustainability Coalition is having a meeting with treatsfrom the solar oven

Healthcenter advisory- working on H1N1 in case there is ever an epidemic, the healthcenter is encouraging kids to get regular flu shots  (would we rather help with flu shots and or H1N1)

(howmany did they give out last year, did they have an abundance?)Ried)  Could only charge for what they use forthe flu if we give them too much.(shelly)


Opinions-do we want to helpor do we want to use it else where?---given to the constituents asking studentsto take H1N1 and the flue shot government is paying for H1N1 shots(notrequired)


Find out how many peopleactually get the shots every year- mike

Did we get the moneyback—Justin

We Did- shelly


            SoeilSmith- Treasurer

1) I talked toLeonard today and he explained to me the actual budget for SGA and subcomittees etc. Individual clubs or organizations can contact me for details butas for SGA, we have $15,000 to spend in bills this year, we can decide if wewant to split it evenly between both semesters (7,500 a semester) or whatever weneed at the moment. We do have a budget reserve of $21,440 which CANNOT betouched but we do have an unallocated budget of $24,926 that is free reign ofmoney but keep in mind, both these reserves total up to the $46,367 SGA isallocated so we need to spend wisely.


2)Leonard also saidthat the unallocated money should be thought about not as a "spur of themoment money" but rather for things we may need for our office in the newstudent center! :) he explained that it should be used for things such as tables,etc that can last more than a one time thing. Therefore, it should NOT gotowards individual salaries.


3) Alex Ristorcelliand Elijah need to be PRESENT at the next meeting, I need to reconfigureElijah's position monetary wise and ELIJAH needs to go talk to Leonard inFinancial Aid and as for a SGA form because he is taking place of Alex. Alex,needs to call me to meet sometime before next meeting!!!!!!


4) Also, next week istimecard signing so please if you get paid, BE AT THE MEETING otherwise, it isup to you to contact me or you just wont get paid. =-(


5) I am working on ahomecoming budget sheet with Jamee but it won't be produced until after nextweek is over. Sorry. I overesitimated a budget for Homecoming as well, so BESMART with your money, it is more than enough for this event.



            BuckCrocket- WP

Sea kayaking went well, going tobuy 12 new kayaks from Jackson- more kayaking in the pool,….. old kayaks gearsale in the fall Jana and buck still talking about it trying to figure it out

Talk to Leo Maloy

Blaine Johnson


Matt Bartholomew:

            Meetingwith the fire chief tomorrow starting to advertise for tomorrow,

City council meeting he was on tvpretty cool-   they arethinking about putting a marijuana dispenser in downtown.  There are about 2000 people in Coloradofor medicinal needs


Cory Vander Veen:

There is a board of trusteesmeeting on September 11. Bill Nesbet, really involved in the community, guestspeaker for next week, he wants to propose a new idea about the RTA busservice.  It’s a good service lastyear they had 80,000 riders and a lot of them being students.  He is wondering if we would, asstudents be willing to pay a bit of a fee upfront to pay for the bus to addmore times and more buses and such. Keep it in the back of the mind and he is coming in next week

Halley Parks:

Didn’t get to the copy center hereare the voting forms, we need to get people to vote for senators, bring laptopsto have them vote.  Make sure thatyou are not shy just stand up and start talking, get the word out begin askingconstituents if they want to pay seven bucks for bus.

IX.             SenateReport

            Travis Elliott



                        Talkedto Newman and new board going in Borik.











                        Senateboards look good.






Chrisdidn’t have the board so we will need to get a new one for fitness center (needboard)

X.             CommitteeReports


We need a Parade marshal (star ofparade). Still looking for convertibles for the parade Mike marques works atJohn Roberts- two trucks for royalty

Shelly may have a convertible infront of old minor steak house also shelly has the rout City has the barricades– got the permit.


We have a float, gooseneck flatbed trailer, ordered big fake speakers paper mache rocks mountaineer costume isstill available and we are not getting gooseneck for float until the day beforethe parade.


Doing the signsworking on posters


                        Allthe stuff is in, and we are working on getting the court set up.

Pre victory party:

                        Needhelp with volunteers sending an email out for info

Football Game:


Themes for the week of Homecoming-

                        Goodcame up with different days, 5 days

                        Monday:patriotic day

Tuesday: pirateday

Wednesday: Tie dieday

Thursday: PJ day

Friday: SchoolSpirit

Motion to pass thetheme days: Mike Himenez

Second: ReidEdwards

Motion passed(good theme days)

Also thinking about giving awaythings like eye patches, bookstore stuff, teddy bears

Do not know whatto do for advertising

Give info to Mattso that it can go with publicity for Homecoming

Tye die shirts onSat

BBQ at noon atMikes to tie die Petty cash

Sheets on Sat-getting supplies soon bag of stuff

Decorating the homecoming bowl-


Lighting of the W –

Alumni will split the cost $750given to the committee yet to get the account number was suppose to email uswith the transfer email confermation


Will be back tomorrow, rentingsound from Wild wood, working on it and approval (permit tomorrow)- all set

XI.             Unfinished Business


XII.             NewBusiness

XIII.             Remarksfor the Good of the Order

XIV.              LateRoll Call

            Present:Natalie Ehlers, Soleil Smith, Erik Freson, Angela Fioretti


XV.             Adjournment